Monday, March 21, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Back Roads And Blooms ~ The Finale' Post

I am not sure if I've taken enough Images that I'll have enough left over for a Finale' Post she wondered?  Because she often wonders absolutely ridiculous thoughts like this... AS IF!!!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

And then she wonders the exact opposite once she gets started on said Post... OMG how am I gonna fit all these extra Images into one last Post without someone passing out from fatigue trying to take it all in for one sitting?  *LOL*

Yes, that's how this Post played out as I Created it... not sure if I'd have enough Blog fodder left to actually do another one... and then realizing I probably had enough for a Mini Series!  *Smiles*   Actually that's the way it almost always happens, so you'd think I would no longer wonder such things!

I used to also wonder if I had way too much Visual Overload and Oversharing in my Posts... and at one time tried to ration myself to a set number of Images or dialogue per Post... and failed miserably at such Editing!  *Ha ha ha*   Note to Self: Don't ever apply for an Editorial Job, you totally suck at it!  *Smiles*

My Magazine Profiles and Coverage per Story line would be Epic... like a freakin' Novel... and the Mag would probably be as big as an Encyclopedia, so it would have to cost a fortune to produce it and even more to Sell it!    Good thing Blogs and Blog Reading are Free, huh?  *Winks*  Good thing modern cameras and Memory Cards are so cheap to capture,  store and Share Images... not like the Old Days!

Good thing I poured over each unused thumbnail Image a few times so I didn't miss any really Special Shots like this one that I take of my Friends around their Amazing Vignettes like Sweet Pam!  In a thumbnail and with advancing Age it's difficult to discern the really good shots 'til I enlarge them or see which ones actually hold People!  *Smiles*

I know, there are times when I think I'll Change things drastically only to discover that pretty much they revert back to being the same... I'm a creature of Habit, what can I say?  My way of doing things is just how I'm hard wired I guess and experimenting with changing that up typically becomes a failed experiment using this DNA.  *Ha ha ha*

You see, I happen to LIKE long Posts with lots of pictures and story... I tend to visit those Blogs more often... the ones that overdose me on Visuals and have great stories that are like reading a good book.  It's like being there for me with the Person and along on the Journey.  Just a Tease of a single shot and a few brief words just aren't enough for Yours Truly... I'm left unsatisfied and somewhat frustrated, like I just watched a Fab Movie Trailer and will never actually get to see the actual Movie!

It is True that there are some Fav Blogs of mine that are more of the ilk of being Short and Sweet and they do it superbly in fact with the Minimalist approach.  But if I can go thru the entire Blog's Archives in less than five minutes from it's inception to last Post... well, I'm Done... and I probably won't be back for another Year and another five minutes Invested.  *Ha ha ha*

I can't help it, I Confess that it takes a LOT to hold my full Attention... and probably why I also J'Adore Events like this that pack so much into just four days that I sometimes even need to go back to fully Experience it!   Though I am a person that has never been bored a day in my Life that I can remember because I can think of millions of things to do and would have to become Immortal to get them all done... I do bore easily if my Attention cannot be held.  I'm a contradiction like that!  *Winks*

The reason I don't get bored is because I probably wouldn't stick around long enough in a boring situation to become bored out of my Mind!  *LOL*  That's why I was never very good at attending Corporate Meetings, I liked to Spice them up with Controversy if necessary, just to liven things up and not fall asleep during irrelevant droning itineraries or idiocy.  *Winks*  Oh yes, my Superiors just Loved that and me being present... crapping kittens they'd be just not knowing what I might interject if the Meeting got too dry?!??!  *He he he*

I mean if anything is going to go long... well, it might as well be Interesting, Inspiring, Fun or Amusing, right?  Otherwise, what's the Point?   Actually I don't even Care if something has a Point or not so long as it's Interesting, Inspiring, Fun or Amusing.   And as the Kiddos always remind us, Sharing is Caring... so why be stingy with a great Experience?

That said, I realize it can wear folks out when you have an overabundance of energy, experiences and something to say or overshare, which is also why I like Blogging.  I never know if your eyes glaze over or you just walk away before I'm done here.  I never know if you even show up... unless you choose not to lurk and become participatory.   *LOL*  No judgment in lurking, I do it too... I don't always want to be a Participant and being a Spectator at times is more than enough.

Yes, Blogging for me is just enough... Instagram just doesn't Appeal to me or hold my full Attention whatsoever, I'm gone in a nanosecond from the site so I rarely even go there, curiosity wasn't even enough to keep me there.   And Tweeting... I can't even... it just seems too irrelevant overall... I just can't find myself Caring one iota about what anyone Tweets.  I do like Facebook but for entirely different reasons than Blogs... I prefer Blogs since I don't have to interact if I don't feel like it or have time to.

