Sunday, February 7, 2016

Throwing A Deadline Out The Window

I hate to give myself a Deadline for doing anything because just about the time I do, something will inevitably come up to cause me to throw it out the window!  *Le Sigh*   The Reclaimed Brick Recovery Project was no exception to this unfortunate Rule, so I don't even know why I bothered to give myself even a loose Deadline to complete it in?   But I did... and so Naturally a Crisis would hit to throw it back from being completed this Weekend as Planned!  *Sighing heavily*

Oh yes, I had Grandiose Plans of spending all day Saturday working on it since the Calendar for my weekend was Free to Devote to it and so I expected to complete the Project by Sunday.   So I get up early Saturday Morning ready to dive in... and the Call comes in... The Son was having a Medical Emergency!!!   The Daughter-In-Law was at Work and couldn't be reached... and he had the Youngest at Home so he didn't want to call for an Ambulance... so could Dad and I come?   Okay, we're on it... tho' the commute to their side of Town is significant and I worried all the way there.

The Son abhors Doctors or seeking Medical Attention so the fact he wanted to go had set off alarms in my head.   So when we arrived I stuck The Man in front of their big screen TV and told the Girls to play Minecraft on the TV in the other room and be Good for Grandpa, since I'd brought Princess T to keep Princess A company and so as not to worry or be preoccupied about the Emergency at hand.  The Young Prince was away for the Weekend at a Friend's Party  so I didn't have to worry about dragging him along and The Son's Teens were away for the weekend at Maternal Relatives so at least we weren't juggling Teenagers or leaving The Man with FIVE!  *Smiles*

So Saturday was pretty much spent at Urgent Care, but at least we got him stabilized as it was due to a Chronic Condition he's been battling for years now and which flares up randomly and responds well to certain treatments.   One of the main problems is that many Young Working Adults with Families often don't have affordable Health Care thru their Employers and along with Premiums being high, co-pays are often ridiculously high.   I covered his ridiculously high co-pay this time since he'd had significant Medical Expenses already with his Beloved and the Middle Child this Winter, so he was tapped out financially.

I know we're not the Lone Rangers sometimes having to assist our Adult Children with certain expenses that cannot be avoided and are desperately Needed.  Times they are a Changing alright, but not in the ways Promised, especially regarding Health Care in this Country for those who Work or those who Served their Country in the Military and allegedly had Earned Benefits for Medical Care which keep eroding!  I often want an Accountability for the Trillions of Dollars allegedly spent Reforming Health Care... but don't even get me started on that Hot Topic!   After all... this is the Month of Love... so I'll try to keep it Upbeat and avoid those discussions which would make my blood boil!  *Ha ha ha*

I was Fortunate that I'd had a pretty good two weeks at the Antique Mall selling off my excess of Treasures I'm Editing and Purging, so that paid for his Medical Emergency without creating any Financial Hardship and I was Grateful for that!  *Whew!*   But I did keep thinking of those Reclaimed Bricks I WASN'T getting to load and take to the New Property all day Saturday while I languished for Hours in an Urgent Care Facility!   *LOL*   It was a welcome Distraction to think upon that rather than what was going on with The Son and wondering what the Doctor would come out and tell me eventually?!?   The NOT knowing can be brutal when a Loved One is really ill and you don't know what the outcome will be?!??!?!

Love knows no bounds tho' and I was Okay with putting everything else I Needed to do on the back burner to take care of a Family Crisis... I just often Wish there weren't so many of them!   Family always comes First and we all know we can Count upon each other during a Crisis.   After we got back from Urgent Care we brought Pizza and Wings for the hungry crew at his house since we knew Grandpa wouldn't be cooking since the two younger Grand-Daughters are too young to Supervise him in the Kitchen and remind him of his Safety Prompts.  *Smiles*   And the DIL was relieved when she got Home from Work to know I'd talked him into going to seek Medical Attention, hold down the Fort in her absence and have Dinner ready when she came in.   So we had a nice visit as The Son conked out from the Meds they'd administered.  *LOL*

The DIL and I spent the day Together Today too with the younger Girls again since our Menfolk would be glued to the Super Bowl.  *Smiles*   We went 'Pickin' and I gleaned some more Found Treasures to Sell to recuperate from unforseen Medical Expenditures.   And Yes, I also got a load of Reclaimed Bricks moved over this Morning as well!  So I Felt quite Accomplished in spite of the Weekend not playing out quite like I'd Planned and the Deadline for the Brick Project is shot to Hell and will clearly take longer now... oh well...

