Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Welcome March... Spring Has Sprung... Here's To New Beginnings

Wow, I can hardly Believe it is already March and Spring has definitely sprung!  With record breaking temps for February for several straight weeks and our first recorded Ninety Degrees in the Month of February EVER, well... I can only Imagine what Spring will bring?   But I cannot lie, I don't mind the heat at all... our Weather has been Glorious and I'm reveling in it and outside all of the time now soaking in Sunshine!

I've also opened doors and spent a considerable amount of time Organizing the Chaos at the New Home while the Weather is so nice that I can let the Outside In and Enjoy the fresh air while I get things in Order around here with unpacking and continuing to Move In.  I am almost 99.9% done in the double car Garage now... can I get a Whoop Whoop!?!  *Winks*  

 Yes, there are still towers of Old Milk Crates and Produce Boxes filled with stuff, but it's Tidy and Organized now so I don't mind... I also pulled out what we Needed for right now.

I'm being more Mindful of being Present in THIS Moment... and it's reduced Stress considerably not worrying about anything in the Past nor stressing about anything the Future might hold... or not... since RIGHT NOW is my entire Focus as I do things.   Mindfulness is something I've Practiced a great part of my Life and is how I was Raised, but when things become Crazy it can be hard to implement as effectively, so I'm getting back to Center.

I've also re-initiated things that bring a Peacefulness to our Home and were once my Habit but I strayed from too... like burning Incense and Scented Candles.   And now that I have that Terrific Spa Jetted Tub in the Master Bathroom, well, I'm having Calgon Moments that take me away as often as I can!  *Winks*   I had forgotten how much I'd missed taking tubbies after almost two decades living in a Century plus Old Home that had no interior Baths, only Showers.  It's not that I never took any during that time, but never at Home in your own Private Sanctuary.

And with each Family Member now having their own En Suite Bathroom and tubbie, well, we're glad now that I had a Cache of Spa Products to indulge ourselves with!   *Smiles... Yes, there is no end to what Delightful Caches I Discovered during the unpacking Process!  LOL*  Really, it's like having a Staycation here at Home and so we rarely want to leave anymore!   That is Blissful having a Home so suited to our daily Needs that we don't Need much else and Feel at a point of Living The Dream.

We are so Thankful to The Lord for giving us this Beautiful Home and making a way for it to not only be Possible, but beyond our Wildest Dreams and Exceeding all Expectations!   To Think that almost a Year ago I wasn't even Contemplating a Move and He would not Allow my Spirit to Feel Settled enough to stay put any longer and prod me to finally take a HUGE Leap of Faith with the Big Move still Amazes me.

My Sweet Friend Myko is Moving and taking a Huge Leap of Faith too... to go back to Washington and start over... and we're sure gonna miss her.   The Sweet Sparkle of her Spaces, killer Found Treasures and enormous Talent for Styling is also something we're definitely gonna miss too.   But Seattle will certainly Shine Brighter with the Magic of her Sparkle and Glitter once she arrives!   I Wish you all the Blessings and Prosperity my Friend in your new ventures!  You will not Regret Following the Prompting in your Spirit to make Big Changes, even tho' they are Scary in the beginning when you Trust God, Leap and don't know exactly where you will Land!?

Preparing for Big Changes is so much Work that it can be more than slightly Overwhelming too... and I know Myko had accumulated a Wealth of Found Treasures that made mine Pale by Comparison, so I Admired how hard she Worked at downsizing before the Big Move.  Lightening our Loads is sometimes a Huge part of The Process though... and I know I'm Grateful for the Opportunity a Huge Move Created for me to Seriously Edit, Purge and Curate our Things.

To become more Organized and Orderly, though a lot of Work, has been such a Gift with this Big Move.  Since Moving Thru several Life Crisis over the span of a couple of Decades {or more} had spun many things out of Control in our Lives and had been rather Insidious in how much Chaos had built up over time when my Focus was spent more upon Dealing with so much Crisis Reactively rather than Living Proactively!!!   Running Damage Control constantly behind The Issues Of Life can detract from the Quality of one's Life and Surroundings, that's for sure!  Things quickly can become a Hot Mess and stay that way as they Avalanche and bury you!

Digging yourself out of a Hot Mess can be somewhat like Enduring a Major Medical Procedure... and equally Exhausting Physically and Mentally.   So it is Good to remember than during The Process of a Rescue Mission from a Life Avalanche it's gonna take Time... probably more Time than you factored in... and maybe more Expense than you factored in... so Walking by Faith and not by Sight is vitally Important during this Time especially!   Going thru Crisis of all types and Issues Of Life that Drain you in so many ways meant a lot of Leaning upon The Lord was going on at all times... but the Burden is always Light for Him if you turn it over TO Him and quit trying to carry it all yourselves.

I would have surely Broken under the load and weight of my Burdens... and so to have Allowed my Lord to carry them for me and just Proceed as He Led me one step at a time in Faith was all I was Required to DO.   The jumping off point is the hardest part of taking that Leap of Faith... but once you're Committed to doing it, well, everything begins to fall into place in due Time and with no set Deadline, so don't Worry about it.  

 Spring being a Time of Renewal could be your jumping off point... you will know if the Spirit has been Leading you to Leap... you will know if you've hesitated for whatever reasons you try to Justify a Delay... so now it's just a matter of will you... or not?  Remember that Obedience is Greater than Sacrifice my Friends... what has The Lord been Whispering to your Spirit in that Still small Voice?
 {1 Kings 19:11-13}


If you have been Led to, go ahead, take the Leap and don't hesitate a Moment longer standing on the precipice of your Blessing... there's never been a better time than Now in this Moment... Besides, it IS a LEAP Year!  *Winks*...

 Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Double WHOOP!! A Beautiful post giving credit where credit is due! Good for you! I'm lovin the weather too! Planting tubs of violas outside today with great grandson Eli!

    1. Now that I'm done with the Garage Project I'll be focusing upon the Garden and Courtyard Projects next too! Happy Spring my Friend... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Every image just makes my heart sing! Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us!
    Wishing you joy in your heart!

    1. Thank You Suzy... singing Hearts bring so much Joy don't they? Happy Spring from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. oh Dawn, we have had snow three times this week and tonight is going to be in the teens---hard to think spring when the birds want to huddle in your lawn Great luck on your friends move...and your continued progress. Sandi

    1. Sending some Sunshine your way from the Desert my Friend! I just don't do cold weather anymore tho' it is pretty in Imagery. *Winks*... Dawn... The Bohemian


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