Sunday, March 6, 2016

Melrose Street Fair 2016

Melrose Street Fair 2016... Entertainment, Fab Food Trucks, Fun, Artists and Vendors as far as the eye could see up and down 7th Avenue in the Melrose District!  I almost missed it since I'd agreed to work an extra shift Saturday Night... so I had to do the Power walk thru it all and couldn't spend nearly as much time there as I would have liked to have... bummer!

The amount of Vendors there this year was impressive though and it seems to grow larger every year.  So I Wish I had more time to peruse them all and know I missed a lot since I was focused on a few Favorite Vendors who are Friends of mine as time was of the essence and I was on a Mission to procure particular items before I had to leave for Work.

Of coarse I had to stop by DOS FANNIES Booth and admire the stunning Creations of their Spring Line!

It is always a treat to visit with Friends I don't get to see that often except at the Shows and Events... so good to see and talk to you again my Friend!

The Cuff Bracelet Creations were among my very Favorites of the Spring Line!  But Bracelets this day were not on my Mission Statement... I was a Woman on a Mission after all since I knew a particular Vendor would be there again and have what I've been anxiously waiting to add to Villa Boheme'!

I'm speaking of coarse of Chris of UBER CHIC HOME and the mid-sized European Demijohn trio I wanted to 'score' for sure during my Pilgrimage to the Fair this year!   Fresh from Europe there were Demijohns of just the Perfect dimensions I was seeking from France, Italy and Belgium so I got one from each Country in three different Colors!   Yep, the Green one in the Center is now mine!

And the Aqua one in the back on the Left... mine now too!  Eventually the trio will grace a Vintage Industrial Sofa Table behind our Love Seat and in front of our bank of Windows looking out into the back Yard so that they can catch the Light streaming in and hold Organic Branch Floral Displays and Peacock Feathers.

And this Clear one is mine as well, which I had to Photograph at Home because I neglected to Photograph it as I spied it at the Event.   It is the French one... but I cannot recall which of the other two is the Italian one and the Belgian one?  I want to say the Green one was Tuscan... and the Aqua one Belgian, but not for sure?  I had the distinct Pleasure of meeting Chris' Dad and negotiating with him for my Precious Cargo. Thanks for hooking me up and it was so Nice to meet you... so Great to see a Father and Son, both Wonderful People, working together and Sharing a Passion for the Love of Old.

In fact the trio came Home with me buckled into seat belts in the back seat like precious Triplets!  *Ha ha ha*   Which is also the reason I came alone to the Event because had I brought an entourage there would have been no room for the Demijohn Mission!  *Smiles*  Don't worry, I took them all out to eat at a Fav Buffet when I got Home and before I left for Work.

Had I had a healthier Bank balance right now I would have scored several European Vintage Grain Sack Linens as well... but that will have to wait for the next Event I see Chris at.   I've bought most of my Vintage Grain Sack Linens from him in the past and am slowly building up a Hoard since I Plan to upholster some Chairs with the Fabric and Create some more Pillows, Curtains and Messenger Style Gypsy Bags as well.   

You cannot even Imagine how difficult it was to walk away without some tho' since the Prices are always such a Great Deal and the Selection is Fantastic!  *Le Sigh*

But that is why when Chris comes to Town I could do some serious damage to the Bank account and try to Save up to score at least the Primary Focus Treasures I wanted from Europe.   This trip of coarse was about the Demijohns and I didn't stray from my Mission Statement... Mission Accomplished!  Not that there weren't some of the Huge sized ones I wasn't Lusting after mind you!

The huge one I do have I picked up last time Chris was in Town... and now that I'm Styling with Vintage Tuscan in Mind to lend itself to the Architecture of our new Tuscan Style Villa, I might just have to have a few more scattered around eventually.  *Winks*

Chris' Dad was so Funny and has such a Great Salesman's Pitch, when I was choosing we were having trouble finding the 3rd Demijohn I liked.  I'd already chosen the Aqua and Green ones but told him I don't like even numbers and wanted a trio.   When we finally found the 3rd one he asked if I was sure I didn't want FIVE instead... a much more Grandiose Odd Number to Display?  *LOL*

And I am Loving the Harvest Tables they brought back, tho' I don't need another one I can still Appreciate these, which are difficult to find here in America anymore.    And the Storage Seating Benches too are Lovely, many Styled with Indian Blankets or Batik Blankets if European Grain Sack upholstery isn't your Thing.

Love the Styling and the Function of them, and one would go great in The Young Prince's Spaces upstairs for Storage and Seating so I might talk him into choosing something like this that I could Live with after he's done with it. *Smiles*

And if you just needed the Bench Cushion... or wanted a different Style Cushion on the Bench you were buying... well, they had those too and a Great Selection to choose from.   Well my Friends... next Post will take you into my Friend Shelly's Shop to Reveal what else I scored during the Fair!

So be sure to come back again with me!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Congratulations on your 3 new Demijohns. How striking they will be also with branches, grasses and etc!

  2. great snag on the glass....and I can see them now----Sandi


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