Thankfully it's not as if I have a Deadline to Sell the Old Property so it will just have to remain Mine for a while longer as I get the remainder of those Reclaimed Bricks outta there.   I also Discovered an Old Salvaged Door I had completely Forgotten about in one of the Storage Outbuildings and hadn't Sold to Pickers, so that will also be Showroom Bound during the next load.   No Old Salvaged Door will be left behind either!  *Winks*

Yesterday was my Brother's Birthday, since he just had some Heart Surgery he wasn't able to be here like he'd Planned since he's not allowed to Travel yet.   We had Planned to Celebrate his Birthday here in Arizona and he was going to Cover the Renaissance Festival which began here on his Birthday, he typically does Press for the Festivals across the Country when he's Feeling Well enough to.   He had taken me to my very first Ren Faire last year and I was eager to go with him again this year, so it was disappointing to us all that he wasn't able to.   I do Plan to take the G-Kid Force, perhaps next Weekend if nothing else crops up?  

I've actually been Assisting Customers all Week at our Antique Mall who will be going to the Ren Faire and were seeking Vintage Costume Accessories for the Role they will play.  It is so much Fun to see everyone dressed in Renaissance Period Costumes and other Characters such as Pirates and Fairies when you go to the Festival.   I Enjoyed it so much last year, during my first ever Experience, that I can see why so many make Pilgrimages to attend them, I know I shall too from now on.

In fact, as the Weather just keeps getting better there are so many Outdoor Activities and Events to attend that we're spoiled for choice!!!   So there are some that we haven't been able to attend simply because they run concurrently with other Events.   I hate when that happens and Wish the various Events would be staggered so I could attend more of them without having to choose!

I didn't so much mind missing The Chocolate Festival that ran this Weekend because I don't eat Chocolate and Lord knows this crew didn't need to be on a Chocolate Blaze and begging me for more Valentine's Treats to devour!  *Winks*   I think they've already all consumed their Quota of Valentine's Day Chocolates!  *Smiles*

The squabble over who ate the last of the Valentine's Day wrapped Rollos just ended last Night as none of the trio wanted to Confess who had Bogart the very last of them and all claimed NOT to be the one!   So it shall remain ever a Mystery, tho' I have my Suspicions of who it was since the telltale evidence is usually sitting beside a certain someone's Recliner in little Pastel foil balls of empty packaging!  *LOL*   He who Forgets to Hide the evidence should be Grateful that I Spirit it away before his Grandchildren realize he's the culprit eating more than his fair share! *Winks*

Though to be sure a certain Young Prince will often stealthily sneak downstairs in the middle of the Night to partake if there are any left and look shocked and be totally Busted when he realizes... Oooops, Gramma is still up and caught me in The Act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   *Ha ha ha*   

And what is Gramma Dawn seeking for Valentine's Day?   Well... in True Form of not Desiring your Traditional kinda Romantic Gift for this Holiday I have my Eyes set upon a Lucite encased small Bat which also has an Articulated Bat Skeleton beside it in the Lucite!   Now... ain't that Romantic as Hell?!??  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

But it's what I Want and Hopefully it will still be left when our big Valentine's Day Sale is on at our Antique Mall?   We're having a 20% Off ALL Merchandise on Valentine's Day my Friends at THE BRASS ARMADILLO so be sure to come on down and pick out your Gifts as well!  

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. What a great Mum and Grandmum you are!
    I love that they feel happy to ring you in a crisis.
    A shame the bricks had to languish, but it will all happen eventually!
    So funny that they've eaten all the valentine's chocolate before valentine's day :-)
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Awww Thanks for the Sweet and Encouraging Words. Now that the Crisis are behind me I'm back to slogging away at the Brick Project. *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian


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