Monday, April 11, 2016

She Thinks She Will... And Then She Doesn't...

She thinks she will spend more time in the Garden gardening... every single Spring she thinks she will... but in the Desert our Spring can warp into Summer so fast!  And she's missed that brief opportunity before it got HOT!  We're talking about me and not 'she' of coarse.  *Winks*

Keeping a lot of faux florals tucked around helps appease the Desire to actually have the Real Deal all over the place inside and out... but I'd rather have living plants and cut flowers of coarse!

I'd rather have vases and vessels filled with fresh cut Bouquets or single Buds in every room of New Villa Boheme'!  Yes, pretty Vintage Italian Tole flowers look lovely scattered around the Home since I don't have that right now...

And as much Vintage Millinery as I can possibly Hoard up when I can find it... so that in the absence of the Real Deal at least I have some Beautiful Florals of another sort around to give the Illusion.

But I am so longing for those Fresh Flowers I see starting to make their appearances all over the Land of Blog in the Gardens and Homes of others!  Others who actually DID get out and spend more time in the Garden... rather than just thinking they would!  *Smiles*

I never even got my Veggie and Herb Garden up and running this Spring... it's still in the fledgling stages of being Planned out!   So instead I've been visiting a lot of Farmer's Markets for Fresh Produce.  But there's nothing quite like growing it all yourself, is there?

But alas, the Garden Projects got pushed to the back burner as we've dealt with more pressing Issues of Life unfolding and needing attention.   And since this New Landscape needs very little Care as it is, I haven't had to be outside so much if I can't be.

But I wanna be... I'm that Gal that likes to dig in the dirt and smell the Earth.  Who considers it Pure Joy to plant seeds and watch them grow into a Harvest bounty for us to Enjoy fresh from our very own Garden! 

I didn't just want the Illusion of Fresh Flowers... I wanted to be able to gather them from my own Garden for Springtime Bouquets!  I wanted to cut my Fresh Herbs as I needed them for meals... and pick Veggies from the back yard Victory Garden!

And I wanted to Experiment with growing various Flowers I Love but have never had in the Garden... and which I could pick and dry for those exquisite dry Bouquets that would last long after Seasonal Blooms faded.

And I have to Confess that I am missing the abundant blooms in my huge Old Garden at the Historic Homestead where all the plants were so mature that it was a showstopper every Spring!

Though a much smaller Garden is much easier to maintain and I'm Grateful for less Work, it does take getting used to.  So since I have had to go over to the Old Homestead to keep it secure... afterwards I've just sat in the Old Garden, soaking in the abundant blooms with the Birds and Butterflies it attracts.

I realized in all the Settling In with a Big Move there are so many things we used to do regularly that we just didn't get around to doing this first full year at the New Home.   Things that I really didn't realize how much I'd miss even just for one full turn of the Seasons!

And Yes, it's not as if this is the first or last time I'll think I will and then I don't.  Let me count the Projects I Passionately wanted to get around to and never did even without a Big Move... ha ha ha... No, let's NOT, we'd be here entirely too long!  *Winks* 

And sure... I know it isn't too late yet to go out and just buy some plants... or seeds... or Fresh Cut Flowers and get a late start on Transforming things into a Springtime Wonderland.  And I probably WILL do that instead.

Because I know that in due time this New Garden and my Courtyards at New Villa Boheme' will eventually be Transformed once we've been here long enough to put our stamp upon it all.  I guess Spring Fever just makes me impatient to have it.

I've never been very good at delayed gratification I have to admit.  If there's anything I want I tend to go hard for it so that I don't have to wait and be patient for too long.  Patience is not one of my Virtues!  *Winks*

But I suppose if the plants don't mind suffering thru the heat of a delayed planting... perhaps I shouldn't mind suffering thru the heat of just getting into the Garden later than I'd Planned?  Just to get my hands dirty... and smell the Earth... regardless of the outcome of the potential Harvest.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. HUG! Sometimes life interferes with our dreams. Gardening is what saved me when my life was falling apart. I think of it as a moving meditation. Like you, I love getting my hands in the dirt and I love being in the garden. Our Virginia summer's start later but with the humidity they can get harsh pretty fast. Those are the days that I toss my hair in a ponytail and sit under an umbrella and bake. I love it ;)

    1. Oh yes, communing with Nature has saved me on many an occasion when Life gets too complicated. Happy Spring and here's to Gardening... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Next year! A big move really does take all one's creative energy for a while. By next gardening season I bet you'll be chomping at the bit to start digging and planting.

    1. I'm envisioning the completed Courtyard Gardens on the canvas of my Imagination and looking at any delays as Creative Time to alter the Vision so that it's tweaked to Perfection! smiles... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I am still not finished with the moving after 6 months and trying to plant too. It isn't hot here yet so still time to get out in the garden.

    1. I can relate since we're 9 months in here at the new Home, but still in the process of readying the old Homestead to be Sold, it's been listed a couple of weeks but I still have to maintain it until it's someone else's Project... winks... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. I spent two Saturdays ago in a greenhouse at a mosaic class. Just to smell warm dirt and sit amongst the blooms was heaven. We will finally get warm weather this week in two days. So, we will fill our little green house up with our starts and summer bulbs...but the daffodils have barely unfolded outside, and have huddled against the daily snows in their yellow shrouds. Grins, it will all come to pass with patience. Sandi

    1. I know, my Patience is certainly being exercised so that it can strengthen! And oh to have a Greenhouse or a Conservatory would be Heaven!... smiles... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Go for it! A little bit (a start) is better than none at all! It will feel so good!!

    1. I agree Marlynne... I have one raised Victory Garden Bed halfway completed and some soil already loaded into it... right now funding the Project is the major hitch since I still have to maintain both properties until the other one sells... crimps the budget. *Pout*... Dawn... The Bohemian


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