Friday, April 1, 2016

Just How Much Is Enough?

Just how much IS Enough?  Well, I'm still trying to figure that out for me... since clearly it will vary for each individual, depending upon our tendencies.  I just know that I have too much right now... still.

Though I am really craving a significant downsizing and have been moving in that direction for some time now, accelerated by the Big Move, clearly I have a ways to go and that is self evident.

I completely embrace the Reality that I do get fixated upon things and it makes my Hunting and Collecting more Focused if I stick only to that which I'm currently fixated on. It is with great Clarity that I realize I will always be a Human Magpie and will live the Life of one.

And though I am very random in my Methods and what Appeals to me most strongly in the here and now, my dilemma isn't that at all... it's what to do with that which is no longer a fixation?  Because every Object, once held, holds a Story and Memory for me and a certain, though perhaps now diminished, Appeal... or it simply wouldn't have ended up in the Stash.

I am an adept Hunter-Gatherer, it's deeply ingrained in my DNA and I have honed the Skill Set to acquire some pretty Cool Stuff with good margins to profit from them IF and when I choose.   But the WHEN do I choose has become my Issue... though I can become quite fickle with many Collections, I don't with others.

It's those OTHERS that can become the subject of my just how much is Enough of them Moments?  *LOL*   If I could just move myself to become more of the Entrepreneur at the Gathering of Cool Stuff I'd be Golden... since I always find more than Enough... way past what I actually Need and should be Enough for me!  *LOL*

So lately my days have been spent Sorting so that I can become more decisive about the Curating Process of those things that aren't so easy to Let Go of really, but would make the Ideal Inventory for the direction I want my Showrooms to Transform into!  In my Logical State I KNOW I don't Need all of it anymore and I Need to Cull more harshly!

Different things will motivate me with Collecting and what I Keep... and what will eventually be Let Go of.   Right now I'm very motivated and yet I still wrestle with myself more than I'd like to.   Yes, I WANT to have my retail spaces resemble those I'm totally Enamored with that have so much Good Stuff you want to buy it all!  *Smiles*

I WANT my Showrooms to reflect more accurately my very Essence, like our Home does... so that the whole shebang would look more like the Vignettes within my Personal Sanctuaries and be THE place I'd want to Shop regularly!  Then I know I'd develop a following of loyal Customers very much like me and that would be the Sweet Spot to be in.

And yet I am conflicted and hesitant for a few reasons... No. One being that means being able to Let Go of the majority of my Coolest Finds that I J'Adore to do it properly and not end up with too much in the Personal Sanctuaries and Collections.   Sure, I can FIND it... Sourcing the really Good Stuff has never been my particular Problem... but will I Let Go of it more effortlessly over Time?

No. Two is a very important one... Loss Prevention.  I do not have a Brick and Mortar Shop nor do I Sell at the Events and Show Circuits.  Don't want to at this Season of Life, do not have the Time nor Inclination to Work that hard nor can I be away from the Family so long with such commitments and possess the Stamina that would clearly require.   My Showrooms are at a very large Antique Mall where I don't have to be Present and that can be a double edged Sword.

You see, if you end up with the VERY Cool Stuff to offer, people DO want it... but with some they don't always wanna pay for it if they think nobody is looking.   It's a sad Fact of present day Retail unfortunately across the board, there's too many Shady folks shopping regularly and doing the five finger discount!  Loss Prevention can become a real Issue, especially in larger Cities and in larger Antique Malls that offer Space Rentals.  The only thing harder for me than giving up something I Love voluntarily to Profit from it or Gift it to someone... is having it Stolen!  That chaps my hide somethin' fierce!

And I don't wanna hafta be BY my Stuff for Sale constantly... I like not having to be... or have the hassles of Selling Online... and so for quite some time my very Best Inventory has just been Sold Privately to those I know and Trust.   I don't like that it's that way... and perhaps I should step out in Faith and just Go For It in my Showrooms and Hope for the best that I won't be robbed blind... but right now I'm not so confident about the hits I might take with really Good Stuff easily accessible and not being locked up behind glass!

