Tuesday, March 8, 2016

In Search Of Sacred Hearts

Okay, so I wasn't actually in search of Sacred Hearts, but my Friend Katie's Spring Line from SACRED HEART STUDIO had Created some Amazing Ex Voto Sacred Heart Necklaces and so I bought the pair shown above as an early Anniversary Present since that is coming up in ten days.   The Man always prefers for me to pick out something I want so that he doesn't have to guess... or shop... LOL.

We've been Married so long now The Man would have served less Time for Murder!  *Smiles*   At least that's our running Joke since this Family always enjoys Dark Humor.  I don't really know what we'll do for our Anniversary this year, the Trip back to Hawaii for a second Honeymoon is premature right now to Plan out 'til the Old Homestead Sells.  *Ha ha ha*   We were supposed to have done that a few years ago on a Silver Anniversary but that turned out to be a catastrophic year for him health-wise so we nixed it.

But as long as I get Nice pressies I don't mind so much.  *Winks*  Besides, right now we'd still have a Young Entourage in tow and that wouldn't be much of a Second Honeymoon now would it?   There would be Trouble in Paradise no doubt!?!??!!  *LOL*

I enjoyed visiting my Friend's Boutique and Shops this past weekend without having an Entourage in tow and so I could linger and just have some Me Time, which was rather a Present to Self.  *Winks*

I don't like to feel rushed thru my Enjoyable Day and going Solo means I can move thru the day at my own pace... slowly... without being rushed... even tho' I did have to Work that Evening so I couldn't linger as long as I would have liked to anywhere that particular day.

The commute into the City is a bit longer now that I'm living further out where it's unincorporated with Pristine Desert and Views, but the Trade-Off was well worth it to us.  No, there is no shopping close by, but I haven't minded that either, oddly enough I've always been more comfortable just on the outskirts of a Major City and Enjoying the best of both Worlds.

We've always preferred to live slightly more Rural since waking up each day surrounded by Nature and the Peace, Quiet and Fresh Air is preferable to us... not to mention the lack of Inner City Issues is nothing at all that I miss one iota.   And naturally living somewhat further out you get so much more bang for your buck on Real Estate and get much more house for far less per square foot... and that's always a major consideration when you're of the ilk that insists on a Deal.  *Winks*

The Retired Corporate Officer Banker in me, who specialized in Real Property, just refuses to overpay for it... no matter what the pitch happened to be as to why certain Real Estate is priced too high but allegedly so worth it.  *LOL*  Anyways, if you get a Deal on your Home and your terms then you have more $$$ to PLAY with for Heaven's Sake... and I see no downside to that, do you?!  *Winks*

Here's one of my Necklaces as it was being Modeled by it's Awesome Mannequin Gal in Katie's Boutique.  I also Lust after Katie's Display Mannequins, they are swoon worthy and Display her Line so Beautifully!

Throughout the Shop at RUST AND ROSES and it's Sister Store SIRENS AND SAINTS there are a wealth of Boutique items, Accessories, Fashion, Pillows, Linens and Jewelry.

So if like me, you Enjoy Fashion a lot... well, you're gonna Enjoy the Inventory tremendously and be Tempted at every turn!  Unfortunately for me I don't expand my Wardrobe very often on account of having to continuously expand the Wardrobe of The Force since they're both always growing like weeds.  They outgrow everything just about every quarter and we're coming up to needing to replace over half their Wardrobe again!  *Le Sigh* 

So Anniversary or not, I had to Restrain myself... but I am Pleased with the two Necklaces chosen and they were a great price for OOAK Custom Creations.   I was also Loving this Tintype Necklace Katie Created.

And of coarse the Wardrobe is sublime and many in Real Woman Sizes so I know I can find something that actually fits and is Fashionable for us Bigger than a Size Six Gals!  *Whew!*

And we're not done with our Outing yet, it was quite a Fun Weekend and I have a few more Posts that will Share the Experience with you all... so be sure to come back again...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Such Beautiful Jewelry and Clothes! The 2 necklace choices are OUTSTANDING! Congratulations on choices and Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! And thanks again for the great photos and support.

  3. The Sacred Heart necklaces really speak to me. Wonderful photos, as usual.

  4. Nummy, nummy....careening around here through the dust/debris of the remodel...I so need to do some 'real' girl create time---and I know I have goodies to assemble like those...awesome choices...

    Happy Anniversary and many more! Sandi

  5. Happy Anniversary in six? seven? days, Dawn! Math was never my strong suit. ;)


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