Sunday, January 10, 2016

Still Wanna Feel Lucky?

So... I didn't hit the Mega Power Ball Win last Night, apparently nobody did... but you still wanna Feel Lucky?   Just go Pickin'... which is precisely what Princess T and I did and boy did we Win and Feel Lucky... and it was only slightly more expensive than our Power Ball Losing Ticket!  *Winks*   I Scored this Antique Porcelain Doll in a Wedding Dress with her Pearl Necklace for less than a Power Ball Ticket... yep, less than Two Bucks!  Booyah... Winner and a tiny Celebration!

Am I still gonna Play for Wednesday Night's Billion Plus Rollover Win Drawing... well, DUH!  I could probably handle being a Billionaire... albeit probably a very Paranoid one!  *Ha ha ha*  I haven't really settled in my Spirit just how much Money would be too much to handle, have you?  I mean, I'd still wanna be a Normal Human Being Living a Normal Life... and are Billionaires really Normal Human Beings anymore Living a Normal Life?   And then I remembered, I'm not a Normal Human Being Living a Normal Life anyway, so what the Hell... go for it!  *Bwahahaha!*

And while I was Contemplating my sense of Normalcy I was Hunting for Tiny Crowns for my Taxidermy.  *Ha ha ha*  Originally I wanted a Santos Crown for my Piranha and found this one on Sale, Charm sized, for a Dollar... Score!   But it kept slipping off his not so flat Piranha Head and was smaller than he needed anyway, so it became my Gator Letter Opener's Crown instead... yes, Perfectly Normal, right?  *Winks*

So let us suffice to say that tho' my Lottery Win was not in the Cards this date... for randomly selecting Numbers to Score close to a Billion Bucks... I was randomly Finding Cool Treasures that made me Feel Lucky anyway.  So I put those Skills to the Test at Home too in order to Locate some Missing Treasures that were becoming an Obsession to Find again after the Move.  You know how sometimes after an Epic Move you Panic about Losing certain Beloved Items?  Yeah, Fixation upon such things for me was Intense!  Especially this Tiny Treasure given to me by my European Gran-Gran... a Seventeen-Eighty-Eight Anglesey Mines Halfpenny with a Druid on the Front.

It's one of my most Cherished Possessions and very Sentimental... and still so Ornate and Beautiful in spite of it's Advanced Age and I was Delighted to Find it again, still at the Old Homestead and tucked away somewhere very Obscure so that it would be Safe... you know, when you Hide things so well from potential Intruders even YOU can't Find it again?!  *LOL*  What a Relief it was to know I hadn't Lost it, but almost left it behind!  *Whew*  And this is precisely why I'm going thru the Old Homestead now with a fine tooth comb before flipping it... to Ensure nothing Special got left behind!?

Along the edge it states "Payable in Anglesey, London or Liverpool" ... Period... that's the very Limited scope of where one could spend their Hard acquired Earnings in the Seventeen Hundreds!   Of coarse, I doubt folks Traveled much outside of their Territories like Today anyway... even my Mom had not Traveled extensively outside of her Home Town in Wales until she met my Dad the Nomad, who never stayed put.  *Smiles*   They were a Perfect Match actually since Mom had the Wanderlust in her Soul and Loved Traveling extensively, so clearly it was in her Blood to given the Opportunity.  But I'm Thankful that Today our Hard Earned Money can be spent just about anywhere and not such a Limited scope!  *Whew* 

And speaking of Opportunity I haven't had much of it to go Pickin' and I was getting itchy feet to go on a Good Pick even tho' the dreaded Budget was still in Recovery from the Holidays.  *Smiles*  But if we spend less than Ten Bucks for everything I told Princess T, we're within paltry Budget, so lets go for it!   And we did... and I Scored this Quartet of Tiny Vintage Baby Christmas Reindeer too.

For about a Dime apiece I was Jazzed to add them to the Christmas Collectibles... which are still out and so the new Vintage Quartet just joined a Vignette already in progress.  *Winks*   I'm just not Feeling like taking Christmas down yet, so I haven't... it's been Colder than usual and so the Christmas Spirit just lingers Nicely with this unseasonably Cold and Wet Weather we're having.  If I'm going to sit around sipping Hot Tea and Coffee then I want to be surrounded by Holiday Wintery Ambiance for a while longer.

Another Lost Find at the Old Homestead I Discovered in the Art Studio Cottage as I finished clearing it out of it's contents was this Sweet Old Metal Matchbox that doubles as an Ashtray on the inside.   I've never smoked and don't allow Smoking in our Home, but I still like such Unusual Collectibles and especially when they can double for Storage of Tiny Treasures.

