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Sweet Salvage ~ Back Roads And Blooms ~ Part I

Back Roads... Blooms... just evokes a sense of Spring doesn't it?  So it was appropriately the Theme of this Month's Event at SWEET SALVAGE.

I Love Springtime... but the problem with it is that I never want to be inside... thus my Blogging suffers.  I'm out traipsing about while the Weather is Gloriously Springlike... and with all that Fresh Air I'm usually rolling inside too tired to Blog later!

In fact, nothing quite like loads of Fresh Air will enhance my ability to sleep tight.  So when I'd usually be Blogging late into the Night I'm snoozing in the Recliner instead!  Not really intending to tap out so early... it just happens and before I know it, well, it's a brand new day!  *Ha ha ha*

So yes, I Confess I'm days late in getting this Blog Post about the Opening Day of the Event churned out... and there's only one day left now to get down there if you already haven't?  Sorry... it is definitely one not to miss if you Love everything about Springtime as much as I do?!

If you wanna get into the Mood of Planting... Botanical Style... Garden Style... an Earthy Organic Vibe, well, this is the Season to get started now isn't it?   What I like about Botanical Style is my Dark Vibe goes well with the Nature Elements.

It was so hard to resist not getting some more Butterfly Specimens for my Collection, they abounded!

My Favorite was this Red one...

And I'm always drawn to more Green being added to my Decor's Palette come Spring... are you?  Along with Living Plants and Cut Flower Bouquets.

And killer Urns were everywhere... had budget permit this Magnificent one with Pedestal would have come Home with me!  *Le Sigh*

It was definitely what I'm looking for to put in the Inner Courtyard... Ideal in fact... alas, hadda leave it behind... Boo Hoo!   Dontcha just Hate when that happens... when you Find the Perfect thing you've been seeking just when you don't have the budget to snag it?!  Dammit!

But... that wasn't all I hadda reluctantly leave behind that was PERFECT I tell you!   Just look at this French Grey Ornate Cabinet... OMG, when I laid eyes upon it I swear the Heaven's opened up and I heard Angelic Hosts singing!  *Swooning!*  Though when I showed these Images to The Man he's like... but where would you put it?!  Shush... don't be such a killjoy... Logic doesn't even come into the picture... you buy what you Love and Figure it out later! *Winks*

Everything about it was absolutely Divine and Perfect you see... even the Price... just not on this budget right now... or I wouldn't have left this one behind I can tell you!  Buying new Furniture that suits a New Home is a Process that will take Time... I know that... but when I Find what is Ideal and I haven't Saved enough for... well... it SUCKS!  Too bad the Old Homestead hadn't already Sold... Dammit!

I mean... honest to God... where am I gonna find Ornate Detailing like this again?  LIKE NEVER, right?   Couple that with Perfect Patina and French Grey Paint... which goes so well with my Black pieces... insert me sighing heavily!  I almost wept to have to say Good-Bye to this piece without Claiming it as my own and dragging it back to our Lair!

You see... even tho' I'm not a Fan of Decorating our Home with White... I do have this 'Thing' for French Grey.  It goes so well with Black, Sepia and Natural Elements... so it's an Ideal Hue on my Palette Staple for Decorating our New Home.

And what I particularly Love about these Events... is that there isn't just a mere ONE of all the things that make my Heart Sing and my Pulse Race and are usually hard to come by.  No... there are always Several!!!   Like Killer Vintage Dress Forms...

If I wanted to add to my Vintage Dress Form Collection... this is Vintage Dress Form Heaven I tell ya... where they all must come to die and be Resurrected by their new Owners!  *Winks*  There were no less than five of them I J'Adored enough to Sell off some of my less Vintage ones and replace them with some of these!

And my Sweet and Talented Friend Michelle now has a much larger Primo Space at the Event to Showcase her Amazing Style and Inventory!   Michelle's Aesthetic is very similar to my own so I've often bought Treasures from her.   So Happy for you and your New Location at the Event my Friend, it looked Ahhhmazing... and so did you!!!

