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Sweet Salvage ~ Rustic Luxe ~ Part I

I'm gonna try not to go too long on the Story Line Today, since I'll be doing more than a single Post of this Month's "Rustic Luxe" Event at SWEET SALVAGE.   *Smiles, I know, who am I kiddin' right?*  Truth is though that I almost didn't go, so burnt out from Yesterday's lines and crowds at Social Security... could I handle more lines and crowds I Wondered?  The Man encouraged me to go even though it was his Birthday, reminding me that this would be FUN lines and crowds, so I really should go.   Well, you don't have to threaten me with a good time... so off I went.   As it was I was standing in my checkout line behind none other than Tim Holtz, Mario and Friends!

Source: Via Sweet Salvage Facebook

Yes, you never know who might just show up to the Event and shop right alongside you!   Yeah, that's just how Awesome the Inventory and Inspiration is my Friends... Tim was on his way to the Airport for a flight to London but couldn't resist making a pit stop here first!   *Smiles*   And yes, he came away with some Found Treasures... as did we all... how could you NOT?!

And I arrived knowing in advance that I'd be unduly Tempted this particular show... since Rustic AND Luxe Together... well... yeah, what can I say?    I almost sprung on the Vintage 4th Graders Entomology Project... when I think that Princess T is exactly that Age and Grade I was duly Impressed with this 4th Grader's School Science Project, well done!   And I also liked that the provenance of the piece was written on the back.

But I Resisted only because my Cache of Found Treasures was already piling up in the back... this being among the very first acquisitions Created by my Talented Designer Friend Michelle... Antler Mount in full Velvet and Gypsy Bling Pimped Out... PERFECT for New Villa Boheme'!!!

This is how I first Laid eyes upon it and just out of frame is my hand holding onto said left side Antler as I snapped the Image just so that it was obvious I had clearly Claimed rights to it... Possession being nine-tenths of the Law and all that!  *Winks*  In a Shopping Frenzy of other Eager Treasure Hunters snatching Awesomeness up this is an Important thing to remember because just pointing your Camera at something won't necessarily lay Claim to it!  *LOL*   I was not allowing this one to go Home with anyone else... no way!   Okay, so as Quirky as I am perhaps that wasn't such an eminent threat, but you never know?  *Bwahahaha!*

There was this gorgeous pair of triple handled Loving Cups... and if the dreaded Budget wasn't so tight right now... at least one probably would have come Home with me too... but alas, not Today.

But I did 'Score' this Ornate Pitcher on the Right because it was so inexpensive and Perfect for a Project I have in Mind that I would have Hated myself if I'd Passed on it!

Once I'd done a fast Recon of everything, and snapped some nearly Pristine Vignette Images, well, then I could Relax a bit and Socialize with my Friends.  *Smiles*   Minnie and Erika obliged for an Adorable GF Photo Op... Erika is one of the newest Designers joining the Sweet Team... so Talented and has Awesome Inventory!

Of coarse I always have to check out Minnie's New Bedding and Accessory Line... her Spring Line is so Luxe!   Makes you just want to crawl up in there and take a luxurious Nap doesn't it?

And if I didn't already have such a Pillow Hoard that it's ridiculous... well... how about that Huge Bolster with the Belgian Cut Velvet Accent and Lace Trim!  *Swooning*   You can have Custom Orders Created so be sure to Consult with Minnie for your Custom Order of a OOAK piece! 

I Dream in Junk as well... how about you my Friends?  You cannot even Imagine how many slumber-time Junquing Picks I've gone on during my Dreams, the Places and the Killer Stuff I've Scored on those excursions... even more than in Real Life!  *Ha ha ha*

I Confess I was remiss that I could not Score one of the Blinged Out Skullies on this Visit... this one was a Favorite.

Not that I've hung any I've already got yet... they're laying about New Villa Boheme' like it's where the Gypsies Cattle go to Die!  *Bwahahahahaha!*   And you already know I've got enough Fur laying about the house that you'd think Vikings lived here!  *Winks*

And it was KILLING me I tell ya to have to Pass on all the Vintage Loving Cups at this Event... sure, I was having my Loving Cup Fix by Photographing them... but damn I wanted to bring several Home with me and just couldn't swing it this time around!  *Le Sigh*

They spanned several Eras, shapes, sizes and various Metals... I could have Enhanced my Collection to well in one fell swoop!   Oh well... maybe next time?

Though I did carry this one around with me for a while, pondering... should I?  Maybe I should have... but I didn't...

And you won't even Believe THIS, but I even Passed on an Original Carol Hicks-Bolton Ottoman!  *Gasp*  Yeah, I know, what a Fool, right?   I was so Conflicted about walking away from this one, I really was, because it did match the Awesome Love Seat that Minnie gave me as a Gift... but I had no place specific to put an Ottoman and I'm trying not to clutter up the New Home with random larger Furnishings I don't have an immediate Function, Place or Purpose for.   So hard...

But Honest to God... once I can Save up enough and if nobody else beats me to it beforehand, this Killer Club Chair my Friend Kenny has IS coming Home with me one day!   I've put my Mojo all over this piece... I'm Jonesin' for it in the worst way, you have no Idea!   It's not only Beauty and Function in the Front, but Party in the Back as well!

I know, I said I was gonna try not to go long... clearly I lied!  *Winks*  Vintage Trims abounded... and all kinds of Vintage Fabrics as well... so for those of us who Create... well... how hard is THAT to Resist?!   But I did... {Patting Self on the back...}

And I didn't even cave on this teeny gorgeous Vintage Loving Cup from the Sixties that my Friend Myko had, never seen one this small... so Sweet!   But Trust and Believe I did cave on enough... some of which I got so Excited to Score that I didn't even take the time to Photograph it first... snatched it right up... ha ha ha...

The Storage pieces I could have made good use for in the Art Studio Loft... and Passed on... that was hard too...

But when I spied some of these Vintage Vestment Collars in the most luscious shade of Golden Velvet with Red Trim and Embroidery... at a Bargain... well... hadda have one...

This one to be exact...

And Honestly, this particular Event had so many things I would have Loved to be able to procure that I just had to use more Restraint than usual.   And that's how it goes sometimes, you can see just a few things that catch your Eye or make your Heart flutter...

Or too many to mention... and this was one of the latter... too many to mention times and Shows!   I did come away with a Tiny Skully for my Cabinet of Curiosities, which I'll Photograph for another Post once I unwrap it.

In fact, the Cabinet Of Curiosities Style Found Treasures were in such abundance that I was practically foaming at the mouth to have to leave so much of it behind and just walk away!   Yeah, it was enough to make me rabid, it really was!!!  *Smiles*

Laboratorie Supplies... Black Furnishings and File Cabinets... Tortoise Shells and Skullies... Entomology Exhibits and so much Weird and Wonderful Stuff... oh my...

Making it YES, Best Day Ever!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Another Fun Show! Boy you really have then there!

  2. I know how you feel, I'm stashing money now for the May opening up here of the Elkhorn Fleamarket---MILES of stuff...can't wait. AND THERE WILL BE NO RESTRAINT>>>hahahah! Unless the roof falls in before then, lol, ya never know, Sandi.

  3. Oh My Goodness, I was there yesterday and I did not see you!! Last time I go shopping without my glasses...I would have loved to meet you!!


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