Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tiny Hoard No. 3,758

Okay, so I made that number up, because the fact of the matter is I don't even know how many Tiny Hoards I have, I've never actually counted them... I just know they're numerous and can be found just about everywhere!  *Smiles*

Some Tiny Hoards are comprised of Specific things that I just began a random Collection of for no apparent or particular reason other than over time I just ended up with more than three of them, thus, now it constitutes a Collection, right?!  *Winks*

Other Tiny Hoards have a specific Purpose and Use so I've amassed a great many of those and so the numbers of them aren't so tiny anymore.  But they are not so big and so I don't feel so compelled to get rid of any because they still don't take up much space.

Some of the Tiny Hoards are so random and non-specific that there's really no Purpose to Displaying them together other than any Tiny Hoard is Visually Pleasing to me and so I don't always Care what's in it or why it ended up there!?  *Smiles* 

Some of the Tiny Hoards end up Organized... not usually in any particular way... it's not like I have my own Dewey Decimal System of Organizing them.  But I do find that Antique Typeset Drawers make Excellent Organizational Storage for Tiny Hoards!

All of those little Compartments are Splendid for keeping Tiny Hoards together in a way that makes finding any of them a whole lot easier and breaks them up Visually so you can see them Individually and apart from The Whole.

Others are just The Whole... a Tiny Abyss if you will of random objects Collected and just Stashed somewhere thus compromising a Tiny Hoard of randomly Stored Treasures.  Those Tiny Hoards can just be Fun to root thru because it's a constant Discovery of what you've amassed and Forgot you even had!  *LOL*

Some are Specific and yet so varied that it's still Fun to root thru the Tiny Hoard and Discover what you have.   I've always been a Hoarder of Foreign Currency, I could probably go anywhere in the World and have some of their Currency on hand by now!  *LOL*

I like to wear Coin Gypsy Jewelry and so many of the Coins and Tokens in my Collection may eventually become Jewelry Creations to Adorn myself with.

But I've always felt Currency and Tokens are Beautiful enough to just Display as well... and Children Love playing with it.   But I mean, who DOESN'T Love Currency, right?  *Winks*

And I Confess that I've never really Grown Up when it comes to my Tiny Hoards... I still Love playing with them, rooting thru them and Organizing them... I could get Lost in my Hours spent with my Tiny Hoards!!!

And perhaps that is precisely Why I have so many of them... because they're such Fun and bring me so much Joy to have.   When I add to them it's such a Thrill... and so I'm always Scouting for more Smalls to add to the Tiny Hoards!

After all, they're PERFECT for the Incurable Collector aren't they?  They don't take up much Space... they often don't cost very much, if like me, you Scout out most of them Secondhand or on Sale... and a great many can be had for next to nothing or Free!  

 My Favorite places to Find them are Clearance Houses that sell everything by the Pound... do you know how many Tiny Hoard Treasures can be had for Pennies when you're paying for them by the Pound?!?

I'm always Seeking Interesting Storage pieces to Organize or Display my Tiny Hoards... and if I can Scout them out Secondhand or on Sale, well, that's a Bonus too!   But any kind of Dish or Tray can Display them quite well with minimal Investment.

Some Tiny Hoard items I'm totally Addicted to... like Ephemera!   I have Caches of Ephemera that are Epic I tell you!  *Smiles*

And of coarse being a Fabric Artist my Tiny Hoards of Swatches, Scraps and Trims are Insane!!!  Every so often I do have to Cull and Purge some of those Tiny Hoards because I just end up with a Ridiculous amount otherwise!   And my Attachment to them is just not as Strong, I often can fall out of Love with some of it.

And yet Fibers, well, now those I rarely give up or give away... I don't exactly know why, my Attachment is pretty Strong I guess and my Love Affair is Deep!?  *Ha ha ha*

My Tiny Hoards of Feathers and Millinery ends up all over the place since they just Display so well and I really, really Love those Collections.

My Tiny Hoard of Rosaries ends up all over the place too and is one of my Oldest Tiny Hoards since I've been Collecting them Forever and a day.

I used to Seek Out the Rosaries for my Collection endlessly when they could be had for a pittance.  Nowadays tho' the Market for Vintage and Antique Rosaries has skyrocketed and so it's Rare that I'll add to the Tiny Hoard because I already have an Impressive Collection and thus don't need to Overpay to expand it.

In fact, I refuse to Overpay for any of my Tiny Hoard Treasures... I don't have to.   It's much more Exciting to me to Score any or all of them at a Bargain anyway... because mostly and generally I'm not Seeking out a Specific Tiny Hoard Item, it's Pure Serendipity when I Find the majority of these Tiny Treasures!

And some are just so plentiful that you don't have to ever pay much for them to amass some Lovely Specimens for your Tiny Hoard.   Vintage and Antique Buttons come to Mind for those Tiny Hoard Treasures that are so abundant... and yet so varied and give you so many Options on what to do with them.

