Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sorrows And Solace

Sorrows and Solace, they just go together... because when you're Enduring one you Need the other.   This is a very difficult time for me... I just got word that my Mom has been assigned a Hospice Nurse and is close to her Time of leaving us and transitioning from Time into Eternity.  I knew it before I was told... just days ago she'd finally awakened from her comatose state and told my Brother that our Nanna and Gran-Gran {her long Dearly departed Parents} had been visiting her every day now and told her they'd come to take her Home.  They are patiently now waiting for her to let go and join them.

The timing is tough for me since we don't know how long or when I should make the emergency trip to Cali with the Family?  Resources right now are tight so there could only be the one trip and thus timing is crucial.  Caregiving for this trio at Home can be tough... on the road, away from Home and familiarity, coupled with a Loved One dying... well, it is a lot to Deal with and contemplate.  My Brother will keep me informed to know when I should make the Journey... but naturally he and I can just speculate on timing.   I've got a lot going on in my Spirit right now about what I can handle all at once?

Losing Dad many years ago was hard... there isn't a day goes by that I don't still miss him and get emotional when I think about him.   Losing Mom will also be as hard and it seems as tho' she is going out on her own terms much like Dad did, which at least gives some forewarning.   His Dearly Departed Loved Ones also came to bring him across to the Other Side just days before... it gave me so much Peace to know they were there for him to pass from one realm to the other.  So it gave me equal Peace to know Mom's were there for her too... waiting now for when she will give up the Ghost.  I want to say Good-Bye desperately, I'd be there already if I didn't have a high maintenance entourage to consider that I can't just leave behind without a replacement Caregiver.

It makes me very Conflicted... The Man knew that, we'd just had a simultaneous Scare with his Dear Mom, but she has Thankfully recovered and is Home now doing well.   I knew I could send him with Relatives if I had to so that he could be there for his Mom and still be Cared for by his extended Family.  It made me feel like I had Options for that Crisis... with this one... not so much.  I'd like to be there for my Brother too, when Dad was dying here in Arizona my Brother made the Trip from Cali to be here with me at the Hospice and it meant so much for us both to be present for our dying Parent.  I want for us to be able to do that for Mom too.  But that was a long time ago and things were quite different than Today.

The Man has a difficult time with his TBI knowing how to be there for me during a personal Crisis I'm Enduring, but he tries.   Today he suggested a brief Road Trip to just Get Away while the Kiddos were still in School so I could get my Mind off it all for a moment and seek some Solace.   Solace is good during a time of deep Sorrow, seeking it is Wise... and so we did.  We headed down the road with no particular destination and came across a very Old Antiques Shop that was Closing due to Selling the Historic building they are presently in.  This is the first thing I saw {The side with Jesus}  as I walked thru the door... this Gorgeous Vintage Suitcase with Beautiful Religious decoupage done by one of the Owner's Relatives.  It held her personal paperwork and wasn't for Sale.  I asked how much she'd want for it if it was for Sale?  She briefly contemplated the question, dumped her papers out of it and Sold it to me for an extremely modest sum.  Jesus is with His Parents on the other side... how fitting for a time such as this... knowing that on the Other Side we all will one day be back together.   I Love this... it will be a Keeper and will hold a Special poignant Memory of a difficult time where I have managed to find Peace in the Storm.

The other item I saw directly afterwards... and equally fitting... was this Vintage Trading Post piece that instantly brought Dad to Mind.  I've had the partner, the Indian Maiden, for a long time... and had been wanting the set again since I used to have them as a Child... my Dad had bought the original ones for me from the Rez but they got lost in transit during our many Nomadic moves during my Childhood.  This little figurine reminds me of my Dad and his stance during times of Crisis... Rock Solid, Silent and Standing in complete Faith.  Up by Faith and knowing it WILL Hold! 

 I felt my Dad's Presence with me, in my Spirit... and it gave me strength... Dad has always been The Rock in our Family... Stoic and Strong up until his last day on this Earth... I often miss that... I often Need that from him still.  It is Comforting to know that the Lord also allows Dad to provide it too thru the Veil... along with God's Comfort, Strength and Presence during the very difficult times.   I lean heavily upon God and The Ancestors during the times I desperately Need their Guidance, their Strength and their Presence to be with me strongly enough I know and feel it.  I was so Glad that The Man convinced me to go on this short Road Trip to clear my Head of impending Sorrows, we were having Fun and seeing some really neat Stuff... like this Vintage Pimped out Shasta Trailer, Buckin' Betty!  Yes, the Owner used to belong to Sisters On The Fly, we had so much Fun visiting with her.

Their New Shop will be moving to Cave Creek/Carefree soon as the Old Building there in Wickenburg Sells.   So if any of you still wants a Mega Pick... well head out Route 60 to SMITH AND WESTERN for their final Sale Close-Out of Inventory that they don't wanna hafta moved across the Valley to the far East Side from out way out West!!!  You can Thank me later... when you come back with your Haul!  *Winks*

Yes, I sought Solace in unlikely places in this realm... to lose myself immersed in Work once our little Road Trip was over and we were back Home.   I Needed not to Think too much right now... to allow whatever transpires to just be Ordered by the Lord and my Steps to follow with His lead.  So... I piddled around in the Showrooms adding New Inventory recently Picked like this trio of matching Vintage Luggage.  It has an unlikely Back Story since I thought I was buying just the big one on the bottom... and so I paid accordingly for one Vintage Suitcase.

