Monday, April 25, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Color Stories ~ Part III

Since the Theme this Month was 'Color Stories' I was interested to find out exactly WHICH Colors I was most drawn to during the Event?  Seeking out the Imagery that I found to be most Inspiring and the Vignettes that lured me in strongly was the major clue.

Sometimes and in some Seasons you know exactly which Color Story you're bonding to most strongly... other times it is much more subtle a nuance.  For me it was more a subtle migration of preference for a certain Color Combo right now.  I am not a Purist when it comes to any Color, I can be quite fickle in fact with what Colors Appeal to me at certain times.

Right now it clearly revealed itself to be the Color Story built around Green, Black and Gold elements.  That trio really stood out as the Story told with those hues melding together Beautifully that spoke to my Soul at this Event.  I wasn't all that surprised actually since Green, Black and Gold have always been favorites of mine on the Color Wheel.

With Sepia thrown in as a Grounding Neutral I'd have to say I'd be quite Content with a lot of Black, Gold and Green in my World actually... I like the Atmosphere and Visual it imparts.

As an Old Hippie I've always been one of those Mother Earth sorta Gals and in my Youth most of my rooms were so saturated with living plants that you almost needed a machete to get thru them and couldn't distinguish whether you were still outside or in?!  *Smiles* 

I can fully Appreciate other Color Stories told well... but I know that Decorating with them and Living with them wouldn't be authentic to Self.  I think all of us can relate to that since we each will have a Color Story that we would prefer to surround us and be our Personal Cocoon Space that we feel most Comfortable in.

The Pretty Romantic hues are Visually a Joy... but not so much my Cocoon Color.   I am quite certain it would not be The Man's choice either, but he can certainly co-exist with me most comfortably and in unity with the Palette I'm most drawn to anyway, which is rather handy since neither of us is therefore necessitating a compromise.  *Smiles*

He likes the Outdoors so Green is a Given for his preference.  The Soothing element of Sepia brings a Calmness and Grounding to any Space and it's pretty Neutral for most people.  Black tends to be a strong Masculine enough Color in Decor to suit almost any Guy I've ever known and what Old Goth whose Muse was Morticia doesn't J'Adore it?!  *LOL*  And who isn't taken by GOLD?  The Man always Loved Prospecting, so Golden elements are a decadent luxury we both are drawn to.  *Winks*

And what is particularly strange to me is that I wasn't even NOTICING most specific Color even tho' it was certainly a Colorful Theme going on and each Vignette did devote itself to a particular Color Story!!!  I was rather Color Blind during a Color Story Event, go figure... since I didn't expect to be.

And that is what I mean by a subtle influence of which Colors spoke to my Soul... I didn't even so much recognize which ones it had been until afterwards, when I downloaded the Images.  In the Moment I had lingered at certain spaces but wasn't entirely sure why... but now it's quite obvious.  Those particular Colors were telling their Story and I was reading it on a deeper level of consciousness.

And it hindsight it made perfect sense... the Colors that Soothed my Soul are the very ones that usually do and I tend to surround myself with instinctively at Home.  The pieces I would have added to our Home, had I been in Buyer Mode and not contemplative restraint mode due to circumstances, were of those hues.  {Especially that hand-painted Jardin Art... Magnifique!} 

Yes, the Greenhouse Effect was mos def luring me like a Siren's Song... it's Earthiness just spoke volumes about a Story I've always Enjoyed being told by the Elements of Nature and a language I Connect to.

At the exclusion of so many Vignettes I failed to Photograph I apologize, since perhaps those Color Stories would have spoken to you in much the same way?  Hopefully you got to attend the Event before it was a wrap on Sunday Afternoon and see for yourself what I missed in the Sharing?

Yes, indeed, I could only Share a small Sampling of the Stories being told by the Color Wheel at this Event.   And alas, I didn't get a chance to go back since so much has been going on in our Personal Lives recently that it's been rather consuming and difficult to fit much else in without being overwhelmed.

You can clearly see what Captivated me and Ministered to my Soul.  If I can manage to schlep a big ole Apothecary Cabinet Home one day I shall... and fill it's drawers with mini Vignettes Displaying a rotation of our Favorite things and Storing away the rest out of sight 'til it's rotation comes around. 

Most of this Nest has all the feathering it will ever Need really, but there are still a few Statement Pieces I'd like to eventually procure and swap out some of the existing as we Upgrade in due time.  I Love to Upgrade but it is a gradual Process as Resources permit.

Great Vintage and Antique Apothecary Cabinets of all sizes happen to be my particular weakness right now... I'm Lusting over every one I see that I can't have right now! *Le Sigh*

Not that I didn't also see some other Cool Stuff like these Ruby Glass Seltzer Bottles with Fab Etchings which were Killer!

Or da Bling, which I always notice... duh!  *Winks*   And I actually thought this Post would be the Finale' but I still have some more Imagery to Share, so we'll hold off on it being the last one for now and mebbe do at least one more shall we?  Hope you can continue to join us my Friends?

Still more Color Stories to tell...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I'm looking right now at out home. The front Great Room and Dining Rm take their colors from a favorite dining room Oriental rug of rust,green.camel and black. The Master Bedr. and bath are muted green, camel old rose and burgandy. Then the rest of the house is done in happy primary colors with lots of red, yellow and blue. Sounds pretty wild but it's me and I love it!


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