Thursday, February 25, 2016

Digging Myself Out...

I'm in a contemplative Mood Today and so I'll regale you with Imagery from my Photo Archives that I haven't yet used in a Post... swig an Oculto Beer, since it's been a long and productive day... and just talk about what's on my Mind.  *Winks*

Digging myself Out has been on my Mind a lot lately... of a rut specifically... because the only thing different between a rut and a grave are the dimensions.   While you're still above dirt there is no use in being in either a rut or a grave.   And yet, it's quite easy to slip into one or live like a dead man walking.

I've been Craving Change... Big Change in fact... and so digging myself Out of what has been so that I can enter the Promised Land of what will be, once Changes begin to be manifested, is the Journey I'm earnestly embarking upon and it's quite Exciting really.

It didn't just begin, making the Big Move to our New Home was the Jumping Off point.  The Process of Letting Go of what was has just been a rather tedious, emotional and long one, and one I'm more than ready to break free of.   Dumping all excess baggage that can hinder profound Change is the ultimate Goal.

The dumping of excess baggage has consumed me lately, I've been spending a great deal of time and energy slogging away at it and making enough progress that it's truly Liberating and building momentum to carry me further forward.   Organization has been my other Obsession lately, what presently remains unpacked or not placed I want in Order.

There is a reason for that... I do not Thrive in Chaos nor do Chaotic Environments Motivate me one iota.  I can stand before a mountain of Work without crumbling or panicking so long as it has some semblance of Order at least Visually... because then I can Focus.   I have trouble Focusing, so I need all the Help I can get.  *Smiles*

My Garage Spaces here at the New house have been in utter Chaos and I just couldn't stand it... not to mention barely walk thru it or park the Jeep without it seeming like I was pulling into an obstacle course!   I decided to tackle the double car Garage first since we use it daily to enter and exit the house and park there.

So it was Me Versus The Garage... and my immediate Goal was not to Edit and Purge everything as I waded thru the Chaos so much as it was to get all or most of it in Order.   To go thru the messy parts methodically, Editing and Purging some of it... but mostly to pack what wasn't being dealt with right now into old Crates and Produce Boxes of identical dimensions for now.  That is the Short Term Plan of Action.

The Long Term Plan of Action of coarse will then be to go thru each Box or Crate with the finality of either finding a Place or Purpose... or disposing of whatever it is some kind of way.  I find that if I've had anything stored in an unseen location for any length of time, my Sentiment diminishes considerably and I can detach much more easily if I haven't seen or used it in so long.

So much had to be hastily gone thru during the Big Move that Curating it all properly was just an impossibility at the time.   I just cannot make permanent decisions that fast in rapid succession for months on end... especially when it comes to possessions, it taxes my Brain to force myself to, so I mostly didn't.   Sure, we Let Go of a LOT that never came over, but we brought over a LOT as well... since we had a LOT of nice things and what to do with it ALL was going to take some time to determine.

How much time I couldn't Predict with any accuracy since my Schedule is always so full of responsibilities that tackling The Process is done on what little 'Free Time' I can devote to it.   Which is also why Order of what there is to tackle is imperative.   I can almost always find precious Time to pull a single Organized Box or Crate and Work on it.   It's like eating the Elephant one bite at a time or taking a single step forward on a particularly long Journey.

Pulling a single anything out of complete Chaos is just Impossible, where would you even begin?  It was just too Overwhelming to even contemplate doing it that way.  So I Needed it ALL in a Box or Crate that matched and stacked neatly awaiting Processing.   The Big Move had sometimes happened at such a rapid Pace when I could bring things over or find sufficient Help, that the Original Plan to bring it OVER in Order and neatly packed and stacked fizzled almost immediately.

For the initial things moved over it actually happened that way... but Clearly it would take too much Time that we didn't have to do it ALL that way as it found it's way over here.   Not to mention, in the initial stages I was dealing with empty Garage Spaces and Staging Rooms inside to utilize for temporary Storage... but as they filled up I realized the Purge would have to be extended even after all moving over of stuff was completed.   

That's just what happens when you have a LOT and came from a large cluttered up Property with Acreage to a large Property without Acreage that you DON'T want cluttered up!  *Smiles*   Big Change, remember, doesn't come easy or necessarily quickly... and you've got to Want it to actually Change.   I am definitely at the juncture of Craving that Change... and going Big with it in fact!

And I'm in no Rush to Accomplish that actually, I'm chipping away at it and taking the One Day At A Time Approach so I don't make myself Crazy in The Process.   Just The Move alone took Forever And a Day longer than I ever anticipated.  But when the Old Property was finally EMPTY, I realized just how much of the seemingly Impossible I could actually make Possible despite naysayers that told me it couldn't be done all by myself.

There were in fact a lot of naysayers... and I don't think or Believe they meant to totally Discourage me, they Truthfully Believed it could not be done without a tremendous amount of Help, which I did not have available.   I know many were just Concerned for me even trying to accomplish what seemed like an Impossibility without dropping Dead or failing miserably.

And I know myself well enough to realize that once anyone says something that I Need or Want to Do CANNOT be Done... well... I tend to go into the Watch Me Now Mode of proving them Wrong and Doing it regardless of what Odds might be stacked against me Succeeding.   It Worked quite well in my Corporate Lives too, Tenacity and Refusal to Fail or Surrender have Served me well.

And Honestly, compared to digging myself Out of emptying the Old Homestead of it's Contents... the Organization and digging myself Out of what the Garages and temporary Staging Spots inside hold  at New Villa Boheme' is no Big Deal really.   I know that for a Fact and so I'm not the least bit Intimidated now.

And especially when so much Progress was made beyond my Wildest Expectations... so it's taking way less time to wade thru it all than I Projected!   So there is the very real Possibility I could get Done early and that my Friends is fueling me on towards the Victory over it all!   Booyah!

Add to that the Celebration that my Numbers were relatively Good for a change when I had my follow-up Diabetic appointment for my Test Results!  Yay!   So I'm making Progress with the Big Changes in Lifestyle and Habits that will assist me to keep the Diabetic Monster at bay and under Control better too!

The Old Property is finally being Listed this Week and I said my Final Good-Byes in the last Walk Thru that I will ever have inside of the structures.   That was very Emotional and difficult for me since those Walls hold so much History, Love and Memories for me and are imprinted upon my Heart forever, regardless of what the Future holds for the Beloved Old Place.

It is hard to have Total Peace about all things that will Change and can never be the same again... especially when you're a Nostalgic Soul and an avid Keeper Of The Past like I am.   But I do also embrace Change... even Big Change... when it is something my Spirit Craves and catapults me forward to achieve.

That time is definitely now... and so I'm digging myself Out so that Big Change can occur... and we'll see where it takes us?   And the not knowing is pretty Intoxicating and Thrilling since it's a Great Adventure yet to unfold... and the Destination will be a Surprise yet to be Revealed in it's entirety!  But I definitely like the Direction it seems to be going... and I've bought the Ticket so I'm on for the whole Ride!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Blessings on You! Great to hear of your good health report and continued organization of boxes in garage. You are making great headway! Congratulations!

  2. change is a good thing---even when we are dragged kicking and screaming through it. But it is a now that the worst is behind...change the lense and see the New world...and make it yours. So love all your images---my inheiritance really didn't include the incredible things you have/had, but I sure love looking at all of it and imagining the stories/lives probably connected with such interesting things. Thanks again Dawn, Sandi

  3. Change is hard. Luckily, you seem to be a brave soul. Taking it slow sounds like a good plan. It must be fun going through all the things, though - if you are like me, it is the "getting started" that gets me down, not the doing.


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