And it being heavy was no real indication since most good Quality Vintage Suitcases are like a Boat Anchor in weight.  *Smiles*   And often if the exterior is clean enough I don't even bother anymore to look inside if the Deal is Sweet enough... because I'm buying it regardless of how the Interior looks anyway if I've made my money on the Buy.  *Winks*  So Imagine my utter Delight when i did open it up to find not just the smaller next sized version... but the Train Case version inside of THAT one as well!   *Booyah!!!  Trifecta SCORE!!!*  Now mos def I'll be making a great built in margin on this Set!  This Image is the more accurate hue since it was taken under more Natural Light and not Edison Bulb Light which gives everything such a Golden Glow.

And a Friend Sourced me this Vintage Samsonite Leather Suitcase for a mere Five Bucks.  He Sells mostly Online and doesn't like to Source too many larger items for himself because he doesn't wanna deal with Postage being so high to ship so he passed this one on to me for the Showrooms.  Clearly he knows my Vintage Suitcase fetish.  *LOL*   It's the mid-sized one and I've Sold a lot of these so knew it would be a good addition to the Vintage Suitcase Towers I got going on in Showroom One-Fourteen right now.  *Smiles*

And I'm not totally straying from my Bread and Butter... The Smalls... so I also Sourced several items of Vintage Christmas Ornaments {a complete box of Shiny Brites not shown} and a few Vintage Travel Alarm Clocks.   I find that when I Source one of something I tend to then hone in on several more right away for some strange reason... like they travel in Packs to be Found or something?!  *Ha ha ha!*

I never pass up Vintage Yearbooks and this 1940 one had great raised Graphics on both sides... this pouncing Lion on the back with the Year... and on the front a Knight in Armor on Horseback and name of the School.  

I also Found this great little 1950's Wood and Wicker Sewing Basket with Poodle Design, which is Classic Fifties Nostalgia to me.   I could Imagine someone hand sewing some Poodles on their Classic Fifties wide swing felt Skirts using their Notions from this very box.

It was actually hard for me to part with this large Antique Botanical since I so Love Old Botanicals and I really waffled about bringing it into the Showroom... so if it doesn't Sell right away this might have to come back Home with me?  It'll be a Sign it was meant to be mine and not to be Sold?!  *Winks*  I know you probably never do that with some of your most Coveted Merchandise?!  *Ha ha*  I Confess, sometimes I struggle and wrestle with myself considering some Inventory and every so often just change my Mind and drag it back Home, so Glad it didn't Sell.

But the Point IS Selling... and Funding what the Family Needs... and so I try to Source the Treasures I also really am drawn to and know therefore my Customers probably will be too.   Right now I Need to scrape together funds for that Emergency Trip to Cali, which will be a substantial outlay... and so a lot of the Good Stuff is going to be Showroom bound with no Sentiment keeping me from flipping it.   Loved this Salesman Sample Display of some Custom Special Order Hardware.   I happen to totally dig Salesman Samples and often Customize or Create things using them.

And I almost never pass up Vintage or Antique Religious Art... Love it, have so much of it in my Personal Collections and find it to be a Top Seller in my Showrooms as well.   I usually carry so much of it in fact that a funny thing is that unsold Religious Art from other Vendors sometimes accidentally ends up being brought to my Showrooms when it's being re-stocked, thinking it's mine! 

Tonight was our Dealer Dinner and Round Table Meeting so I brought the Family with me and had a Lovely Lasagna Dinner the Mall Catered, it was delish and I didn't have to cook, yay!  The Man enjoyed the Meal and a little bit of Socializing.  He's not having so much Social Anxiety around people if there isn't too much Sensory Overload now and can sometimes feel confident enough to join me and join in.   Of coarse the G-Kid Force wanted something different and luckily there is a Panda Express nearby so I just set them up with Chinese if they weren't in the Mood for Italian... whatever... just eat, be good and leave me alone.  *Winks*

I've missed most of the Monthly Dealer Dinners and Round Table Meetings on account of the Family and not wanting to bring an entourage along, so I was Glad it worked out Tonight since I just Needed it to.   The Comforts of our Home are Wonderful, but sometimes I just Need to get out of the house and around other people so I don't get Caregiver Burnout or allow my thoughts to constantly consider any of the Issues of Life we may be going through.  It's a brief Physical Respite and Mental Escape to just get out... even with the entourage in tow.

