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Sweet Salvage ~ A Green Acres Event Finale' Post

As we cover our Finale' Post of the Event for this Month, lets Talk... about The Thrill Of The Hunt!

Does your Pulse Quicken as you near any place that looks Promising for the Thrill of the Hunt?  Any place that you are Assured of  finding Treasures of some kind?

Are there Favorite Spots you get absolutely Junque Drunk when Visiting?

Or have you stumbled upon a Secret Spot you didn't even know Existed and have it be a Mind Blown Experience and Honey Hole of Found Treasures?  Perhaps even Virgin Territory... and you will be it's FIRST?  *Winks*

Do you Free Style whenever you get the opportunity?  Hoping to Discover something previously Unknown to you... or perhaps to anyone else for that matter?

Do you Prefer those Favorite Haunts where you know you're gonna Find SOMETHING because you almost never come away disappointed or empty-handed?

Or does it even matter to you?   Whether your Adventure nets you the Motherlode... or nothing at all... is it the Experience itself that was the most Thrilling part for you regardless of Outcome? 

You see... to me... it is ALL about the Thrill Of The Hunt... of Discovery.  Of digging and wading thru things to Find that Special Somethin'-Somethin' that could be Lost, Forgotten or simply buried amid the 'meh' stuff. 

 Even if just visually Scavenging... but all the better if I get my hands dirty doing it and have that Fresh from the Farm Experience that others might avoid or find distasteful.  Or gleaning those Objects that have the Possibilities... the Salvage Treasures that look like nothing particularly Special to most, but to you, well, it's like Discovering Golden Nuggets!

Maybe it was not the Thing itself... but the sum of it's Parts that made your Pulse Race as you spied it... that one Great Thing attached to something you weren't all that Interested in really.

Maybe it was just the Patina of the Treasure... or the Details... or the Provenance that made it Speak to you... made you NEED to have it for yourself?

Or perhaps a certain Genre that every time you Find something of that ilk, well, it's your particular 'Thing', whatever that may be?

Perhaps you don't Need nor Want another single Thing... and yet... when you are a Hunter-Gatherer Type, there just is no Telling what might still come Home with you on a Forray?  Because in many ways, those of us Born to Do this and Hard Wired to Feel this way, we're all somewhat the Same... like an Extended Family of sorts, cut from the same Cloth!

While at the Event I bought a really Great Book about Collecting and Collectors that Intrigued me... because it went into great depth about the Whys we might do it and the Imagery was Freakin' Awesome!!!   I totally Connected with the Author and her Friends Profiled in this Book... because though it was about her and the Friends who were a part of the Story... well, she could have been describing ME, down to the most Intimate Details and Feelings!   *Gasp!*

Even the Humorous Nicknames given could be describing ME!  *LOL*  Yes, I could be The Queen of Muchness... or the American Nomad... or the Preservationist... or the Saint of Patina... or the Artist of Found Objects... or any of the several Others Profiled... yes, I could be ANY of  them too!  *Ha ha*

And Yes... some of these Images and Collections could be MY Home... so Similar in fact that it was Eeerie, like I might have Long Lost Relatives scattered about that I didn't even know about!?   But the Similarities were striking to almost ALL of these Kindred Spirits... our Passions and our Urges... and Why we probably do what we do.   And those Images, I was pouring over them ravenously... it was literally Feeding my Soul this Eye Candy that was Ideal to my own Aesthetic and way of Being!

The Style of Writing about it was as if she was inside my own Head... or Reading my Mail... or that she and I were One and the Same Person residing in two different bodies!?!   I knew I wouldn't be able to put the Book down easily with the Opening Introduction... "Once upon a time there was a Girl who Loved too many things..."

