Friday, April 15, 2016

Charm And Decay

  1. 1.
    The power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration.


  1. 1.
    The state or process of rotting or decomposition.

Charm and Decay... I find a certain Charm in the process of Decay, the decomposition and wear of things makes them so much more Interesting and Unique, since no two things will go thru that Process identically over time.

Placing Time Worn objects together with anything Fresh and new is a juxtaposition I find to be particularly attractive.  Many objects I Cherish most have Decayed to a point of absolute uselessness and a fragility that makes them all the more precious to me.

When they have reached the point of Ruin for most people is when I'd be much more apt to want them myself and Preserve whatever is left of them.  Even a remnant of something ravaged by Time and the elements is a thing of Beauty to me.

Do I Need the whole thing... not at all... sometimes I don't even Want the whole thing!   I've even sometimes discarded a part of a thing just to be able to have and keep the parts I am most Attracted to.  I'm not beyond cannibalizing a thing if only a portion of it is Desired!  *Smiles*

Creepy Old Doll parts case in point... I do not Collect Old Dolls... I am not a Doll Collector at all per se... I don't even have a 'Thing' for Dolls in general... but I sure do have an Attraction to Old Doll parts, especially the Heads!  *LOL*  But they have to possess a certain Look, not every Creepy Old Doll Head makes the grade!

I find that I have a complete Infatuation with Patina... if the right Patina exists on anything I'll most likely have a strong Attraction to it and Desire to have it!  Items without Patina just don't Appeal to me... and I don't mean I find ALL Patina worthy... faux Patina Created, unless done exceedingly well... forget about it!  I'd rather have no Patina at all than a poorly done faux attempt to give the Illusion of Aging!

I have to Smile when the basis of Value to most Collectors is the Mantra of "Condition Is Everything" because Yes, it is, but Condition covers a lot of ground.   Perfect Condition might Appeal to the majority and that's what they're talking about... but to me Imperfection is the Ideal Condition I'm seeking out!  *Smiles*

If, for example, some Old Suitcases stood side by side and some were in Pristine Condition even if they were quite Old... and some looked more like this... I'd be more likely to choose these.   Because they were used, probably a LOT... and that History of Use has been imparted visually and is now part of their Story.  I just wouldn't find the Pristine ones indicative of having Traveled anywhere.  And what was the point of a Suitcase if it's seen NO Travel?  *LOL*

New Old Stock would probably be the only exception to this Rule... I do Enjoy finding New Old Stock that never got Sold and was never used and probably still has original packaging intact.   They are more like that Time Capsule that transports us back in time to how those things were presented to be Sold.  They are more Rare and existing in their original state is therefore a Special Find.  I also J'Adore Old hand-written Ledgers, Letters and Journals for a similar reason.  Preservation of everyday, ordinary things that weren't necessarily meant to still exist, but do... now elevates them to extraordinary in my Eyes!  Fragile Yellowed paper, faded penmanship, usually in Beautiful Script... you just don't see that anymore!


Charming Old Containers, some so heavily used they have chips, crazing, stains and cracks in the Pottery.  I happen to Like crazing and the staining of Old Pottery... and I can tolerate a certain level of chipping or even cracking so long as it doesn't completely compromise the piece.   But I've also been known to Save shards of Interesting enough Pottery that has a Rich History attached to it.  

Yes, Charm and Decay go together nicely for me... hand in hand actually... so if it be Charmingly Decayed, it quite likely will pique my Interest and perhaps even come Home to Feather our Nest.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. How I agree with you! I am not really comfortable in an environment where all is new. It makes me feel out of place as if I must sit up very straight and not laugh. x

    1. I agree... there is a measure of Freedom associated with that which is no longer perfect and has stood the test of Time. I used to have a plaque that read "Our Home is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be Happy". Thanks for coming for a Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I too appreciate the old "Charmingly Decayed" over the pristine new in most everything!


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