Absolutely Loved my Friend Shelly's new addition to her Mid-Century Mod Booth... if I had the money and a place for a Statement Piece like this... well... what can I say, it's one of those stop dead in your tracks Dreamscape pieces isn't it?   Good thing I don't have the money nor the space, I'm pretty sure it's too heavy to schlep upstairs into the Studio Loft anyway without potentially killing someone in the process trying to get it up there?!  *Bwahahahaha!*

But just consider the Storage Space it would provide for Art Studio Supplies... Lord have Mercy... I think I counted 150 Storage Drawers on this Unit numbered and with Labels... talk about Organizational Bliss!!!  *Swooning!*

And these Cute Caps are pretty Jazzy as well... yeah, my Funky Hat fetish is showing just as clearly as my Apothecary Cabinet fetish isn't it?  *Winks*

And so I did walk around before and after our Meal and foofing the Showrooms with New Inventory... to unwind a bit before heading Home.

Princess T couldn't wait to get Home since she'd been positively mortified that her Brother had insisted on wearing his new Comicon Character Wig!  Which just came in the mail Today and he'd been waiting on for Weeks so that he'll be totally in Character come Comicon.  So he was giddy with excitement and couldn't wait for an occasion to wear it!  Thankfully the Character's Mask is not here yet or his Sis and Grandpa would have refused to go?!  *LOL*  "You're NOT gonna let him wear that when he's with US are you Gramma?", she pleaded?  Yes, SHE embarrasses easily... as does The Man who was rolling his eyes, sighing heavily and probably not Praying but just calling on the Name of Jesus?   *Smiles*  Clearly The Young Prince and I do NOT embarrass easily, or at all actually when it comes to Style and what we like ... because frankly we don't give a Rat's ass what anyone else thinks or says about what we like to do or wear... Deal with it.  If someone else lacks tolerance or is too tied up in what they deem is not acceptable, that someone else is wearing or living as their authentic Self, we feel it's THEIR problem, not ours.

Actually this Kid changes his Hair Style and Hair Color so frequently and it grows so fast that most of our Dealer Friends and Staff actually thought it was his own Hair and not a Wig.  *LOL*   Hey, a lot of the Young Adults are now opting for White, Gray or even Old Lady Blue Tint Hues now as the New On-Trend Hair Colors... who knew us Old Folks would be so Trendy Naturally, right?  *Winks*  And in actuality, most people barely notice or care anyway nowadays what any of the rest of us is wearing.  In my humble opinion if they have a Full, Confident and Content Life of their own then they aren't so apt to waste time to stand as Critics in Judgment of others or be fixated upon what someone else wears since it doesn't really matter.  And to those of us wearing it, well, what they Think doesn't really matter either Truth be told... just sayin'.  He Loved his New Wig and he has the Confidence and a Face that just goes well with any Style or Hair Color.  And besides, I Love to see him so Happy and Uplifted by anything that can transcend the Chronic Clinical Depression he constantly Endures.

Speaking of Uplifted... look at this Fab Vintage Prop Plane Model... it's Sublime and can be found at our Antique Mall.

As can this Blinged Out Fleur de Lis Created from Vintage Jewelry.

Great Quality Skullies...

Loads of Taxidermy...

And this Weekend they'll be having a Big 15% Off Sale in progress so you can get all of this at a deep Discount since everything in the Mall is 15% Off!  *Whoo Hoo!*

I don't know about you, but to me the only thing better than finding great Found Treasures is getting them at a Discount!

Nope, you don't even hafta haggle and all of us Dealers have been busy stocking New Inventory and foofing our Spaces in preparation for the Big Sale Event.   And of coarse I'm Hopeful Sales will be Strong in my Spaces to Fund my Trip to Cali to see Mom and cover everything for the Emergency Crisis at hand.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Tears are flowing! I'm praying for you Dawn that the trip will be soon and smooth and well paid for. Wish I could give you a hug in person but sending it your way by internet anyway! God Bless You and Yours!

    1. Thank You my Friend... Mom is being transferred now to Hospice full time... in Cali I guess it's difficult to get a bed in a Hospice until you are VERY close to the End... they don't want anyone lingering, which is very different than Arizona where if you are dying, you go to Hospice for however long it takes for the Process to depart... Thanks for the encouragement... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. So sorry Dawn. It is never easy. My Mom died at 40 when I was seventeen and my life was never the same. I wasn't with her when she died and I still regret it.

    1. I am so sorry you didn't get to enjoy your Mom for longer... mine has Thankfully had a very long run and is pretty much dying of Old Age as the Old Folks used to call it when you got past a Season of Life... Thanks for coming for a Blog Visit... we Hope to be there to say Good-Bye in time... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your mum, Dawn. The suitcase is beautiful ... I'm glad the owner sold it to you. ♥

    1. Me too... it really was one of those Spiritual experiences when the Lady opted to let go of it since she couldn't have known our situation and she clearly had Sentiment attached to it and didn't intend to Sell it initially... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. I am so very sorry Dawn. Farewells are never easy and no matter how well we think we are prepared, losing a parent is a huge shock. That suitcase is very lovely, I know how that small bright things can bring some comfort and light into our lives, especially at hard times. x

    1. Yes indeed... small things do bring Solace during difficult times... it is important to attempt to go thru our days with some semblance of normalcy even during the darkest of times... Dawn... The Bohemian


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