Yes, yes, there was... well, IS... let's not talk about myself in the Past Tense... even tho' I'm making Noble Efforts to Downsize... to Edit, to Purge, to Simplify Life... at my Core I am Still and Always Will Be THAT Girl.   *Smiles*

And perhaps YOU are that Girl or that Guy TOO?   And perhaps that is why you come here... and find a Connection... because we're so Similar?   And Finding one's People, one's Tribe, well... it is as Important as us Finding all that Cool Stuff isn't it?  *Winks*

When one of Our Own even Buys that Thing we were Coveting it's somehow Okay... and we can be Glad for them 'Scoring' it... maybe even without too much Envy?  *LOL*

Okay, well maybe just a teensy weensy bit of the Ugly Green Monster rising up because it would have looked so Splendid coming Home to OUR Lair... but after all, a Forbidden Love Affair would only get us in Trouble so it's probably just as well it went off to Live with someone else, right?  *Ha ha ha* 

After all DESIRE is such an Interesting thing isn't it?   I mean, we CAN Desire what other people have... and that is precisely Why we often want a Peep inside of the World of Others and what they Possess... to Admire and that we too Desire and Hope to Attain one day, or at least a reasonable facsimile!  *Smiles*  Why do you think Style Blogs, Decorating Books and Magazines are so Popular... it lets us IN, as Welcome and Invited Trespassers!!!  *LOL*

The Book discussed such things as Desire... Possessed... Memory... Need... Guilt... Belongingness... More Is Better and If Only I Had A Place For This... Good Lord, I could Relate to ALL of that in some form or another about the way I AM.   I've made Peace with that Girl, there was no use Resisting and Fighting her really and in many ways I totally had Contentment with this State of Being!   It was mostly Others that didn't!  *Winks*

You have too much Stuff many would say... and they were right... I did... and it was only bothersome to me when I didn't have enough room to Display or Organize it the way I Desired to... the way it would be Respected as more than just Too Much Stuff as a Collective Whole!

Yes, in a more Curated Environment it would hold it's own as being Worthy of having... of Keeping... of Collecting... in the Eyes of most.   I Guess I've never been among 'most'... but knowing there ARE others like me is Comforting!  *Smiles*

You start thinking, whew, well maybe that means I'm NOT such a Misfit... such an Anomaly in what I am Driven to do and how I Choose to Live and Feather our Nest?   Perhaps... it's relatively Normal in fact?  Okay, so that's a stretch, I know, but we can be pretty Delusional too about our State of Being.  *Ha ha ha*

I once heard a very Odd and fairly out of Control Person on a Reality Show shout out at the top of his lungs, "Too much of anything is just right..." as they hauled him away... in handcuffs... *Smiles*... and it was a bit unsettling really that I Smiled, Related and Agreed with that Sentiment in Unity with this Lunatic fellow that stood out as quite the Abnormal Dude that he was!  *Bwahahahaha!*

Have you ever felt more of a Connection to what wasn't the Norm?   Sometimes I didn't even realize what the Norm was... because I so didn't Connect to those in that kind of Circle... so I didn't have very much Exposure to it having not moved in those Circles!  *Ha ha ha*

And I rather Preferred moving in the Circles that I did... because they were My kinda peeps... and so it was well within my own Comfort Zone to Roll with those like me.   The Scavengers... the Hunter Gatherers... the Artists... the Collectors... the sometimes Weird and Wonderful Folks.

Soul Mates one and all... and I Suspect you Could be one of them?  One of US?   In fact, I'm pretty Sure you are if you're still here?  *Winks*   Welcome to the Tribe... YOUR Tribe... and Mine.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So happy for you that you found that book! Sounds and looks like one I would enjoy too! Are you through clearing out the old Homestead, haven't heard about it for awhile!

    1. Main House and Art Studio Cottage are DONE! Yay... about 98% done on Storage Cottage... and The Son and his Friends went thru The Man's Workshop Cottage and Storage Sheds already... so my Hope is that this Sunday we can finish the 3% or so left and Show it to Investors by next week!? Dawn... The Bohemian


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