Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Eclectic Gothic Style Fantasies... Addams Fam... Kat Von D

*Note: All Beautiful Imagery in this Post via the Internet's Photo Galleries... all Credit due the respective Photographers and sites that Shared them.  Thank You!*

I've always had a leaning towards Gothic Style and Eclectic Tastes that transcend just Gothic and mix a bit of Addams Family into the Decor.   So when I saw this Bed, well, if ever I were to trade our Bed in, this would mos def be the replacement for it!  *Swooning*  The rest of the room is not exactly My Style tho' so it would just be the Bed and perhaps similar Bedding.

And when I saw online that Kat Von D had her Hollywood Hills Home on the market for just a minute, until the listing was later pulled, I knew I had to take a glimpse inside to see that version of a Modern Gothic Manse.   The exterior was quite similar to our new Villa Boheme', tho' I would like a round turret, some on our Street have them, alas, ours does not.  *Pout*

The entryway was a Surprise, as it was Whiter and Brighter than I would have Expected... tho' I do like the Spiritual Statuary Collection and the Archways are reminiscent of this new Home of ours and I like that Architectural Detail too.

Entering the Living Room it instantly became much more My Style... especially the Fireplace Mantle with Taxidermy Groupings and the Peacock on the Wall.  Loved the Niches and the color of the Walls in here are Identical to ours throughout the new Home, a Warm Tuscan Palette, which I'm Loving more every day I'm surrounded by it's Sepia Hued Warmth.   Drippy Candle Wax pools of Purple are Awesome, tho' I'd be too afraid of the Fire Hazard to Create such a Vibe.  And the Red Velvet Upholstery... No... I'd Pass on that and go more Velveteen Rabbit Style.

But overall, I liked the overall Ambiance of this room, sans the Red Velvet Furnishings and that enormous Painting on the Right, which I'd probably replace with an Antique Exotic Rug Wall Hanging.   See... I'm already Re-Styling Kat's Home!  *Ha ha ha*   Do you do that too in your Head, when looking at a Home you really dig, but thinking upon what Spin and Stamp you'd put upon the Spaces if it were yours?  *LOL*   I can't Help myself, I do it on a subconscious level automatically!

Now I know this was in her Business Office, but I really Loved this entire Vibe and all of the Collections and the way it was Styled.   Envious of the Albino Taxidermy Collection, so Rare, so Cool!   And what a Great way to Showcase an Antique Key Collection and make it a Focal Point of a Room!

And of coarse the drippy Candle Vibe... Love it a lot... but would be standing there blowing out the flame to ensure I didn't burn the whole damned house down by accident!?  *ha ha ha*  It would just make me nervous... and I suspect it would Tempt the G-Kid Force to want to 'add' to the Vignette in ways that would just make me shudder and always be checking!  *Smiles*

See... tho' it looks totally Awesome in Imagery and is very Editorial... that much Flame would be a Disaster waiting to happen in this new Villa I'm afraid... so I'd have to reluctantly Pass on getting that Look.   I would say until I'm very Old and living completely Alone... but then, I'd probably have a Senior Moment and forget I had Candles burning and we'd be back to the scenario of a house burning down wouldn't we?  And I wouldn't even have mischievous Kiddos unable to avoid Temptation to light more Candles to blame! *Bwahahahaha!*

And I have a Cat too... and Miss Priss is just about as curious about open Flames as The G-Kid Force and a Cat flipping it's tail around a Fire would Risk having a Cat ON Fire running around the house... not an Image I want to even contemplate as a remote possibility!  *Shudder*  I am having total Envy of those Butterfly groupings in and around the Niches... the Floor Lampshade and that Taxidermy Dic-Dic!  *Swooning again*   Love the Hardwood Floors too but would have to put some Antique Persian Rugs down here and there.

Now on to another Fav Eclectic Goth Fantasy Manse... The Addams Family Home!   This has been and always will be the Muse for my own Style of Decor... it's just so Fun, Out There and Funky.  Though the Show only lasted two Seasons it became Iconic and it is my Understanding that had it gone into it's third Season it would have been done in Color.  I'm not certain the Color version would allow my Imagination to Paint it all in the Hues I wanted to Imagine it in tho' on the Canvas of my Mind.   I Envisioned it a certain Palette and it just looked so Cool and Ooky in Black and White.

The standing Bear in the Living Room was actually a Polar Bear that the Prop folks painted a darker Color, just some very Weird Trivia... don't know why they did that actually?  Remember how the Polar Bear Rug on the steps would growl whenever anyone walked on it?  *Smiles*  Oh how I always Envisioned this Home to be Mine... and that Living Room was one of my Fav Rooms to Imagine how I'd Style it with my own Weird and Wonderful Decor?!?

