Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Love-Hate Relationship

I Confess I have somewhat of a Love-Hate Relationship with my Showrooms... my poor neglected Showrooms that I can find precious little time to devote to with everything else going on right now in our lives.  I want to be in Love with them again, but when I can't maintain them it's hard not to Hate the condition they end up in and thus avoid them even more.

We've been Dealing with some serious and heavy Personal Issues that have been all consuming... including both of our elderly Moms being Hospitalized and Critically ill... plus some recurrent Criminal Damage to the Old Homestead that is up for Sale!  Hard to keep scumbags away from Vacant Properties in the Cities and I can't go by every day since we don't live close by and I only work two Nights a week at our Antique Mall which is nearby. 

 Such Urban Problems as higher criminal activity is precisely why we moved out of the City and back into a Rural and more wholesome Environment!  Just having the expense of re-securing the property and calling Police all the time to file Burglary and Criminal Damage Reports has been draining.  It's such a feeling of violation when anyone breaks into, damages or steals what is yours and you've Invested in.  I Hate the range of Emotion it creates, the added expense and work it burdens you with and the disruption it causes.

And Mom, well, she looked so Radiant just this Easter when my Brother visited the Nursing Home and took some Holiday pixs to Share with Family.   So it was quite a shock that she'd taken such a grave turn again and is Hospitalized in Critical Condition!  My Brother is keeping me apprised so that I'll know if we should load up the Jeep and head to Cali on a moment's notice, that's Stress enough for me right now, without anything else.  The Man's Mom is out of Hospital now and recovering, which was promising news and a relief. 

My Showrooms have reflected the Chaos that is Life right now... I was absolutely Hating them in fact.  Thankfully Sales have been pretty Strong in recent weeks so I've had to bring in replacement Inventory, but I was rather just tossing it in there any kind of way really.   Customers didn't seem to mind at all, but I couldn't stand it and wanted to be able to swing back to Loving them again!

No problems Sourcing what I Love or bringing in Inventory from the ongoing Cull at Home with what I'm downsizing.   Getting to the place where I could display or style it all properly though was a major Issue.   I knew I hadda get in there, especially to Showroom One-Fourteen and do some serious foofing and re-organization of the Space!   So... one day this week I went in and spent about four uninterrupted hours at it and got quite a lot accomplished in that Showroom so at least now I don't Hate it anymore!  *LOL*   However, Showroom One-Thirty-Three is still in shambles, but it's the smaller of the two.

And it's the one I'd done some previous renovations on before, so it wouldn't take me nearly so long to Transform it as the big one just did... once I get another block of time devoted to getting that Showroom in order next.  I was actually surprised the bigger room only took me just over three hours actually, since it was a massive Project that once underway had to be seen thru to completion!   So between 9 am and 1 pm I was in The Zone getting it Transformed.

Though I did bring new Inventory into both Showrooms... like this Antique Lithograph in a Lovely Old Ornate Frame, most was just Organizing what I already had in there and displaying it more effectively since presentation is important.   I'm Culling my Art Collections since I don't want so much on the Walls at New Villa Boheme'.  So Curating it all has been an ongoing task that isn't so easy for me, since I Love Art and downsizing a Gallery of it amassed over a Lifetime is rather an Emotional Process.  To Detach from various pieces and offer them up for Sale has sometimes worn me out Emotionally and exhausted me Mentally!

But as I get further along Detaching from more and more Stuff, no matter how much I still really Like it, it is getting easier to Let Go and not get so stuck in The Process of deciding and being firmly decisive about it.  Just making a lot of decisions all the time is tiring, it's a Mental Workout!  *Smiles*  Couple that with the Physical Workout of Unpacking and sorting into Sell or Keep piles... and getting the Keepers put where they belong at the new Home... and I'm taking Naps almost daily from all the effort it expends!  *Whew!*

Now, I don't know why I have way more Stamina when it comes to Pickin'?  That Reserve of Energy must come from some other place deep within that is only tapped into when on the Thrill Of The Hunt, I dunno?  *Bwahahahaha!*  And in order to keep both Showrooms sufficiently stocked as Inventory is Sold off, well, I do have to obtain some Fresh Found Treasures as well as whatever is coming from Personal Collections from Home.   A Friend Sourced me this Vintage 1960's Era Wool Dress... could even be a Flight Attendant's Uniform?  He didn't know what to do with it and thought I'd have better luck than he would Selling it since he doesn't do Vintage Women's Clothing.

I couldn't even Imagine Working in a Wool Dress or Uniform, so uncomfortable!  But it had nice lines to it and I like offering some Vintage Clothing and Accessories that have a certain Look to them.  I've been Selling off some of my Mannequin Forms that I used to just keep for Display purposes, I'm trying not to have very much NFS pieces in either Showroom anymore.   For the right Price just about anything can be Bought!  *LOL*

Except for a single small Favorite I kept, I have also been Selling off my Vintage and Antique Radio Collection... so this is the very last one left now that hasn't Sold and was my largest piece, from Germany and is a WWII Era Radio.  I also am completely liquidating my Americana Primitives from my Personal Collection and am down to the last few pieces.  It was nice to see so much of that going to Consummate Collectors of it who really Appreciated it and were thrilled I was offering it at a good price.

