Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Green Acres Event ~ Part IV

Well, Yes, I did make the Pilgrimage back for the last day of the Event... and managed it without an Entourage in tow, which takes some logistics lemme tell ya to sneak out without detection!  *LOL*

It's a much more Relaxed Atmosphere in the final hours... and more Zen prevails... and you know how much I NEED Relaxation and Zen my Friends... and by Day Four of this Whirlwind Event so does the entire Sweet Crew!  *Smiles*

And I could leisurely take in what I'd completely missed on Opening Day... which was quite a lot since I had to bounce prematurely on account of it got pretty Intense with a Show this well received!

But since Inventory is stocked daily it's still Styled Beautifully with Fresh Treasures even on Closing Day.  And since I'd come away Thursday empty handed {Gasp!!!}... I wanted... No, I NEEDED... at least one more walk-thru... a slower walk-thru... just in case there might be something I couldn't Resist or Live without?!  *Winks*

Now to be sure there were many Treasures outside of the dreaded Budget that I couldn't Consider, and really Wanted to come Home with me... like Decrepit Dress Forms that the Miss Havisham in me J'Adores!  *Winks*

And even though it was White and not my preferred Black... this Antique Dresser was Sublime and absolutely priced to Sell!

But in actuality I had come back to actually see those Beautiful Heart Pillows in Person, since I had completely missed that entire Fabulous Vignette on Day One!   Funny how that can happen when caught up in a Shopping Frenzy Maelstrom!  *Smiles*

I really Wanted this one... alas, dreaded Budget was too slim to spring on any of them and I had to come away without any...  *Pouting Petulantly*

But I so Enjoyed Beholding each and every one of them that had not been Sold already.

It was actually difficult to pick just one Favorite...

Beautiful Valentine Hearts were everywhere and it being so close to Valentine's Day now, that's pretty much on my Mind... Hearts and Decorating with them!

We had finally taken down Christmas... and so one of my Champagne Tinsel Pencil Trees was ready now to Decorate with a Valentine's Theme.

And since I hadn't been able to locate my Velvet or Burlap Hearts, still packed away somewhere in those Towers of unpacked boxes and crates... I wanted something like these for under the tabletop Tree.

I'd actually spent all Morning searching for them in vain... so by Noon I was like Forget about it... I'm heading out for that Last Chance Pilgrimage to see if I can afford one of THOSE Hearts instead?!  *Ha ha ha*

I wanted to see them in Person anyway, even if I didn't manage to 'Score' any... the Cribbed Imagery from Sweet had Captivated me!   This big one was my second Favorite... the most Expensive too... of coarse!  *LOL... I have Exquisite Champagne Taste what can I say!?*

But with nonexistent Budget right now I couldn't afford even the teensiest one... dammit!  *LOL*  So I had to be Content to come away with Beautiful Imagery and Inspiration instead... and gird myself for another shot at those boxes and crates to see if perhaps I Luck out and find mine in time?!?

I'll consider it a type of Workout to move crates and boxes and wade thru them... and on the upside I did actually Find some things to unpack that I wanted or needed anyway, so it wasn't totally in Vain that I worked up a sweat in there this Morning!

It also reminded me of what a crappy job I ended up doing with the labeling of said boxes and crates during the Move over!  Sure, at first I was all Organized and Methodical with my packing and labeling... but by the Second Week it went completely downhill... and by Month Seven, well, the crates and boxes weren't even packed properly anymore!  *Ha ha ha*

And I never expected to have so many crates and boxes coming over... so now some are in front of others and no particular room of the Old House is evident so Lord knows which stack they could be in now?  Even tho' I knew which Room of the Old House they were in when they got packed!  *Le Sigh*

Do you ever do that my Friends?  Start out so well Organized with a Project, practically OCD in your Methods... and then if the Project isn't a Wrap in a reasonable amount of time... the Attention to such Details just falls by the wayside and you just want to get it done any kind of way just to be finished with it all?  *Ha ha ha*

I had not done a Major Move in almost two Decades... so I was sorely out of Practice... which is really Weird for someone who has led a Nomadic Life because you would think you never Forget how to go about it Efficiently and Effectively?!