And Morticia's Conservatory... well, who wouldn't want a Historic Style Conservatory to begin with and lush with Vegetation, Bird Cages filled with Canaries and Exotic small Birds, Garden Statues and perhaps a Venus Fly Trap grouping!?!  *Smiles*   I have thought upon turning our Inner Courtyard into a Conservatory Style Space just because the only thing I like better than an Inner Courtyard is a Conservatory Space!  *LOL*  One of my Fav Oil Paintings at Home is of a large Victorian Conservatory.

I'm still looking for the Perfect Antique Hall Tree to hang Coats, Hats and Umbrellas too... and looking at these Images is making me a bit Homesick for Old Bohemian Valhalla since many of the Details of the Woodwork are so similar and I really, really Miss that!  *Le Sigh*

But back to the Conservatory... a Dining and Seating Area is a must... and I'm totally Jonesin' for that big Urn.   The G-Kid Force have been pleading with me to get an Aquarium filled with all kinds of watery Creatures... but my Parents used to Breed Exotic watery Creatures to Sell to Pet Shops when we were growing up and I have no Delusions about how much Work and Care an Aquarium and it's Tenants requires!   And a Salt Water one all the more!   It's not like having a Goldfish!  And I also have no Delusions about WHO would end up getting stuck with doing all the Work and Care either if I got them one!  *Winks*   And don't even get me started about how Freaked out a certain Princess would be when the Big ones start eating the Little ones!  It already happened while she was visiting her Brother's Paternal Relatives and their huge Oscar devoured his smaller Aquarium room-mates!

The Ambient Lighting Features always Appealed to me... they had some Killer Sconces, Candelabras, Chandies and Candlesticks around the Addams Manse.   And that Table that housed Gomez' Railroad... I can just Envision it as an Art Studio Creation Station!   Not to mention that back Wall Unit which would be Ideal for a Cabinet Of Curiosities Display!

In fact I used to Scrutinize every piece of Furniture in the Addams Family Home and soak in every bit of the minutia around the Manse while watching the Show as a Kid... and yet again as an Adult!  *Ha ha ha*

And of coarse I Owned the Chairs... the Ornate Gothic Style and the Peacock Rattan Chairs.  I think I Sold my last Peacock Chair when my own Kiddos were Teenagers, I'd had it just that long!   Mine was virtually Identical to Morticia's... natch!  *Smiles*

And I remember the Art being Fun and provoking Interest... I mean who wouldn't notice an Oil Painting of a Giraffe wearing Formal Clothing and Wonder... Why?  *Winks*

In fact, almost all of the Decor provoked Interest in the Back Story of each piece... and I liked to Imagine what those Stories would have been?   Storytelling is one of my Favorite past-times, either hearing them or telling them... especially about Acquisitions that have a History and an Interesting Story to go along with them!

This Taxidermy and it's potential Story always made me Smile.   I want to find a Taxidermy Fish big enough that I can have an Antique Creepy Doll Appendage hanging out of it too.  *Smiles*

Their Pets were always Interesting and as Unexpected as their Decor, Lifestyle and way of Being... I especially Liked that about the Series... these were True Individuals being True to themselves and accountable to no-one swaying them from their Preferred way of Life!

And the Relationship between Morticia and Gomez was Electric and very cutting edge for it's day of being televised!   They were practically the only couple on Television during that Era that you could Imagine actually had Intimacy and a Chemistry with each other that was Deep and Carnal!

In fact, the entire Family had a Relationship with each other that was Close and yet showed that you can be Close and still sometimes get on each other's last nerve and still be Okay and in Unity!  *Smiles*   I always Enjoyed their interactions with each other and the Atmosphere of their Home was Inviting in spite of it's Quirks.   I always knew I would Feel right at Home with them and truly Like this entire Family.

And when they had Guests they were always very Gracious and Inviting Hosts... it's just that the Guests were usually the ones that had a Problem with how these people were and how they chose to Live.   My Wednesday Addams Type Grandchild used to have so many headless Dolls and be so Somber that she got a kick out of seeing that Wednesday had one too and a similar Countenance to herself when she saw this Show for the very first time.  She instantly Connected with that Little Girl's Character... they are very much alike even before Princess T had ever seen the Show!  I could have played that part she exclaimed!  *Smiles*  After watching it she knew then why Gramma used to Affectionately dub her Wednesday!

Yes, it has been Fun to look into the Homes and Styles of Eclectic Goth Fantasies... I'm Living mine... and I wouldn't have it any other way...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I like Kat von D's house but I don't love it, isn't that funny? And yes, I was totally redoing it in my head too. I really didn't care for all the drippy candles though - it just looked like one big dust trap to me! I think I liked Cher's version of a Gothic Mansion better. :)

    1. I will have to check out Cher's now... LOL... I agree with you so I didn't Love it either, just liked it... I have Blog Friends whose Homes I am much more Impressed with the Aesthetic of, yours included. I do however feel she probably has a Youthful version of Goth, due to being so young, than someone of my Season of Life would probably fall in Love with? *smiles* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. So interesting! I see how you were and still are enthralled with the Adams Family Style!


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