But in spite of all of these marvelous Technological Advances of modern times I still prefer Old Fashioned Socialization... can't be beat IMO and so attending regular Events that others make Pilgrimages to that I know is by far a better Experience.  If I can't get out so much anymore to Socialize it is the next best thing to have something at a particular time to look forward to attending and Enjoying tremendously with others.

I do Believe that is why such things as Events, Fairs, Carnivals, Parades, Shows, Festivals, Specialty Markets and the like are still so well received by the Public... they flock to them in fact and I've never attended one that wasn't well attended and often off the hook packed out.  People crave having a good time around other people having a good time... the Energy of such a Positive Vibe en mass is palpable.

I try never to miss a good one that is held Locally... and there are several on my 'Bucket List' that aren't Local and I would Love to Experience!!!   I Calendar Special ones that I don't want to risk missing and try to make the time to attend whenever I can.  I Enjoy reading the Blogs of those who cover them so that I can go along with them Virtually and Experience it thru their Eyes and Lens.

Even the ones I've Attended, I will still read the Blogs of others who went because from their Perspective everything looks different and is covered in a way I didn't see or Experience from that angle... their angle, which is Unique and Individual as each of them are.

I am still more than a bit Sad that so many don't Blog so much anymore or have quit Blogging altogether... I miss them in this Wonderful Community and what they added and brought to it.   Some do come back... and I Celebrate their returns, even if it's been a lengthy one and even if in their absence I almost forgot where to find them!?!

It's like when someone moves away and then comes back and rejoins a Community... catching up can be so much Fun... and reconnecting to Old Friends that have been missed.  What each contributes is Special, just like they are.   I know there are probably Old Blog Friends each of you might miss... and New Blog Friends you are now cultivating Relationship with... so in a more condensed way it's almost like Real Life.

And in some most unexpected ways it has even been better than Real Life because some of the camaraderie and interests are so much deeper and even more Personal because of the Unique Connections we make here.

Like an Online Journal or Diary there are topics I've Blogged about that I don't discuss as much or in as much depth and detail in Real Life.   Some are frivolous things I just Enjoy tremendously and only Kindred Spirits would be as enamored by or connect to.  Others are more deeply Personal and transparent topics that also often touch those who have had similar experiences or Life Journey.

I too have Enjoyed frequenting the Blogs of those I can connect to in some particular way... whether the topics are superficial or deep.    When we go thru something alone... or even when we Experience something fantastic solo, it is good to be able to Share it with someone else... anyone else.

We can do that here whenever we want to... and I really Like that.  How much or how little we Share is up to us.   How Invested we become in the Lives or Stories of others is also up to us... here and in Real Life.

It does not take the place of Real Life but it serves to Enhance it sometimes in a different kind of way that sometimes Real Life can't... if just by logistics.  Our Blogs can reach corners of the World our Real Lives often can't... or wouldn't any other kind of way.  It exposes us to so much more... and for me it makes me just want to Live Life even more fully!

Yes, we go down Back Roads often here in the Land of Blog... anytime we visit a Blog down a Road we haven't gone down before... and behold Blooms we never before saw!!!

And if your Travels in Real Life are lacking and you long to Wander... you can find an endless supply of Back Roads in the Land of Blog to Explore... you never know who you might meet or what they might introduce you to or take you along on virtually... and that's rather Exciting isn't it?

At this Event they always have a constant rotation of Talented Artisans and Designers Participating... keeping it always Fresh and Interesting.   This Month 'DOS FANNIES' was in the house... Love their Jewelry and Accessory Lines.

I really do Hope that you've enjoyed coming down the Back Roads with me and Experiencing the Blooms this Month?

And this now concludes this Month's Adventure there... the Event is a wrap... I didn't get the chance to go back a second time unfortunately.

Usually I attend Opening Day by myself... and then bring Princess T with me on Saturday when the crowds have thinned out enough that she won't have anxiety about it and we can have a Zen Day of Enjoying it without all the enthusiastic mayhem of Opening Day.

But with Spring comes the dilemma of several Events going on almost endlessly and often simultaneously while the Weather holds up and is Ideal...

So I've got to choose where we'll be going on the days we free up to do something Special Together.

But... there is always next Month's Event... and with a completely different Theme and Fresh Inventory that tells it's Story line.

So we'll see you back there again during the 'Color Stories' Theme of April my Friends!

And I'll leave you now with the Finale' of my Images... LOL... which have outlasted even my Words this time... Imagine that!  *Bwahahahahahahaha!!!*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I can't imagine having that much temptation so frequently!

    1. Yes, you do have to develop somewhat of an immunity to it, that's for sure! But the Inspiration is Free and that is Priceless anyway... Dawn... The Bohemian


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