Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My First Time

I was an Estate Sale Virgin... yep, it's True... the fact I was Virginal about anything at this Season of Life is in and of itself rather a shocker. *Winks*  And by my very Nature of being a Pathological Treasure Hunter and Incurable Collector makes it all the more unbelievable that I'd never been to one, right?  *Smiles*   I mean every Hard Core Lover of everything Old and Collectible had told me it was typically the Motherlode of Hunting Grounds and Discovering the Good Stuff that others had Hoarded up during their Lifetimes and didn't part with for Love nor Money!

And therein was my Aversion to them actually... as I viewed Estate Sales as the ultimate intrusion upon the Beloved Stashes accumulated over a Lifetime of the Dearly Departed.   Where their most Coveted Possessions, Collections and Found Treasures were now up for grabs with complete Strangers traipsing into their Hallowed Grounds where it was all Hoarded up and previously protected, vying for it like circling Vultures or troops of Hyenas after something has died!   I just wasn't sure how some of the Dearly Departed might have received that fact when they were on this side of Time and Eternity... nevermind the Other Side... what would happen to their Stuff once they were gone?!?

I was raised by very Superstitious People from very Superstitious Cultures that think about such things as Curses, bad Mojo or Karma from doing something that could create ire from those in the Afterlife.  Especially when it comes to their most Cherished Stuff they couldn't take along with them and be buried with... but is still in their Vaults, their Homes... mebbe even just as they left it before crossing the Veil.  I can't help myself about shaking some of the Superstitious Beliefs that it needs to be Okay before I'm touching it or going there!?   I mean we've all heard about the Curses of the Pharaohs and stuff of Legends like that when their Stuff got touched or carted off!  *Shudder!* 


So it probably helped that my Friend Brett wasn't dead and actually extended an Invitation for me to come to his Estate Sale that week, even a day before it actually was Open to the Public, so I could 'Score' some REALLY Good Stuff!  *Whew and LOL*  Yeah, I had the Blessings of the person it all belonged to, that lifted the weight of any Bad Estate Sale Mojo or Curses coming Home with me and attached to any Treasures I dragged Home to my Lair.  I'd be Negotiating with the still Alive Owner of these Choice Treasures for the transfer of Ownership of it all... I was Good with that and decided to accept the Invitation.  *Smiles*

So Yes, Brett was my First Time.  *Winks*   I was now officially no longer an Estate Sale Virgin!  *LOL*   And actually made to feel Comfortable with perhaps attending them regularly once it was explained by those coordinating it with him on how exactly it all generally works, whether the contents of it are from a Living Estate or from one that belonged to the Dearly Departed.   The Respect level was intact and perhaps I could manage to get past my Feeling of being so Intrusive entering the Homes of others who might not still be vertical in Future Estate Sales... I'm not entirely sure yet, but I'm more Open to it now that I've crossed the threshold once.

My Friend Pauline 'Ranch Barbi' came with me... she and her Son had come over to the new house for a visit that day... and since Brett's house isn't far away and she used to actually set up Estate Sales I felt she'd be a Great Estate Sale Partner to go with on my Virgin Voyage navigating how they are actually set up to be.   It's also always much more Fun to have a Pickin' Partner anytime, more sets of Eyes and an Objective Opinion about potential Purchases.  Her Son and Princess T are about the same age and get along fabulously so they came along to Bird Dog... Kiddos are always great Scouts for Treasures, eyes like Rats they have and they're closer to the ground... and Cute, never discount the Cuteness Factor they bring to the table during Negotiations!  *Smiles*

And I knew that with a Big Move about to happen, my Friend Brett was in the same predicament I'd recently been in myself... where he was relieved to unload and downsize to make Moving and a big Life Change less burdensome... so initially I'd come to offer Morale Support more than anything.   Lord how I know what a daunting task it is to pick up and Move, how overwhelming and stressful it can be to look at it all in the beginning and almost faint from the prospect of transference of all that Stuff, no matter how Beloved any of it is, either to a new Location or to pass it along and Sell it off!   He looked on that first day like I remember Feeling on many days I was going thru it... totally overwhelmed and stressed out!

I came back on one of the last days of it just to see how he was faring and he had unloaded a lot and seemed much more relaxed.  Though neither of us knew how people who do this for a Living manage it... because the Crowds that Estate Sales draw are Intense Treasure Hunters!  *LOL*   Yeah, they're the Variety that show up at Sunup and still be showing up at Sundown Types... so dedicated to gleaning Unique Treasures most of them are!!!  Just the Words Estate Sale is like putting a drop of blood in the Ocean and watching the Sharks materialize for a feeding frenzy!  I know, I held one after my Dad had Crossed Over... and which is why when Mom had to move to a Nursing Home my Brother and I opted NOT to hold one to dispose of the contents of her Apartment!  I don't know that I'll ever do a Living Estate Sale with my Stuff, I doubt I could handle it?!  Let it be known now that my Loved Ones are free to after I'm dead, they have my Blessings... and you all know who to call first since 'Ranch Barbi' has now seen the Secret Stashes!  *LOL*

But it is indeed a great way to find the right Buyers for Cherished Objects that have Value, so I'm not opposed to them, I'd just never opted to be a Participant of one as a Buyer until this First Time's particular circumstances which didn't leave me Feeling totally Creeped Out.  *Smiles*   Brett not being dead and all... and extending the Invitation gave me a total Peace about going hard for what I wanted to 'Score' and not having any qualms about the potential Wrath of anyone in the Afterlife that owned it and might still have some Attachment to it?!  *Ha ha ha*   I didn't need any Hauntings in this New House... we'd dealt with enough of that having lived in a Historic Home filled with Spirit!  *LOL*  Now to talk about the 'Scores' and my Haul... like this Vintage Metal Basket in a great Sea Foam Green Hue and splendid Storage for my Fabric Stashes.

