Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Back Roads And Blooms ~ Part II

Well Today is the last day of the Event and it should be a wrap by this Afternoon already.  Next Month's Theme will be "Color Stories" and for all of us "Colorful" people we're certainly looking forward to that one!  *Winks*

I almost bought this Colorful paper Butterfly when I was there because I wanted it... one of those things I Photographed and then completely forgot to pick up!  Often I'm on such Sensory Overload at an Event that I'm just too distracted to hold a Thought for long enough to follow thru!  *Ha ha ha*

I was Thinking of adding a Succulent Vignette to the Inner Courtyard at Home but the few living Plants already there are getting quite baked!  So I'm realizing only the strongest will ever survive Spring, let alone Summer!  Note to Self: Invest in a Shade Structure over Inner Courtyard before Investing in any more plantings for it!

That is one of the tricks to figuring out a New Garden Space... what will or won't grow where?  I'm Thankful that all of the Front and Back Yard were already Professionally Landscaped and Established, so I don't REALLY have to add to any of it right away and risk killing things off unintentionally.

I also am Wondering if I'll even get my Victory Garden Raised Bed completed in time to plant it for Spring and a Harvest?  It's looking less likely than I'd projected... though I have begun, it's a bigger Project than I currently have Time or Resources to complete right now.  To do it properly and Beautifully will just take Time and I don't want to Rush any of it being overly anxious and get less than the best results I envisioned.

In fact, I rather tend to hold out for exactly what I want rather than Settle, how about you my Friends?   I've been known to wait years and do without or even upgrade several times before I'm finally 'Done' with something I've been envisioning a certain kind of way and of a certain Quality and Look.

That is also why I often buy the very best that I can afford the first time rather than continuously upgrading or Settling for lesser Quality or something Inferior to what I REALLY wanted.   Something like this Metal Antique Doorway for example would be something I'd Invest in if it fit the dimensions of one of the Outdoor Courtyard Entries... just to get that Look and Quality!  I'd put a heavy Ornate Metal Screen where the Old Glass would have gone.

During the Spring my Imagination actually becomes more fertile and the Imaginings of what could be Created intensifies.  There is just the Positive Energy of New Birth come Spring that doesn't exist most other Seasons.  And of coarse the Celebration of Easter and the Resurrection is close approaching too.

Princess T and I have already completed all of our Easter Shopping and most of our Decorating for the Holy Day, along with Photographing it.  So subsequent Posts may be Devoted to some of that Spring Fever that is consuming us already to Transform the Home into a Springtime Vision and put Winter away.

Fortunately I did Organize some Seasonal Storage Items as we moved over... so even though this will be our first Spring in the New Home I was able to locate most of what we wanted and needed to usher Spring into our Decor.  We've almost completed a full year now in New Villa Boheme' since we moved in last Summer... and so now have a better idea of how the Seasons flow in this location.

Though we are still Local, we are further Northwest than the Old Property and in a higher Desert closer to one of the Mountain Ranges, so the Natural Desert topography and even climate changes are different than down in the Valley.  In fact, Arizona is noted for having so many different climates and Natural topography all rolled up into one State!

Seeking Spring Inspiration at the Back Roads And Blooms Themed Event this Month didn't disappoint... so many different Style options for Spring were represented from Pastels...

To Jewel Tones... and other vibrant Color Palettes...

And the Neutrals and Colorless Palettes...

Patinas abounded... I particularly Loved this distressing of Old Lumber with Old Style Wallpaper... I could Imagine an entire wall Shiplapped with this Look.  Even if you couldn't find Old Lumber with remnants of Old Paint or Wallpaper still attached, you could Create the Look quite effectively.  Or just buy a bunch of these Magnificently distressed ones and save yourself a lot of Sweat and Labor!  *LOL*

And that brings me to my next topic... are you more of a Do-It-Yourself kinda person... or NOT?  *Winks*   We used to do everything ourselves and relished the Projects.  I'm still very Proud of all we did at all our other Properties over the years.  But now that we're getting to a certain Season of Life where Time is typically of the essence in order to have sufficient Time to Enjoy our surroundings, we'd almost rather hire someone or buy it already completed!

Because some Projects never get completed... if you run out of momentum, Time or Resources to finish.  Or some times you just bite off more than you can chew in a Do-It-Yourself Project and realize, maybe I should give up some of the control of this Project to a Professional?  *Ha ha ha*

We did this Big Move by ourselves and had many reasons for doing so... but it sure extended the Process... and our Patience... to get it Done.  I found myself more out on a limb and doing most things by myself than I was completely comfortable with and that can be daunting and more than a little overwhelming... so I'm Glad it's OVER!

And because I had to Work so hard, what I want Done here at New Villa Boheme', well, I'll probably hire someone to do and just have them run with the Vision I lay out for them and collaborate the effort.  *LOL*  No more Grandiose Projects going Solo for moi... I'm enlisting Help when the time comes!

After the Old Homestead Sells we do have some Plans... and so I've been Enjoying doing my due diligence on what exactly we want and who exactly we want to Partner with to do it for us.   I happen to like Planning out a Vision I want to have Manifested... I've laid out Plans and Visions that have come to pass... and some that haven't... but it's still Fun to contemplate and Dream, isn't it?

Springtime Dreams are coursing through our Thoughts now. The G-Kid Force has been Dreaming of Water Feature in back yard since we didn't end up buying a Home that already had one.  Depends of coarse on how much Equity we Net from the proceeds of the Sale as to how Dreamy that Vision will play out... but it's still a whole lotta Fun to Dream of how it could be or will be?

I've convinced them that a more Natural Water Hole Style with Tropical Plantings, a Waterfall and zero entry are more in line with what Gramma and Grandpa can live with and Enjoy long after everyone leaves the Nest.  I'm not a huge Fan of regular Swimming Pools... ugly... I want something more Aesthetically Pleasing, Natural looking and yet Functional.

We are likely, due to circumstances beyond our Control, to have more Staycations than Vacays, so it's important to us to incorporate features that make us happy to just stay Home and Enjoy our own Private slice of Paradise.  I do still Love to Travel, don't get me wrong, but The Man isn't as able to anymore. 

And he is more the Homebody of the two of us... he had to Travel much and often during his lengthy Military Career... and now he wants to just stay put and Enjoy Home.   I've still got a heady dose of the Wanderlust, but I do so Love having a Beautiful Home Base now that is the stuff of my Dreams and actually exceeded many of them.

Well, I am Hopeful I still have enough Imagery to Share for just one more Finale' Post... so 'til then my Friends... may Spring Fever begin to be coursing through your veins as well my Friends??!??!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your waterhole/ waterfall/ tropical plantings sounds beautiful!

    1. Yeah, definitely the stuff of Daydreams! winks Dawn... The Bohemian


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