Thursday, April 14, 2016

Second Showroom Foofed... Yay!

Remember how I said the smaller of my two Showrooms would probably take way less time to foof and Transform than the larger of the two?   Yeah, right... it took just as long... go figure... one of those Mysteries of Life!  *Bwahahahaha!*  I made the mistake of tackling it on the day I also Work my Evening Shift later at our Antique Mall... so color me exhausted and right to the wire on Time Management that day!  *Whew!*

But four freakin' hours later I finally got it done... second Showroom completely foofed... yay!   Now I don't Hate either room anymore... that's always a good thing, right?  *Winks*  Is it Editorial... Hell No... we're not quite to that level yet... but at least it doesn't look as disheveled as it did before I started and that's rather a Big Deal to me right now!  *Smiles*  Lets just say I'm Satisfied with the results, such that they are.

There is now a semblance of Order to my Retail Chaos and the attempts at some feeble Vignettes with what I presently have in Inventory, disparate as it still is.   My ultimate Goal of coarse is to actually Pick with specific Vignettes in Mind to make everything elevate to a more Visually enticing level to get things Sold or even have a Theme.  Or Ideally, be an extension of my Home's Vibe and my very Essence of the Aesthetic I prefer.  But, Sales have already increased substantially... so the Chi is clearly better already!

It's kind of like Styling your Home and not yet having the Stuff you really want yet and making do with what you do have until you can upgrade.   I'm Okay with upgrading gradually, it's all a Process... so at least having it foofed and looking Fresh, even if some of it wasn't actually Fresh Inventory, made a difference.  Re-arranging even what you already have can make it look New again and a lot more Pleasing to the Eye.

I also finally went at it with a Strategy in Mind for Placement of certain items at Eye Level that would boost the bottom line faster.  It makes a difference, some of it had languished because it was spendier and not in the best location. But after having put it in a Showcase spot where it was more visible and Spotlighted, well, a lot of it already Sold!  Mission Accomplished... yay!

And yeah I did bring in Fresh Inventory and sprinkle it about both Showrooms too.  I've been Pickin' a teensy bit lately... and unpacking boxes at Home to Cull possessions further... so all of that is constantly Showroom bound.  But at least now I don't dread Working my rooms... now that I don't Hate them anymore!  *Smiles*

You know how it is at Home if a room got trashed or seriously neglected... and not by you necessarily... and you just want to turn around and walk right out of it immediately and just not Deal with it?  Well, that's where both Showrooms had ended up before the Big Foof began... and it was long overdue that I DID Deal with it!   And get some of those bigger items Sold Off to make space to bring in more that is just waiting upon sufficient real estate to move into.

You know how Accomplished and Good you just Feel after you get a previously trashed or neglected Space Transformed and tidied up?   Well, that's how I now Feel about both Showrooms and it's such a Relief to have them in Order again and Styled in a way I'm not totally Ashamed of should someone walk in there!  *Ha ha ha*  To not have to make apologies nor excuses for their condition and state of prolonged disarray.

Though I don't Live there, it is still a Space I'm 'Representing' and an extension of myself... therefore, just like Home, you don't ever want someone walking in and going, "Holy Mother Of God... what a Hot Mess!"  That's the Cleaned Up and totally Sanitized Christian version of what I actually said as I walked into any of my Spaces I had begun to Hate! *Smiles*   You want it to be a Welcoming and Inviting Space, somewhere someone actually wants to Visit and go with some regularity and spend time in, including yourself.

And I ain't gonna Lie, a certain amount of Ego IS involved when you have a Personal or Retail Space and someone compliments you on it and says how much they Like going or being there!   Yeah, it's True, I bask in the unexpected but sincere comments of, "I Love your rooms, I go there often..." that several Customers and other Dealers have come up and randomly said to me.   I Love it even more if they say they BUY my Stuff and Love my Inventory being offered!  *Winks*

After all, being rooms someone actually has to be Enticed to walk INTO them and not just walk BY them with a fleeting glance or disinterest.  We have over 55,000 square feet for your Shopping Pleasure in our Antique Mall... on two levels... with hundreds of other Dealers offering their wares.  What will make mine Stand Out, set it apart and be Interesting enough? 

 So I pull out all the stops to get someone to want to enter mine... even if they aren't sure exactly Why?  *LOL*  A bit of layman's Psychology goes into it actually, musings of what would make ME walk in... be Curious about what's inside?  As I work the Spaces I'm Mindful of that... and more importantly, what would make me linger and wanna BUY my Stuff?  *Winks*

I am all into Sensory Experiences so Sights, Sounds, Smells, Touch all go into Play.   Princess T, The Stylist, is my Master Foofer... this Sidekick can Work it and actually has a better Eye than I for how to Vignette a Space to get it "just so".  She'll spend countless hours at it... I'm not that Patient or Devoted.  *LOL*  That's really an Art Form of it's own and I Confess I'm not terribly Gifted at it like so many of my Counterparts who Naturally have the Talent for it.   Wish I had that knack and Gifting... I pay close Attention to how the Seasoned Pros do it... but I'm such a Novice by comparison mine never quite turns out that way.

I could spend all damned day in there and it wouldn't Showcase like one of those Stylish Vendors and Designers that do their Booths, Showrooms, Shows and Events so well that it's an Experience.   I figure if I keep Practicing maybe, just MAYBE... one day... I might Arrive and take it to that elevated Level of Masterfully being so Editorial?!  *Bwahahahaha*   Well, we'll have to wait and see, won't we?  Since clearly me, my Home and my Showrooms are still a Work In Progress... with a Lot of Work yet to be done...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Ha,ha,I totally called myself, the queen of the 10x10...that's what spaces were for art/craft shows in chicagoland. God forbid, you went an inch over. And with all breakables---that can be confining.

    Your booth looks like so much fun...the rough beard guy head, is a riot..andI would totally come in your booth and shop! Sandi


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