So as you can clearly see by the Imagery I'm Sharing in Today's Post, I done Good... REAL Good and got Great Deals, so Thank You profusely Brett, you knew it was all going to a Good Home and into my Personal Collections!   My Fav 'Score' of coarse was the huge Antique Gypsy Carnival Midway Roulette Wheel... if I'd only come away with that my Day was Made lemme tell ya, I've been Jonesin' for one a long time to add to my Vintage Carny Collections!  *Smiles*  Princess T spotted this Vintage Carnival Kitsch Scotty Dog... a great accoutrement to the Carnival Roulette Wheel since I remember Winning Kitsch like that by spinning those Wheels at the small Gypsy Carnivals in Europe. 

The very first Images were of the Vintage Show Ribbon Bunting Banners I scored.  I Love Vintage and Antique Show and Award Presentation Ribbons... so absolutely Loved the Idea of them being made into Bunting Style Banners attached to Seam Binding, which is another Epic Love of mine.  *And all my Friends are LOL right now about that well known Confession and Obsession*  Put Seam Binding on virtually anything and I'm drawn to it immediately.   So are Antique Fabrics... so this Fabulous Antique European Grain Sack Bolster also came Home with me.

It's the Real Deal, Quality Linen and Enormous, with great Repairs done over Time to extend the Life of it when it was being used for it's Original Purpose.  It's those Boro elements to Vintage and Antique Fabrics that really Appeal to me and add to the Appeal and Provenance.  The patching up and giving New Life to damaged Fabrics is an Art Form I've Adored for years and adds to the Story and History of the pieces so Lovingly repaired with rags and patches of similar Style Fabrics and then hand sewn with equally Lovely Stitching elements to strengthen the Fabrics where damage occurred and make them useful again.  This Bolster has several Lovely areas of Boro on both sides and that great Red Striping down the Center on both sides as well.

Also in Images earlier in the Post is a Great Antique Still Life Print I scored... I have a Passion for Good Art. I also got this Sweet piece Created with Ephemera, Vintage Millinery and an Antique Photo of a Sweet Baby.   I'm a total Sucka of this kind of thing, the Artist in me Appreciates the Labor of Love it is to Create such Lovely Mixed Media Art.   And along with some Rollerblades and Toys I picked up for The G-Kid Force, since both of them attended with me the second visit, it was a very Successful First Time Estate Saling.  Yes... I could probably... No... definitely get used to attending these things... just so long as I bring my Talismans and ward off any upset Spirit attached to any of their left behind Treasures being carted off by us fellow Treasure Lovers?  *Bwahahaha!*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I'm with you on avoiding estate sales...if it is advertised as such, I may go...but am very hesitant in purchasing something. I have though become attached to the persona/spirit of a person at one garage sale. The woman's style, size, age, and personality were apparently similar to mine. I happily purchased clothes, canning jars, a chair, pictures and a huge stuffed toy cat----aptly named 'fatcat', who travels my house and takes his place, wherever. She had been a happy, artistic person--I'm sure she is delighted that I treasure her treasures.

    I also worked at an Antique mall with over 300+ dealers. And sometimes the karma/spirit that rode in with certain items was palpable. I remember the manager actually asked a dealer to remove a ouija board---a really old one...probably turn of the century. It just creeped people out, dealers and buyers.

    The mall has actully been featured on one of the paranormal TV programs, as there are several 'resident'ghosts, one a child. But that is another story, lol. Security cameras have actually caught items being 'thrown' off shelves.

    Great catches, and down-sizing can be a good thing. Thanks, Sandi

    1. Oh Sandi what a great back story to the Antique Mall you were a Vendor at... and yes, I agree, Spirit attachments to places and inanimate objects are rather common and though I co-exist with Spirit very well, the Nature of such Spirit Attachments has to be Positive and not Negative Energy for me to want to invite it into our Home with whatever objects come across the threshold. Spirits at the old Homestead weren't menacing, but some people do get very creeped out about any evidence of such activities so in a retail setting especially it is prudent to ensure Good Energy prevails to make buyers comfortable with purchases and shopping there. I guess the main reason Estate Sales were offputting to me is I didn't know but that the Homes would look JUST like they did when the Person was still living and was kind of a last moment frozen in time... now I know it's typically not and staged for the Estate Sale so it looks less intrusive I'm more comfortable. And many heirs are the beneficiaries of the disposal of the Estate and I'm certain their Loved Ones would want to prosper those they left behind, I know I would still be wanting to make any provision from beyond that could make Life better for them after my departure. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Glad your first Estate Sale was a good experience! That old Bolster is outstanding! Good for you!


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