Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day 2016

Happy Valentine's Day my Friends!!!   Well, I gotta Work Today... I know, not very Romantic, huh?

And I don't eat Chocolate... though it is abounding all over the house for the Crew.   Your Valentine's Day must Suck then you might be thinking?  *LOL*

But you'd be Wrong... dead Wrong... Capturing Life's Moments has all the Romance I'll ever Need and I'm a True Romantic at Heart every day, not just this Holiday!

The Man woke up early and made me Breakfast before I even rolled out of Bed... he always knows which Gifts Of Service warm my Heart and make me Feel Loved.

He used to always sneak out and buy me Fresh Floral Bouquets this day... but he can't do that anymore since he will never drive again.   That's Okay, it only bothers him, not me, I have the Memories of those Surprises before his Catastrophic Accident Changed our World as we knew it.

  If he could I know he'd still be doing it.  And what he can do Now with the Greatest of Love is what my Focus is upon and Counts to me.  Not what used to be and is no more.  He's come so very far and is a New Person since his Recovery from the Accident and we keep Working on that Transition Together. 

We Encourage our Hopes and not our Fears... you could really get Lost in your own Head if you allowed Fear to Dominate your Thought Life and ultimately your Life as it plays out.

He was Content with his Chocolates, which I kept a steady stream supplied for them all leading up to this day which Endeared me all the more to he and The G-Kid Force!  *Winks*

And we all Work upon Imaginative Quality Time Together to show our Love for one another.  And as this so aptly Reminds us... Reality has limits... but Imagination is boundless!

 I had that Special Imaginative I Love You Time with The G-Kid Force at the Renaissance Festival Yesterday.  It was too much Sensory Overload for The Man so we'll chose a more Intimate Venue with just the two of us.

Not Today due to me picking up that Extra Shift for the big Valentine's Day Sale at Work... Twenty Percent Off ALL Merchandise at our Antique Mall, so it will be Crazy Busy!  Will I Find a Lil Somethin-Somethin at that deep Discount for myself, probably!?  *Winks* 

Does The Man mind waiting for that Quality Time we Intend to spend Together Romantically?  Not at all... you see, when you get to this Season of Life we have already Created Ourselves just the way we like us!  *Smiles*   And we don't adhere to specific days to Show Love to one another anyway.

He knows that when I let my Imagination run Wild to seek out something Special to Do Together, well, he's sure to be Surprised and have an Experience!  *Winks*   I want an Extraordinary Experience that Memories are made of... so Forget about the Ordinary or Expected!  *Yawn!*

Can you Believe that when he got Married to me his Life would never be Boring, Ordinary or Expected again?  *Bwahahahahaha!*   Perhaps that is what was the Key to his Heart, I dunno?

I am quite Certain that before me met me his Homes never were Decorated quite like this... or probably anyone else's he knew!?  *Ha ha ha*   But now with my Posse it's become his Normal, as well as Ours... and he never lacks for Sensory Pleasures in Our Home that's for Sure!

And since all of the Family would rather stay Home unless we're Doing something Together... then I Suspect I've done my Job of making our house a Home, where ever it has been all these years.

And to me the Greatest Gift of Love is someone's Voluntary Presence and the Wanting to be Together that isn't Coerced, Mandatory or Obligatory... or for just a Special Occasion or Romantic Holiday.   And I'm surrounded by that Today... so it is indeed a most Perfect Valentine's Day!  I Pray yours is too my Friends?


Happy Valentine's Day from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing this little glimpse into your life.

    Making a home, a true home... well, that is something wonderful in itself. Enjoy!

    1. Thank You... and I Hope you too had a Memorable Valentine's Day? I brought Home a Greek Rack of Lamb Dinner for the Family after my Shift from one of our favorite restaurants... YUM! The Sale at our Antique Mall was very profitable and busy too so I didn't mind working the extra shift. Thanks for coming for a Valentine's Day Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Beautiful sentiment! I Love the quote: "Reality has limits... but Imagination is boundless"

    1. I Love that Quote too... Hope you had a Wonderful and Memorable Valentine's Day? We enjoyed a Greek Rack of Lamb Take-Out I brought Home after my busy Shift... it was a very good day overall. Thanks for coming for a Valentine's Day Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. We started off in the downstairs pub area and then moved to the upper level, many tables were already reserved at venues in Chicago but we commandeered some sitting space in front of a fireplace that was just the right size for our group of happy campers.


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