Thursday, March 10, 2016

Traipsing Thru Rust And Roses...

I'm back... did you miss me?  *Winks*  I'm experimenting with different Blog Fonts for easier reading... the less Fancy the more legible so I'm opting for Function over Pretty for the Story parts now... and we'll have to just rely upon the Visuals for Prettiness.   There were plenty of Visually Stimulating Prettiness at Shelly's Shops for Spring being ushered in.   The problem I always have is that I fall in Lust with so much of it!  *LOL*   Many of the Collections would add nicely to my own since the Found Treasures that Shelly Sources tend to be exactly My Style of Decorating and the Architectural Salvage is some of the best and most Authentic in the City.   I was so Glad when Shelly Sourced some of the Architectural Salvage from my Old Homestead that I needed to let go of.  Because I knew it would go to Good Homes that Appreciate such Treasures with a sense of History and the Patinas and Imperfections imparted by Time and the Elements.   If you are a Keeper of the Past such things are Important to you when you're downsizing your Stash that you Lovingly Rescued or Reclaimed over a Lifetime!   There is no point in it being Saved if it isn't going to have a Good Outcome in the end, right?   I'm Content that so much of what I'd Rescued and Saved will have a Good Outcome... and we'll just have to see about the Fate of what had to be left behind...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I know you must want to buy it right back when you see it for sale!

  2. Great tour here Dawn...such a bunch of goodies...I so would love to shop there.Thanks and the font is easier to read...grins, Sandi


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