And then I Remembered... Yeah, but we always Traveled Light... and usually People Moved us so it wasn't mostly just me... and I was Younger... so there were a lot of variables from Before!  *Ha ha*

And I must Confess, that thinking upon how much Work it has been... and how much I still have left unpacked to wade thru... well, it's kept me a lot more Accountable with Future Purchases!   I even now Pass on Wonderful Objects d Art like the above!   *Smiles*

And Fab Boudoir Dolls at Great prices... that never would have not been Adopted in the Past!

Yes, my Discernment Level has increased exponentially based on how much Work I now want to AVOID my Friends!   *Smiles*

So I'm Passing on Fab Taxidermy and European Religious Antiquities... {Gasp!!!}

And I'm even often Passing on Bohemian Bling!  *I know, Unbelievable how much Restraint I've Developed since the Big Move and Edit-Purge, huh?!?*

My Wanting hasn't necessarily Diminished for certain things... but now I just hesitate to Acquire... Yes, even Ephemera!  *Double Gasp!!!*   Not that Ephemera takes up much room mind you, but you do reach Saturation Point on how much any Sane Person should have, you know?  *Winks*

Now, some things are on the New Home 'Wish List' for when the Old Homestead Sells and the Budget has more leeway... since we NEED them and it's not just a Wanting... like new Bedding... which I Plan to purchase from my Talented Friend Minnie's New Bedding Line.

Necessity household items I'm Upgrading for the New Home as I Purge those we've had a long time and are wearing out or we're just 'Over'.  *LOL*

And The Man and I are still Contemplating some Necessary New Furnishings for when we have Savings built up to buy Anchor Pieces we NEED and don't just Want.

And though sometimes it seems as tho' the line is blurred between what I think I NEED and what I actually just Want... I do actually know the difference and have more Restraint in me than one might initially think I have.  *Smiles*

I just don't buy anything we really cannot Afford... that's Key to not getting carried away with Wantings.   I might Finance a True Need, but I won't go into any kind of Debt for a Wanting.

And some things are BOTH... really WANT it badly... and NEED it... but not right away... like this Fabu Chair... so will have to just Hope someone else doesn't buy it before I can Save up for it?  I Forgot to even seek it out Today to see if it WAS still there?

But this one thing I KNOW... there is always a Wealth of the Good Stuff to go around... so even if you have to Pass... for whatever reason... you can always get a Second Chance to 'Score' something Special later on.

That is why I rarely, if ever, have this sense of Urgency at any Event or Sale to absolutely go to the dirt with anyone over anything... don't need to... eventually I'll Find something else if they get to it before I do that time.

The ones that Got Away rarely ever Haunt me actually... they just were not meant to be mine I figure... and what does come my way ends up being Perfect so it's all Good!

Yes, during the Last Chance Pilgrimage for this Event I even Surprised myself by only coming away with a Book and a Magazine!   And I was Perfectly Content with that... because it is a Fantastic Book and an Issue of a Publication I really Enjoy... so it was Just Enough... but not Too Much.

And besides, I always have my Sweet Friends on the Lookout for me so as to 'Score' those Elusive Gotta Have It Treasures that we Hope to Find one day!  *Winks*   And be sure to come back since I still have the Finale' Post before it's a Wrap on this Month's Eye Candy my Friends!

*NOTE: A few Beautiful Images Courtesy of the Sweet Salvage site!*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I can see how you could acquire tons of cool stuff---your places to pick...and these events are mind blowing. Picking here seems to be more restrained---people throw more away then they donate or they sell so high it's not a deal. Pickers aren't as brave as your taste or some of mine.

    Great posts here, and kudos to you for putting the brakes on buying. 'She' with the most when she dies wins!---maybe---but not for those left behind(I mutter as I dig through multi-totes of presidential plates with the presidents and wives all with slanted eyes and ugly gold rims.) My mom had her moments---never afraid to buy staffordshire, chipped, dinged or dented, because she couldn't afford flawless, but then buying dozens of ugly things --thinking they would be 'collectible'.

    Always enjoy your posts, and smile before I even open them, THANKS, Sandi


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