Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Incarnations And Trying On A New Persona

Any time I make a big Life Change I feel it's rather a Fresh Incarnation of myself and I get the chance to think of becoming a different person and trying on a new Persona.  Maybe I didn't want to be a Maximalist anymore?  Simplify seemed to be the Word I felt that I could embody and embrace fully in this New version of myself.  Exploring the possibilities of allowing Stuff to fall away and the Focus to become more Organic.

I rather liked the Idea of a New Beginning somewhere else becoming a Metamorphosis of myself as well, because I've done it often in my Nomadic Lifestyle days.  I've always been a firm Believer that we evolve constantly and it's almost like a series of Lifetimes spent here on Earth as the Changes occur and Priorities shift.

I'm starting out in our New Dream Villa thinking I could be another person quite easily, since so many internal Changes are occurring simply due to the Environment being so different than any place before this one.   When we often lived Internationally I had a lot of Fun with my American Woman Abroad Incarnations actually as we Embraced each New Country and it's Culture, Lifestyle and Styles.

The complete Metamorphosis for me has many Stages though, it's not instantaneous, but it is noticeable and I've been quite Introspective about it lately and rather excited about who I'm becoming NOW?   Haven't you ever just found yourself in an Environment of any sort and just felt this Connection that Yes, I could and even WANT to Live like this and move in that direction accordingly because it Appeals to Inner Me so well? 

I've often Noticed it in the most Unusual of places actually... especially if I enter a particular Store or Shop, Neighborhood or Location and it just Feels so RIGHT!  I Feel so at Home in that particular Environment even if it's the first time there.  Often since it doesn't even look like the Environment I might have just come from or surrounds me daily it gives me pause for thought.  About drastic Change Exploration... of trying on a New Persona and doing something completely different... a new Incarnation of Self.  I'm at such a juncture now and it's exhilarating!

Many of my Passions will Abide of coarse... but they will be Refined now to the New way of Being.  The New Existence that is not only paring down and allowing Stuff to fall away gradually as a detachment takes place, but to Add only what Feels Right for the here and Now and towards the different Attractions, which are becoming more Profound.

Because nothing IS the same Here... and it actuality, neither am I.  Because it is Transforming me and I'm so Enjoying that Process as the Metamorphosis takes place and a Fresh Incarnation of myself emerges!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. You've got me guessing what the new changes might be!

  2. Your post today totally resonated with me so l just wanted to pop in and let you know that:-) l agree with you Dawn that we are constantly evolving, and who we are today may not be who we are or want to be tomorrow, since every day we live alters us in some way. l was interested to hear that you've lived overseas a lot, which is not something most people get to experience...it'd make a great blog post sometime:-)

  3. We are not one person because with time, we grow and change.


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