Wednesday, March 30, 2016

No More Trepidation... Try It Again!

So as many of you already know I've had Taxidermy laying about all over the floors of New Villa Boheme' for many Months now and I Hate it.  But due to the unexpected incident involving poor little Dik-Dik being shaken off the wall and crashing down causing considerable condition issues, I've had serious trepidation of hanging it all up Safely!? The New Home looks so solid I forgot it's a New Build and not nearly as solid as my Century plus Old Home's walls used to be.  It vibrates as spring loaded doors slam shut!  Not noticeably of coarse... well... until something crashes down from it!

Even little Dik-Dik's previous Tiara was all mangled from the big fall... and a major Restoration Surgery had to take place with E-6000 to repair and reconstruct her little Horns and attempt to repair a seriously damaged Ear.  I was devastated when it happened, I Love my Taxidermy Specimens a lot.  Repairing her was a Labor of Love on my part, not Perfect, but at least presentable enough I wasn't crying anymore when I looked at her!  Nobody likes something or someone they Love being disfigured or beyond being made whole again... it's never the same after a serious accident.

Having gone thru The Man's catastrophic accident and serious injuries and him never being able to be the same again, well, I just can't handle too many more of that sort of thing, even if it's an inanimate object I Love rather than a Beloved Person!   I know that comparison might seem weird, but it just triggers something in me when anything or anyone that cannot be replaced sustains serious injury and will never be the same again.  So getting over my trepidation and having the courage about hanging her back up today was a Big Deal for me.

Other Taxidermy has been Styled around the Home earlier just because they're hanging on Old Doors and not the Walls so they're not subject to any potential vibration issues.  But there are some of my larger Specimens that I had a Vision for hanging up in my Niche Archways on the Walls, so I didn't want to compromise the Vision out of Fear and trepidation inhibiting me.  I want my New Home a certain kind of way and to make it Feel like Home and look right I Needed my Taxidermy Lovelies off the floors and where they should be!!!  I was tired of offering explanations as to why there were so many Dead Heads all over the floors of our New Home like there had been a Taxidermy Massacre of sorts!  *Smiles*

I'd consulted numerous Taxidermy hanging Experts and there's no Magic to it, a big ole screw should do the trick even for something as massive as a Buffalo Head they said... and yet I hesitated to risk it again and kept putting it off worried of another incident occurring!?  I mean everything else was coming together Style Wise and looking so Nice and like a Home and I'd be Pleased with how our New Home was looking...

And then I'd walk into the informal Dining Room to the scene of the apparent Taxidermy Massacre sights of scenes such as this!!!!!!!!!!!

And that...

And this!!!!!  I wasn't sure if it looked more like they'd overindulged and passed out from turning it up too much at an Epic Party... or been Murdered while Celebrating?  *Bwahaha!*  Either way tho', it wasn't a Pretty sight to behold each day as I walked thru that room!  It was a reminder of something I wanted Done and was still fearful of trying again!  I couldn't bear for any of my Quartet awaiting placement to suffer another damaging fall off the Wall!

I was rather paralyzed by the trepidation actually... but Today I felt like we just had to take Action and try it again because I couldn't stand them all on the floor for almost a year now!  We began with little Dik-Dik since she's the lightest, I even put a lighter replacement Tiara upon her head, like that was really gonna make a difference!  *Bwahahahaha!*  But you start taking ridiculous precautions like that when you're fearful!

The Good News is that while looking for said replacement Tiara I discovered the Lost Ukrainian Egg Collection I hadn't been able to locate before Easter!  *Smiles*  Yeah, me the Treasure Hunter can't find hardly anything that is still packed or was squirreled away hastily as we Moved over!  *Smiles*  I'm locating most things anymore by complete Serendipity and Chance!

Okay, so Easter only just passed so I put them out anyway to Enjoy them for a little while and not have to wait another whole year.  Just because most Holiday Decor is lingering long past it's Holiday around here so what does it matter?   I mean, I still have some lingering remnants of Christmas and Valentine's Day that aren't bothering me enough to put back into Storage!   So what's a few extra Easter remnants that look Pretty laying about... besides, we're just now getting around to getting the Taxidermy off the floor after over Eight Months!  *LMAO*

Stuff just isn't bothering me quite like it used to I guess... not that the OCD is getting any better really.  *Winks*  But that after such an Epic Move and Life Change which involved such a lot, I'm mellowing just enough that things can just wait a while until I can get around to it and muster sufficient motivation... that's Progress for me.   Not Progress in the context that things don't stack up like they used to before, which is very Nice not to have so many undone Projects and piles mind you... but Progress in that what is stacked up and piled about awaiting attention no longer makes me quite so Cray-Cray!  *LOL*

I can now walk past something not yet done and not lose my Mind about it so much.  Or leave it up for a while longer without having that not so quiet conversation in my Head about you really should be putting that away already because the Season has passed!  *Winks*  I'm liking that I'm more laid back and not quite so obsessed... the Family definitely is Enjoying that new Incarnation of me.  *Winks*

Things can co-exist without an immediate intervention by Yours Truly I'm finding... because for most people it really doesn't even matter and they truly don't even Notice!   Well... unless they're more like me they don't anyway?!  *Bwahahaha!*    And even when I fail at something like Taxidermy hanging I'm slowly getting over the trepidation of trying it again... without waiting for someone else to step in and do it for me.  Because my Patience factor still needs a lot of Work for waiting upon Help to do stuff, I ain't gonna lie!  *Ha ha ha*

Though having to wait it out can have it's just rewards as well.  I waited years to find a Vintage Cloche that would fit over my Piranha Vignette and finally did find the right one with perfect dimensions.   But tolerating having him uncovered and in place and having Dead Heads just laying all over the floor of the house is two different things altogether on my Tolerance and Waiting Meter!  *Winks*  Eight plus Months waiting has been excruciating in the realm of Taxidermy on my floors!

Not that having Dead Stuff all over our Home is a problem nor an Issue for us Addams Family Types that kinda dig the Postmortem Collectibles, Macabre Style and Cabinet of Curiosities Vibe... but for anyone with OCD Placement is EVERYTHING, no matter what it is!  *LOL*  And by the way, I picked up this Awesome Book on Postmortem Collectibles at our Antique Mall for a mere two bucks and it's a great addition to my Cabinet Of Curiosities and Library!  If you are a total Book Geek like myself our Mall is a great place to Source them in fact, Book Store retail prices are in the stratosphere now.

I'll be Sharing our completed Project of Taxidermy hanging when we get it all done.  We're presently checking vibration levels as we close doors and learning how to use his Stud Finder Tool again since he forgot, after the accident, how to utilize a lot of his tools and I'm utterly Tool Use Challenged.   I mean I'm the Gal that will hammer in nails with an Ice-Cream Scoop and drive a Man Crazy with my misuse and ignorance of Toolage, what can I say it must be a Guy OCD Thing?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Amazing! Taxidermy brings animals back to their previous selves.

  2. Congratulations on getting at it! You will feel such a sense of accomplishment when you get done!


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