When I'm ready to Let Go of something and have finally been decisive about Selling it, my Attachment is a complete dissolution of a relationship with it.  So I don't get ridiculous about price point just because I used to own it and might have had a hard time deciding to part with it initially.   I see so many Dealers that just seem to be still way too in Love with and Attached to their Stuff and perhaps aren't REALLY ready to Let it Go based on the Sticker Shock attached to it?!   I mean do you really wanna Sell it or just have it Warehoused in your Space like it's just another additional Storage Facility for your Stuff, you gotta make that Call?!?  *LOL*

Now, sometimes when I'm Sourcing Fresh Found Treasures I do have a brief Love Affair with them... rather a one night stand of sorts since I never Intend to actually Keep them... just borrow them from active Inventory for a short time.  *Winks*   They will have to Go, but for a while I can Pretend they're mine. Especially Seasonal items, which I can break Attachment to easily no matter how Fab they might be, but I still totally Dig Vintage Seasonal, don't you?

I almost never pass up Vintage or Antique Seasonal Decor because it always Sells so well and not just Pre-Seasonal.   So I almost always keep a small section of Christmas and Halloween going year round and get totally Stoked when I Source Fresh pieces to add to Inventory.   My Vintage Seasonal Christmas was getting quite sparse so when I Sourced this Awesome Vintage Santa it was a pulse flutter Moment to Score him!

He was so Cute with his Sweet Face, bendable body, soft Rabbit Fur Trimmed Suit... and in such superb Condition given his advanced Age... that it was Tempting to wanna Keep him for a while.   Thankfully Christmas has just passed and I didn't want to hold onto him 'til next Christmas Pretending he was mine for just a Season.   So straight to the Showroom he went!

In fact I couldn't Believe how much Red Inventory I had laying around until I began Styling it with a Color Theme Vignette in mind!  *Smiles*   As Vignettes started taking shape I was Loving my larger Showroom more and more again... and the more Positive Chi was bringing Customers in even as I Worked in the Transformation of it.   Don't you notice that happening too once you re-arrange a Retail Space, the sudden accelerated Interest it instantly Creates?

My Sales always increase exponentially after a good foof, so I Wish I did have more time and energy to do it more often.  Not waiting until I absolutely Hate my spaces and can't stand it another minute!  *LOL*   The end result it always worth the extra effort... but squeezing in the time to do it right is just not always that easy as wanting to or even needing to!

I mean I get interrupted half a dozen times just trying to Create a simple Blog Post about it... so you can only Imagine how convoluted trying to Transform an entire Showroom can become for me?!?  *Bwahahahaha!*    But I got it done, the bigger Showroom anyway, just in time for some of our big upcoming Sales and Events at our Antique Mall.  *Whew!*

And even though I didn't get Shiplap up on the Walls like I really want to eventually do to Transform the entire Showroom, at least I got the Inventory in Order and looking less disheveled and neglected than before.   And I felt pretty good about it and how much less time it had taken me than I'd projected it might!

And even though I still have Intentions of Sourcing better Inventory in the Future when I have more seed money to Invest in higher Quality Good Stuff, or eventually Letting Go of my REALLY Primo Stuff from Home... for now I'm Content with small beginnings, baby steps and slow but steady upgrades in My Process.

I Pride myself in never going into debt or overextending to Purchase Inventory or add to my Personal Collections and that is how it will remain since that is within my Comfort Zone and Buying Strategy.   The only Pressure I put upon myself when it comes to Selling is to see just how fast I can flip any of it?   I like and prefer a brief turnaround if possible so that I don't grow bored with what I have for Sale.   Some things linger longer than others, when they do, I usually will not re-stock with a similar item when Sourcing Fresh Inventory.

It doesn't matter how much I Like or Love something, or even if it's allegedly On-Trend, if nobody in the Demographic I'm Serving is eager to Buy it!  So it is a delicate balance of seeking that which I do Love and want to Sell... with what the Market is bearing in my slice of the Retail World.   Adjustments are constantly being made to fine tune my Merchandise for the best possible bottom line.

And yet having Fun with it at all times... because whenever it ceases to be Fun... and the Love-Hate Relationship tips too much to the Hate side for too long... well, then it will be time to call it a Wrap I think.   Right now it's swung back into Love Range... and I'm really Glad about that because it still is my little Happy Place where my Hobby and Passions can supplement a fixed Income.

And where bit by bit I can continue to also downsize from Personal Stashes that are getting smaller by the day, which is a very good Feeling indeed!   I sometimes try to Imagine what it will Feel like when the last of what I'm Culling from Home goes out that door and any Fresh Inventory will be exclusively Sourced during Picks instead?   I think I will Feel quite Accomplished to have Simplified and Downsized effectively and reached my ultimate Goal!

And I'm trying not to be in such a hurry to accomplish all of that since I know it takes time to reach lofty Goals one sets for yourself.   And working it all around the Chaos that can unfold in Life can be quite the additional Challenge.  But one I'm totally Down for.

And it all looked so much better in person... since alas, it's not such an Editorial Space just yet... but I'm still working that all out too.   Since wouldn't it be Ideal to have it be both?

Right now it's still a jumble of rather disparate objects from how I'd like it to eventually be... which would be much more cohesive and my very Essence Transformed into a Retail Space.   Working towards that end has certainly been a very slow Evolution.   And probably contributes therefore to my Love-Hate Relationship with it all sometimes too?!?  *Smiles*  But one day in the not too distant Future I Hope to be able to say, I LOVE it, I LOVE IT ALL and it is exactly the Vision I had for it!


Until then... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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