In fact, so many zealous shoppers swarming Michelle's Vignettes it was difficult for me to get the Panoramic shots I wanted to Share with you of them.   You see, I arrived late to this Show... about an hour late in fact... yeah, bummer... a lot was already unfoofed and heading to the registers!

LOVED Michelle's Statuary Busts... OMG, any one or ALL of them could have moved in with us here at New Villa Boheme'!  *Smiles*

I actually walked around and did my Recon before even choosing a single item though... determined I was to Curate well and not give in to every Temptation or Whim that tickled my Fancy... and my Fancy was really being tickled lemme tell ya!  *Smiles*

Vignettes like this just get the Garden Shed Fantasies activated!!!  And I don't even have a Garden Shed or any Outbuildings anymore!  Yes... I Miss that... Acreage does have it's perks... but I've got so much Less to Care for now that I have no regrets.

Well... mebbe ONE... that the Old Homestead hadn't already Sold so that I'd have ample budget for feathering this New Nest how I envision it and when I don't wanna pass up something beyond Awesome due to financial constraints!  *LOL*

And I just hafta show you this Awesome endless Vintage Commercial Cabinetry Piece... belongs to my Friend Brett and this is only HALF of it... he's kept the other half!  Yowsah... it goes on FOREVER, even with only half of it... the whole thing when put together stretches on seemingly past infinity!  You'd need a Panoramic lens to capture it all!

In fact, part of it was even in the Warehouse section too... just that gargantuan it was!  Can you only Imagine having this much Studio Storage??!??!??  Yeah, that's what I said!

But I did pick up some Studio Storage... only not quite that Grandiose! *LOL*  See this great Vintage Herborist Drawer in original Black with hand painted Label in Red and Gold that says Fennel Seed?  Got it.

In fact there were six of them and tho' I would have Loved to have bought them all... I had to settle for three... ah... decisions decisions!  *Le Sigh*  I did get this Licorice Ext. one too...

And tho' I Liked the Pr. Ash Berries one it had some condition issues... so reluctantly I had to choose a different one...

So I ended up with Quassia Chips instead to round out the trio I was coming Home with.  Yep... that's all I bought... such Restraint, huh?  But I was totally Jazzed with my choices and if any of the remaining ones didn't Sell and are offered up at next Month's Event I'd like to get more.  Alas, you know how it is when you're Admiring something, someone notices and then they think they want one too... and I think the Lady scooped one of the six up this Show!  *Le Sigh*   I'm not good at feigning disinterest to throw others off tho', are you? *LOL*

I hardly notice what others are Lusting after actually because I'm so into my own bubble I barely notice if they're noticing what I'm clearly Fixated upon!  *Ha ha ha*  So it's usually too late by the time my Interest has now piqued their Interest... I gotta get better at that!  *Winks* And why is that anyway, that something can go virtually ignored and unnoticed until YOU start finding it Attractive and then all of a sudden others now want it?  I don't get it!??!??!

Anyway, I got a trio at least... and managed not to be unduly Tempted by many other things that definitely I would have Loved to have Scored... like this Gilded Ornate French Garden Style Settee with striped Fabric Seat and Wonderful Burlap Back.  I think it Sold shortly after I photographed it... not Surprised... Eye-Catching piece, knew it wouldn't last! 

Well... I do Hope you'll come back for Part II... whenever I get around to staying inside and Creating the Post that is?  *LOL*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Glad your enjoying the great outdoors! Lots of neat stuff at this show like always!

  2. Your friends sure have a way with casual display. So liking the prints stuck in the small boxes on the wall---certainly something that could go in anyone's decor. Think I might try a grouping like that on a fence in the back yard...with a plant stuck in each one.

    Very cool ideas...and the bins are great...I'm afraid, I would have snagged them all! Thanks for the green tour, Sandi


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