Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Untitled Post No. 2

Strangely my first recent Untitled Post really resonated with Blog Visitors, with hundreds more views than a usual Post!  I was so surprised at the response to what I thought of as a Post I didn't really spend any time Creating!  I'm always rather Intrigued about what folks in the Land of Blog want to see or read in a Post, it can be so very random.

My Brother, the Professional Photographer, said that Photographs are often like that too, some just resonate with people more so than others and their popularity soars.   Some even become Iconic and everyone seems to recognize them.   I doubt anything I Create will become Iconic, but I do strive to make my Blog more Interesting and Appealing since it's not just for me anymore.

I do pay attention to what my Blog Supporters seem to Enjoy in the way of my Posts since you are taking the time out of your day to come for a Visit and spend time here.  Initially when I began Blogging I didn't actually consider any of that since I did it solely as my own Creative outlet.  Without a thought to who might happen by or have any of it be relevant to anyone but me.

But if and whenever it does resonate with others, well, then it's done more than just feed my Soul in the doing of it.  That feels good to have put something out here that someone else is Enjoying as much as I'm Enjoying Creating it.  But was it a fluke, an anomaly... or perhaps just because it had the word Untitled in the description of the Post's Title?

Human Nature after all can be really Intrigued by the Curiosity Factor.  When something isn't readily apparent to what exactly it is, we often have an inherent Curious Nature to go in for a closer look.  Untitled... Why?  I didn't even think about that when I Created the Post, I just had no Title that came to mind but I wanted to Blog and Create a Post.   So imagine my Surprise when hundreds began to show up!

Because that Post was in no way Special that I could fathom... actually I had nothing to say and the Imagery wasn't anything any more relevant or outstanding than any other I've taken.   Did it really resonate with others in some Mysterious way or was it purely the Curiosity Factor?  Now I hadda know!  I decided I'd do an Experimental Post simply labeled Untitled Post No. 2 to see?  *Smiles*

I like Experiments because I like to see where things go?  Because I too have a Curious Nature about stuff... random stuff.   Which is why when I see stairs leading to someplace I cannot see, I want to make the climb up there to see what is at the top... what it enters into?   Even tho' climbing staircases at this Season of Life is no easy feat anymore and sometimes even hurts... the Urge is just too strong to resist it.  *Smiles*

Like this Ruin of a building in Jerome, with it's Ahhhhhmazing Patina on the Cement exterior and overgrowth peeking out the Windows, it's my absolute Favorite.  I almost NEED to see what the interior of this Ruin looks like, I'm so Intrigued.  My Imagination runs amok and I Envision some Enchanting Scene, some Secret Garden that has been hidden away and undisturbed for maybe over a Century now?   I'm that Crazy person who would want to buy this abandoned derelict piece of Property and Create something Special for us there!  *LOL*

I absolutely Love, Love, Love when Nature takes over and reclaims what Man has built, totally overgrown splendor showing us really that Nature cannot be Tamed and will fight back!   And of coarse here at New Villa Boheme' the HOA would frown upon that... so just sayin'... I'd need another derelict spot to allow to grow Wild and Free from most human intervention and manicuring.  *LOL*

Yes, I'm the one that would Enjoy my Gardens to look like this... where one almost needs a machete to Explore it!  *Winks*   That doesn't happen too often here in the lower Desert and so it just takes too much Care to keep enough Alive that it could resemble such a Magical Natural Space on Private Property.  Which is exactly why the Old Homestead became too much Garden to Care for.  Because not every overgrowth looks Magical nor Enchanting!  *Bwahahaha!*

Not every staircase leads to some place relevant, though I suspect this one does!?  But since it's Private and would be intrusive to trespass and Explore it, I'll never know and will just have to Imagine what lies beyond my range of sight!  *Le Sigh*   But if I ever get Invited up there... well, I'll be up them stairs like greased lightening... well... maybe not THAT fast... but you know there'd be absolutely no hesitation... *Winks*

And so let us now see... was Untitled Post No. 1 a Fluke?  Or will hundreds flock to this next in the Series of Untitled Posts?   I'm actually Enjoying the Experiment and potential Outcome of it all... Exploring Human Nature in my little Blog Petri Dish to see what resonates... might have relevance beyond my own Understanding... and what falls flat?  *Smiles*

In the Grand Scheme of things it matters not... but it is Interesting, I'll give you that!   And since I have that Curious Nature and all... I just gotta KNOW!   Like... if you're at all like me, you're probably now Wondering what lies inside that Open Door?   That Seductive Abandoned Space beckoning and even begging to be re-discovered?  *Winks*

So... here's to New Discoveries... Great and Small... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I vote for the abandoned steps! Love the look! Too bad I don't have the suitable place to create something like it!


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