Yes, I utilize Security Devices, but a determined Thief will always find a way if Eyes aren't on them at all times.   And from what I'm hearing from Friends working in Large well known Retail Chains, anymore some don't even Care if they are seen!  Because mostly and generally it can be deemed too expensive, risky or dangerous to try to stop them and Prosecute... Liability Issues being such that they are nowadays.  I Hate that, but Society is what it now is as Values and Morals continue to decline and slip away.

But things can be done that are more Appealing and I keep drawing Inspiration from others that do it so Well.   I know I could too... it's just getting there with my Instinctive Urges to Hunt and Gather... and keeping at Sorting it out and Letting Go of most of it now on a consistent basis.   Maybe even Renting a locked Case from time to time when I pile up enough Risky Inventory to warrant at bigger Expense with smaller Margins?  I Confess I am not a Fan of how expensive added Security on Secured Spaces costs... it's often really too spendy to make a decent Profit IMO.

And yet I am longing to put more really Cool Stuff in my own Retail Spaces and Hope that they won't get jacked up from handling or just jacked?!   Not quite off the fence about it yet tho'... so only Time will tell as I also sort out just how much IS Enough here at Home?  And having the rest be Showroom bound... *Ha ha ha*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. A Lot to think about! Can you have a locked case in your own booths? Then you wouldn't have the extra rent charge?

    1. Nope not allowed in the terms and agreements.

  2. Hi Dawn. I know what you mean about theft. After ten years in a fine mall system with cameras, and sensor devices...we were always still amazed at embrazoned thieves.

    We finally often did special events....where unique items were put out on sale...and in-house trunk show of sorts. These were well advertised to our regular clients and held after hours with all dealers being encouraged to attend their booths, for special---personal assistance. This offered an opportunity for higher end items to be on display, that wouldn't normally be left unlocked, or out during regular hours.

    These events could be themed, and were great for holidays---the merchants footed the bill for the mailing list send out, often coming to an additional $15-20 including refreshments. Plus it was fun. Good luck, and dispalying items creatively--sometimes under lock and key or very high up---will help too. Sandi

    Sales were usually great on these special nights, and with the individual mall/we had 5 holding an event, the owner really only had to have one paid cashier on duty as the merchants---did the rest of the work.

    1. Well our mall is open 9am-9pm seven days a week and only Closed Christmas so After Hours would be impossible. LOL But we too have Dealer Days or Parking Lot Sales and I often bring in those things I can keep an eye upon and only offer during Special Sales where I'll be present to negotiate and help lessen loss prevention. No matter how fine a system I agree that Thieves tend to find a way anyway, our mall offers several security measures but nothing is fool-proof and it can end up being too costly to keep adding more and more security measures in vain. Not like Society is just gonna change back to being wholesome and honest overall... the slippery slope has already been slidden down too far I'm afraid. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I have been culling for a few months now. I have had to let go of things I never thought I would. I'm in a large mall now and everything I have is old. Many of the booths look like garage sales - just crap. But, I find that lots of little old ladies (hey, that's what we are) are just buying small $5.00 stuff. Big stuff isn't selling at the mall yet I refuse to give it away. I am trying to find out if we are in a recession or something or the antique market itself is just way down. Guess I waited too long as I don't have the time to wait for it to come back. Anyway. PS ~ I am not putting anything small and expensive in my booth due to theft. If it is inexpensive they can have it. My mall charges a lot for space and a percentage of sales and card fees. I think it is outrageous but then I haven't been in the business for a long time and am not buying any new stuff to sell.

    1. Yes Yes and Yes Donna... ditto on all you're saying at our location as well... I think most shoppers buy on Impulse now, don't see so many of the Consummate Collectors, tho' the Reality Shows have helped the masses see Old Stuff in a New Light and for that I'm grateful since I've been a Keeper of the Past and a Lover of Old for my whole Life and so glad a lot less of it is becoming Landfill bound nowadays as people see the Value and ways it can become Creative and Unique in Styling their Homes and Shops. Hang in there, if you have the Good Stuff and Cool Stuff there is always someone out there to appreciate it eventually... even tho' the chachke's sell more quickly and that is indeed frustrating. Ha ha ha Dawn... The Bohemian


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