Monday, April 4, 2016

New Hunting Grounds

The Hunter-Gatherer in me is getting restless... it's been a long time since I've gone seeking out New Hunting Grounds to make the Thrill Of The Hunt just that much more Exciting and Adventurous!   Heading out to parts unknown... to Find who knows what is waiting there to be Discovered and Rescued?!  Or to be introduced to the Creations of Artisans new to me, whose Work isn't well known and still make every one of their pieces by their own hands and for the pure Joy of Creating Art of some kind!

There's just nothing quite like a random Road Trip to who knows where, in Hopes of stumbling upon a Honey Hole of a Pickin' spot or a New Shop you've never been to before.   Exploring the back roads in search of those places not everybody frequents or even knows about.  Pristine Pickin' Grounds and obscure brick-n-mortar Shops that haven't been Scavenged for the Treasures or Rusty Gold they might hold!  Those are the types of Adventures that The Man and I used to Live for!

Dusty little Shops or Hoarded Old Buildings or Acreage filled with remnants of the Past.   Long forgotten destinations on Routes now bypassed by the Interstates and have now become Time Capsules of bygone days whose heydays have long passed.  Places that are now somewhat frozen in Time from when Time stood still for them and didn't move forward like everywhere else has, because they refused to keep up or couldn't.

To feel your pulse race when you spot something Fabulous that you've never seen before.   Things hidden away for a very long time or stashed in Private Collections that now are to the place of needing to dispose of some of it, for whatever the reason, and you just happened to be at the right place at the right time to score it!

To happen upon that place that is liquidating it's Inventory... Closing... and knowing it's the Last Chance because it will soon Exist no more!   So many over time have had a good run and then decided it was time... I Miss so many of those favorite Old Hunting Grounds that are no more and the people who ran them.   There are times I Wish a few could and would be resurrected because nothing else has compared to their particular Uniqueness, their distinctions and the Treasures they Sourced or how they Styled them and the Atmosphere it Created.

Yes, the Wanderlust is becoming so Strong and Powerful that The Man and I have been Imagining what Adventures we'd like to embark upon after the Old Homestead Sells and we can start Fresh as all Old Chapters have been securely Closed?   We are so ready for those New Hunting Grounds... even if we still Cherish some of the Old Ones that still Exist.   We just need a balance of each I suppose... something Familiar and Loved... AND something Fresh and Exciting in it's Raw Exploration for that First Time!

Oh, there is nothing quite like the Feeling of the First Time is there?  The impact of that First ever Experience of anything!   A Grand Opening of something!  Entering a previously unknown realm for the very First Time!   The First ever attendance of a particular Event, Celebration or Show that Rocks your World and makes you an immediate Convert!   Seeing or Hearing the Amazing Work of an Artist for the First Time!  Or finally meeting someone you've long Admired or going to a place you've always wanted to go and now checked off The Bucket List!

The Stuff of Dreams I like to call it!   Dreams now made Reality either as an On Purpose Occurrence or by pure Serendipity, it matters not how we arrived... just that we arrived and got to Experience it for Real!   Yes, the Hunter-Gatherer in me is getting mighty restless and I'm quite eager to go on a Quest for New Hunting Grounds at the first opportunity that presents itself.

Many Memories of previous Junquing Expeditions and those we Traveled with at the time have grown so dim that I almost Forget lest I dredge up the Old Archived Imagery and  then Remember.   That's why I'm so Thankful that at least small snippets have been Preserved via my Photo Archives of Enjoyable Times and Experiences from the Past.  Doing what we Love to do... and what Cool Stuff some of us Scored during those Hunting and Gathering Expeditions!

No, not every Great Score was mine alone... and it's just as Thrilling to watch anyone else Scoring that Trophy Find and then Displaying it Proudly or telling you what they Plan to do with it!  I've stood in line many a time with fellow Treasure Hunters seeking out those Special pieces... Hoping to Find something Special even if they don't yet know what it will be... or Hunting for something specific on their Wish List of things to Hopefully Find.  Or Overjoyed to have Found it and Excited to Show it Off... a Successful Hunt!

And Yes, I have sometimes looked back and thought... Why didn't I get that?  Haven't you sometimes passed on something and then in hindsight thought you shouldn't have walked away?   Or perhaps someone just beat you to it... you were that split second late... or hesitated... and the Spoils went to someone more decisive... or quicker!  *Smiles*

And I ain't gonna lie, but part of the Appeal of New Hunting Grounds is locating that Sweet Spot that nobody else knows about yet and having it perhaps all to yourself!  Yeah, I'm Greedy like that sometimes when I'm in Search of the Really Good Stuff in the Secret Spots we Guard the coordinates of as if it's a Map of Buried Pirate Treasure once we know about it.  Once we can Source the Killer Treasures that are hardest to Find or the best Bargains and the Unknown Master Artisans whose prices haven't yet hit the stratosphere once they're a known Brand!  *Winks*

Have I Shared some... well, Yeah, I have... I can be Generous too... or Foolish, depending upon how you look at it. *Ha ha ha*  But then once everybody knows about it then it's never quite the same anymore is it?   Once a place blows up in popularity then part of the Thrill can be gone, well, unless you have a real Competitive Spirit about vying for the same Good Stuff and Love getting caught up in Shopping Frenzies?  *Winks*   Sometimes I Like that too... it can be Thrilling in a different kind of way as that Energy becomes downright palpable with all the Eager Shoppers in one spot waiting for the games to begin!  *LOL*

But I am definitely of the ilk of the Solitary Wanderer, with perhaps a small entourage in tow... Seeking the more Obscure and less known Locales to Explore... the New Hunting Grounds while they are still Fresh, ripe for Pickin' and virtually untouched.   Because when it Feels like the First Time, of initial Discovery... well, that can be the addictive Rush almost as Thrilling as making that Score of whatever you're Hoping to Find in that New spot you happened upon!!!


Blessings and Happy Hunting... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sell FAST Old Homestead! Momma & Daddy need a get-a-way BAD!

    1. Truth that! *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I know exactly what you mean! Spring seems to feed this need to find new places. Good luck in your quest! x

    1. Absolutely, Spring Fever is in high gear! Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Good Luck on your journey!! Hugs, Jody


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