I have a total Obsession with Collecting Game Pieces... Metal and Wood ones... so my Tiny Hoards of them are plentiful now and you can Create some Interesting Art utilizing them.

I Love Vintage Cigar Box Storage Units because each one can hold and Organize it's own Tiny Hoard.   I Collect Vintage Cigar Boxes for Storage and the Graphics too... but when you can find Storage Units made of Cigar Boxes, well, it's Ideal for your Tiny Hoarding!  *Winks*

What are in each Drawer?  Well, I usually can't Remember until I begin playing with my Tiny Hoards again and Rediscovering what I tucked away and Stashed most of it!  *Winks*   These Peacock Feather Necklaces were a Close-Out at a Dollar Store and so I got an Instant Tiny Hoard of em... Natch!   *LOL*

I also utilize smaller Vintage Suitcases and Train Cases to Stash some of my Tiny Hoards.

Once I get enough of a particular type of Tiny Hoard they usually end up in Vintage Mason Jar Storage for easy Organization and Identification.   But until there's enough, well, they could end up just about anywhere.  *Smiles*

But even those Tiny Hoards that I do have very well Organized or Displayed together doesn't mean they all end up that way... I also like to take some of my Tiny Hoards and spread them around in Vignettes.   And that's part of the Joy of Owning them as well, the endless Creative Options it gives you in your Vignette building to use them for Visual Interest.

And some of it I just Create an Informal Vignette with while it's just sitting around waiting for it to be put away somewhere else... a Hot Mess of a pile of Stuff waiting to be put away can become Pretty and perhaps even Interesting and Purposeful looking if you Vignette It!  *Ha ha ha*

People might not even realize it's a random pile of crap you just haven't put away yet if it looks like you made a Vignette out of it on Purpose??!  *LOL*    Ooops... now my Secret is Out and I'm Exposed for the Lazy Laid Back Housekeeper than I tend to be!   *Bwahahahaha!*

What!??!??   You don't have ANY Creative Clutter at your house or Studio too?   Come on now... you're talking to me and your Secret is perfectly Safe... well, except for a few hundred who might see your response here that is.  *Winks*

Well, I really have Enjoyed playing with my Tiny Hoards again this Evening in order to Photograph just a few of them for the Topic of this Post.   I do Hope you've Enjoyed playing along with me?

Because the Sharing of my Tiny Hoards is as Fun as the accumulating of them and playing with them has been!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. OH dear, so happy to have seen a comment and visit from you, it's been awhile since my last visit to you as for your beautiful Hoard? You are the ones I go to when I need pieces for my art. I always jump for excitement when I hit a tag or yard sale and someone it ridding a lot of their hoard, it means my art can continue. I buy up any any all ephemera so as to use in my art. Like last night I was cutting up old book ephemera for words for my now tiny Cartapesta crowns for my oyster shell art that I talk about in my new post.

    I so enjoy your organization skills in your hoard, mine not so much, pieces gather and collect in boxes, in a closet or in my studio garage where I can dig through when creating my art.
    Love the hat-pin button collection. I had quite a nice collection of vintage hat pins in the late 80's now not so much they have dwindled away in other uses and sales.

    How I would love to be your neighbor and talk you out of some of your hoard.
    As well as the containers that contain it all. :)

    See you soon my friend keep inspiring.


    1. Oh Dore now I shall have to go take a look at your Oyster Shell Art, that sounds intriguing! Anything bearing a Crown after all will be something I'm Attracted to! *Winks* Yes, if we were neighbors I'm quite certain we could work out a Gypsy Trade... Hoarded Supplies for your Amazing Art! *Ha ha ha* I so Enjoy Searching for the Tiny Hoard items and most of my Artistic Friends either don't have the inclination or the time to devote to replenishing so we have worked out Trades every now and again, when they can talk me out of some of my Stash! *LOL* Thanks again for coming for a New Year Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I pronounce you: "The Queen of Tiny Hoards" HOW FUN! I enjoy small's as I call them. And vintage fabric, ribbons, flowers and laces. And, and, and---

  3. I pronounce you "Queen of the Tiny Hoards" I love smalls too! Love seeing your displays!

  4. Oh Dawn that was a fun post---love the button cute...and well everything else---never thought of my hoardes as actual collections.But, my goal this year is to finally go through everything--and get it organized, used, or gone. Happy hoarding---or unhoarding for 2016---post to follow, lol, Sandi

  5. oh my love all of your tiny hoards. I think we all have them. I know I do and I love to sift through them and get lost in ideas. Thank you for sharing...I too have a bunch of cigar boxes to store things in. A decade ago we had a devastating house fire and it started in my studio and I lost so many hoards of vintage stuff and cigar boxes.


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