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Easter Weekend And A Scenic Drive

It's Easter Weekend and since The Young Prince will be spending it with his Paternal side of the Family, I have been nominated by default, along with The Man, to hide her gazillion Plastic Eggs for the big Easter Egg Hunt Tomorrow!  *LOL*

Thankfully she opted to only have them hidden on the Ground Level Inside... well, unless she changes her Mind, which she's been known to do.  *Smiles*   The Young Prince will be assisting his Dad's side of the Family in hiding Eggs for his little Brother and the Cousins, so he didn't get out of being an Egg Hider.  *LOL*

We've been Invited to attend the Easter Festivities at his other Gramma's house, but we'll have to see how The Man feels about it since larger gatherings with numerous small Children can be a bit much for him to handle anymore without Anxiety elevating.  I'm looking forward to a Quieter and more Relaxing Easter myself actually since we're not Hosting extended Family this year.

I do Love Family Gatherings during the Holidays and Holy Days, but as the Family expands it can be a lot of people and a lot of work to coordinate Celebrating Together.   So every once in a while The Man and I opt for a Quiet and more Intimate Celebration.  Our Garden is in full bloom... tho' I don't have nearly as many Cacti and species as the Old Homestead's Mature Acreage Landscaping.  I do miss having a vast Botanical Private Garden, but it is a lot of Work too.

I'm thoroughly Enjoying less Work... though there are a few Projects laying about here at the New Villa Boheme', they are all Manageable.   You can even see one Crate of Stone Veneer in the background of this Image... which will eventually be Inner or Entry Courtyard Wall bound... I'm not sure yet... but I do have a vague Vision for what I want to do to 'Age' the Walls of the Courtyards to resemble Villa Ruins.

The Man wasn't really Feeling the Bold Caribbean Blue for Courtyard Walls.  When I mulled it over, I realized I would prefer the Walls to look like they'd been up a long time with a facade of History and Essence of Ruins, which we both like the look of a lot so there doesn't have to be any Compromises.

But Future Projects can wait... I'm on Project Hold right now to just Enjoy my New Home 'As Is' for our first Easter here.   The Candy Dishes have been filled up and emptied numerous times... but other than that I haven't knocked myself out with Decorating or Shopping for the Holiday.

What we already had was enough... I'm actually learning to Enjoy the Less is More Philosophy in our New Environment and Change of Lifestyle since the Big Move.  After having Culled, Edited and Purged a great deal of Stuff... Selling Off a considerable amount to Fund Outings, we're liking that kind of Change... and Doing more.

Most of the Treats are gone now... and everyone Enjoyed them tremendously... and Today after we dropped her Brother off Princess T and I went to Whole Foods for Lunch and to look at Floral Bouquets and just Window Shop at Fav Shops on the East Side of the City.  We weren't buying any Bouquets so far from Home, since it was a very Hot day and they might have wilted before we got Home, but we like to look at Cut Flowers as much as Decorate with them.

On particularly Pleasant and Glorious Days we also like to drive around with all the windows open, our hair blowing in the Wind, and look at Luxury Homes for Inspiration, especially for the Garden and to improve Facades.  Some are so Enchanting in their Architectural Styling, like something out of a Fairy Tale, especially in the Historic and exceedingly Affluent parts of the City that have Estates and Mansions!

We were unanimous in liking the Lookout Room above this Home's Garages... the Architecture was very similar to ours so I could Envision an addition like this one day in the back of the house but with a flat roof. 

This Villa was very expansive but what I liked particularly was the Entryway Facade into the Front Courtyard, with Tiled Dome, which you can't see the Tiling of in this Image very well, but it shone like Gold and the Tiles clearly had Gilding of some kind!   It too was very Mediterranean Style like our New Home, which I'm totally Enamored with Mediterranean Style inside and out now.

We liked the Juliet Balcony Railing on this one and the Stone Lions at the Entryway and Exterior Arched Window Architecture.   This was a New Build and not quite Established yet so the Landscaping was not finished, but it was a very large Mountainside Lot with a Magnificent Panoramic View of several Mountain Ranges.  Anyway, we don't Photograph many of them since we don't want to freak people out that live there.  *Ha ha ha*

I'm Glad that Princess T really Enjoys doing it as much as Grandpa and I do because The Young Prince thinks it's a totally boring and lame thing to do so we rarely do it with him in tow.  *LOL*   No... I do not want to drive around House Lurking with you guys is his usual response.  *Bwahahahaha!!!*   He could barely tolerate it when we were House Hunting and we decided firmly we were ready to Move and needed to look for a New Home!  *LOL*

He and I do our Bonding Time Together during Festivals or Fairs, which is really his Thing and mine too, so we usually leave Grandpa and his little Sister Home for those since their tolerance level is less for Festivals and Fairs.  *Smiles*  Each individual has their particular Interests and things they find Enjoyable to do during Free Time Together and I respect our differences that way.

I'm very Eclectic in my Interests and so the Family always says I'm the one that Enjoys just about anything and everything... I suppose that's True.   I find Enjoyment in doing most things actually, with few exceptions.   Also, since I rarely have very much Free Time or doing something with everyone one on one, I am more Open to any Adventure we might Dream up, however Simple or Extravagant.  

The Sweet Vintage Crazy Quilt Easter Bunny was Showroom bound for the Holidays, I got a fair amount of new Inventory priced and into the Showrooms before the Holiday Weekend because I actually had a couple of strong Sales weeks recently and needed to replenish stock.   *Yay!*  Though I Confess I didn't get a lot of Vintage Easter stockpiled in time so neither Showroom has much of a Holiday Theme this year.

And the great Vintage Paint by Number of the Last Supper was SUPPOSED to be Showroom bound too... but I have this 'Thing' and weakness for Vintage Paint by Numbers, especially if they're unframed... so it never made it there and graces our Home for Easter.  *LOL*   I had Sold a much larger one that was Framed and graced Old Bohemian Valhalla, so I felt Justified keeping this one to replace it.  *Winks*

One of the best parts of having Space at an Antique Mall is that you can rotate things in and out of Inventory and your Home constantly... while still Enjoying the Thrill of the Hunt without concern about keeping it all.  So sometimes I Pretend it's mine for just a little while before it heads to the Showrooms eventually.  Rarely does anything come back that hit the Showrooms.

Princess T loves that on these Glorious days of Spring she can be outside most of the time, mostly Rollerblading.  She should have legs on her like a Roller Derby Gal with how much that Kid skates daily!  *Smiles*

She particularly loves the steep incline of our lot in front going up the driveway so she can go like a bat out of hell down it and onto the sidewalk as fast as greased lightening, the speeds she can navigate effortlessly is impressive, I'd break my neck... or a hip!  *LOL*  In fact, she laments that Gramma and Grandpa can't go Rollerblading with she and her Brother like her Friend's Parents can and do.  One of the drawbacks of being raised by Old People!  *Le Sigh*

Well, this concludes my Pre-Easter Post my Friends... we'll spend Tomorrow in Celebration!  I do Hope yours will be a Memorable one as well?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Our Easter is different this year too1 After Church we will go in to Jason's Deli in the city and who ever is free can meet us there, may be just Maurice and I are as many as 7. Then we will go on over to Barnes & Noble while others go do their thing. Not even an Easter Egg Hunt! Nothing like the big family dinners here with 20-25 and Easter Egg Hunt in the afternoon with 4-7 kids!


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