This one has seen a lot of Use for it's Purpose and so I don't Store anything in it, even though I've cleaned it up, but I could utilize it to Hide Tiny Treasures and isn't that part of the Allure after all... the Possibilities?  *Winks*

Now The Princess was remiss that Gramma was Finding all this Cool Stuff and she was having a Dry Spell during our Pick... until... we Scored this large bag filled with Victorian Inspired real Wood and Red Velvet Upholstered Adorable Furnishings for her Doll House for about a Dollar!  *Booyah and a Sigh of Relief!  Whew!*   And it goes Splendidly with her Lime Green Walls since this is a Colorful Kid who is very Bold about Color and throws the Color Wheel out the window... who says certain Colors don't go together, who made those stupid Rules anyway she contends!??!?

If the entire Pick wasn't to go Left clearly she HAD to Score something Awesome too!  *LOL*   And that's not just becoz she's a little Kid, if you've ever gone on a Pick with your Posse, of any Age, everyone has to Score something Awesome, it's the one RULE we're totally Okay with!  *Winks*   We'll just keep at it until everyone does... just sayin' ... I'm completely Down for that Sacrifice of Time, since on a Good Pick Time stands still for me anyways, so what the Hell... what's a few more hours of Intense Fun, right?  *Ha ha ha* 

The Problems rarely come on the Pick anyway... it comes with her tenacity once Home to Insist that Gramma Assist with the endless set-up and Photography of all of her new Vignettes in the House of the Dolls.  *Smiles*   Wait a minute... so THAT'S where my Persian Rug Mouse Pad ended up... on the Living Room Floor of said House of the Dolls!  *LOL*   And as you can plainly see, most of her LPS Endure her endless Makeovers too... so I'm pretty sure she also got into my Art Supply Stashes to Glitterfy some of them!??!?!   I'm pretty Sure he didn't come with those Blue Glitterized Ears, Muzzle and Pedicure?!?   *Smiles*

And don't Judge me too harshly that I cannot also spend endless hours of my day Styling a Doll House as a Minion of a very particular OCD Beast Princess who one would think is Preparing for an Epic Photo Shoot of a well known Publication or Popular Event... so everything has to be Just So!

But it looks just Fine to me I says as we Prep for the Photo Shoot of the Kitchen.   Well, it's NOT she Protests, the Pantry is a Mess, we MUST Organize the Pantry... and Dust... there's Dust on some of this New Furniture she insists!   What!!!??!?   We aren't even Organizing nor Dusting my Pantry and Furniture here at the Real Villa Boheme'!!!   And besides... it's the Sabbath... so shouldn't we be Resting Today?   God Rested I reminded her... she's NOT buying it... God Deserved a Rest for all that He did, apparently I do not in her Mind and still have much Work to do this Sabbath Day!?  *Ha ha ha*

But look... he's resting... I point to the LPS whose Enjoying a good Lounge in his Newly Scored Crib that she's Pimped out all Comfortably for him!   But he's not REAL she Deadpans Wednesday Addams Style... so what, if I'm Real in her World I don't get any Rest... well that Sucks!

But I can Play the Game very Well too... this Delegation of Work Thing to anyone I can Recruit as a Minion!   So... how come the Bathroom of the House of the Dolls looks so Clean and Organized and your En Suite does NOT?  *Evil Cackle*  That Question lingers in the air in uncomfortable Silence for a minute before she lets me Escape... but only to Blog about her Wonderful New Furnishings and how they've been Styled in the House of the Dolls... and she'll be checking in... to see if they made it in this Post!?  *Winks*

And I Assure her that Yes, I did get enough Blog Fodder of her Stylish Efforts.   Because in actuality I do Enjoy seeing her Creative Process when she Decorates, Styles and Creates anything... her Perspective and Point of View is duly Appreciated by Gramma and she knows that.   I just cannot Hang like a Ten Year Old anymore when it comes to playing House... Lord knows I got enough of Playing House in Reality, Right... don't we all?!  *Winks*

And so I walk past all of the Vintage Typeset Drawers that she Confiscated from my own Art Studio and which now have been given a Colorful Makeover to suit my Colorful Princess to Stash and Organize her Tiny Treasures... and I realize just where she got the Tendency to Collect Tiny Hoards and Enjoy them so much... yep, the Apple didn't fall far from the Trees...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... where we're Feeling Beyond Lucky... we're Truly Blessed... with or without that Big Lottery Win... But a Big Lottery Win would be an Added Blessing Lord... just sayin'... Winks... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Gosh did you go to thrift stores, flea markets or antique malls for those bargains?

    1. We go everywhere looking for a good bargain! It's not as easy as it used to be to find them, but they're still out there if you Enjoy the Thrill of the Hunt!... Dawn... The Bohemian


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