Sunday, April 3, 2016

Moments Frozen In Time

I am a Keeper Of The Past and extremely Nostalgic so I have been one in the Family to retain as many Moments Frozen In Time thru the eye of the lens as I can possibly amass.  Especially of Loved Ones... and so Facebook has provided the means for the extended Family to Share Images they had that I didn't have or often had never seen before, like this one of my Paternal Grandma and my Dad's Stepfather, Pappy.

My Brother has been able to Share Images of he and my Mom taken during recent Holidays that we weren't able to be there, like this one taken Easter Day.  I swear my Mom has found the Fountain of Youth there in Cali since she's looking younger as she ages and now could pass for being our Sister!  *Smiles*

One of my Cousins Shared a blast from the Past of he and my Dear Aunt that I had never before seen... brings back so many fond Memories to see Family as I remember them looking back in the day!   And some of the Retro Fashions of the Era... oh my... sometimes we forget about those don't we?!  *Smiles*

Of coarse along with the blasts from the Past are the recent Shares... this one of three of my Beautiful grown up Grand-Daughters who live back East, holding some of the Adorable little ones from the extended Family.  Always nice to see everyone growing up since they don't stay little for long and you miss so much when you can't be there!

And yet another Beautiful grown up Grand-Daughter who lives in Mexico... still Rockin' it even after having her two little ones!

This is her youngest... one of the Great-Grands having a Princess Party.  She rather strongly resembles her Aunty Princess T don't you think?

This one The Son Shared of his Beloved always makes me Smile since his weapon is almost as big as she is but she sure looked like a Fierce Warrior Woman holding it!  You go Girl and don't take no mess!  *Winks*

And speaking of The Son... a blast from his Past at Graduation makes me realize just how many years have flown by since he'll be turning the big 30 this year in a couple Months already!

My Brother's Sons also so grown up now, this is the oldest one.   I remember them all as Babies... where has the time gone... now even most of the Grandchildren are Adults... it's rather Surreal at times how Time flies by so quickly!!!

Good thing that Father Time is standing still for The Man and I huh?  *Bwahahaha!*   May you too Cherish those Moments Frozen In Time thru the eye of the lens... and Share as many with extended Family and Friends as you can, because it is a truly Priceless Gift to receive... and to remember!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. for sure, a job of at least a cubic yard of photos, I have to go through from the family. It's interesting everyone gave my mother the family photos, and she never did a thing with them...we moved her bed and 135 years of photos were there.

    Thanks for the reminder, lol. Sandi

    1. I'll be THAT person, like your Mom, that has the Hoard of Memorabilia in the way of Photos of Family and Friends... I only Hope at least one of our G-Kids or Great-Grands is equally Nostalgic and will keep passing them along to Future Generations to Enjoy? What makes me sad about modern Photography is that so much of it is done on the Phones and not Saved and the quality of the Imagery is usually so GOOD that it should be Archived. Dawn... The Bohemian


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