Sunday, January 17, 2016

No Kids Today... So Let's Go Play!

So... The Young Prince's Dad agreed to take BOTH of the G-Kid Force for the Holiday Weekend and we couldn't drop them off fast enough this Saturday Morning before he changed his Mind!  *LOL*  Taking BOTH of them is Risky Business, it could go totally Left... and Prince D's little Brother is only Three, so it's bound to be a handful and the Adults will be outnumbered... but do we feel even a teensy bit Guilty... Naw!  *Ha ha ha*   No Kid's Today... so let's go Play was on our Mind!  It's a Rare Op that The Man and I seldom get, spending Quality Time Together Kidless!

And if any Victim ... ummm... I mean Volunteer... steps up to give us a Rare Respite, well, you don't have to Threaten me with a Good Time... I'm totally Down for the Offer in a Heartbeat!  *Winks*  I swear we burned rubber Exiting Stage Right after depositing them on the doorstep... we didn't want to give Princess T any leeway to suddenly have Separation Anxiety about not being affixed to my hip like a conjoined Twin!   Her Big Brother and his Dad had waited to let her know she was going to spend the Weekend too so that she wouldn't have too much Time to Waffle... she's a Notorious Waffler that Kid!  *Le Sigh*

There's so many Fun things she won't even try to do due to Excessive Timidity and Anxiety, so sometimes we have to Insist she have a Good Time doing something... and then she ultimately does... otherwise she would almost always miss out.   Raising a Timid Child you have to push them Gently out of their Comfort Zone towards a Good Time... and then Run like Hell before they can get Clingy!  *Ha ha ha*  Once you're out of Sight the Adjustment is Swift and usually when we come to pick her up, she's the one hesitant to leave and wanting to linger.

And since she does not have Paternal Relatives in this Country that can Invite her... we're very Thankful that her Big Brother's Paternal Relatives sometimes do so that she doesn't feel left out or missing out on what her Brother is Enjoying with Extended Family.   Being that she's very Clingy of me though and rarely wants me out of her sight, it is still difficult to get her to agree to go to anything she's Invited to, no matter how Fun.  So when she seems Down for it, well, I can get her ready at the drop of a Hat and before she Waffles or gets all Fearful!  *Winks*  The Young Prince and I have become Masterful Encouragers that Yes, she IS going to have a Stellar Time, Trust us!

And that takes me then to the other Challenge... being a Masterful Encourager to The Man that Yes, he IS going to have a Stellar Time too being dragged around by me while we have this Rare Opportunity to be Kidless and Together doing something... anything!  *Ha ha ha*  Yes Honey, you ARE having a Good Time... and the Interruption to your Routine will be Good for you... I Promise!  *LOL*  I am Learning that those with TBI are quite Attached to their Routines and Comfort Zones... so breaking Free from them is very difficult and can sometimes be Anxiety ridden.   But I simply must get him out of that Recliner in front of the TV and in Motion for Health and Socialization Reasons that will Challenge him to keep Improving in his Recovery Process and keep me Sane!  He LOOKS like he's having a Good Time, No?  *Winks*  Fearful, but being Coaxed to Roll with it and Trust me.

And No, I'm not being Monstrous about it... he actually did very, very Well and I was quite Proud of him for allowing such Exposure to what I knew isn't entirely Comfortable to him yet... but is getting better than it used to be for him.  My Friends are a Huge Encouragement to him too and though he sometimes can't Remember them or previous encounters, the fact they clearly know him and Care how he's doing and tell him how much Progress he's making since the last time they saw him makes him Feel really Good and more Confident.   I took him to his Favorite Restaurants for Brunch and then Dinner... and one was very busy and he handled the Crowds so well this time!  We stayed thru the entire Meal without an Anxiety Attack and having to box it all up and leave prematurely!  *Yay!*

Though he Prefers to stay Home and stick to his Routine and can be left alone now for when I Need, Have To or Want to do something... he knows I really miss OUR Time Together doing things... so I am Glad that he's trying every once in a while to Join me.  It's usually too difficult for him if we have the G-Kid Force in tow too, because that is a LOT of Activity and Mediating going on to be able to DO anything in a Calm or Orderly Fashion and without any Drama.  *Ha ha ha*   And usually at least one of them will stay Home with him and I'll take the other one... which works out very well since then everyone is adequately covered and Assisting one another.  But we're trying to get everyone into a more Semi-Independent and Confident place and it's Fantastic to see Progress in that direction for them all!  *Whew!*

Everyone's Mood Regulation is Improving that way and Anxiety Levels are Diminishing... none of them is having so many full blown Panic Attacks anymore either if we keep Increasing Exposure to things and they realize they won't Die in The Process of Enduring just a little more than they're totally Comfortable with!  *Smiles*    See... you didn't Die having a Sleepover Princess T, did you?   And what were the Fun things you can tell me about that you got to Experience by Doing it?  She and the Tiny Prince Adore each other so I know that makes it easier for his Parents too having a Younger one there to Play with him.  Since his Big Brother, being a Teenager, doesn't have a lot in common with nor a great deal of Patience for what a Three Year Old Little Brother Loves to Do!  *Smiles*  The Young Prince's Take on the Tiny Prince is, he's Cute and I Love him but he can be SO Annoying and wear me out!  *Ha ha ha*

Suffice to say that once again this will be the best form of Birth Control EVER for a Teenage Boy to spend a fair amount of Quality Time with very Young Children or Babies... he's now Convinced he NEVER wants to have Children of his own!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!!!!*   It Worked for The Son too in his Youth... since he was an Uncle at a very Young Age and having Parents Raising some of your Nieces and Nephews was a most EXCELLENT form of Birth Control!!!  *Winks*   Ah yes, the Little Angels can really give a Young Man or Young Woman a Reality Check can't they?  *Smiles*  Yeah, it's a lot of Work and requires a lot of Sacrifice so don't enter into it Eyes wide Shut or not Ready and up to the Job!

And The Man also did not Die being dragged around to several of my Favorite Haunts loaded with Beautiful Objects and plenty of Inspiration for Home Decorating.  *Smiles*  We're still both Imagining how we want to Transform New Villa Boheme' when we get ample Time to Devote to that Project?!?   So it's Nice to go Together, to Dream and discuss what types of Decor and Styling we both are in Agreement with so that I get a Feel for a Mutually Desired Atmosphere in our New Home.  He would Encourage me to Decorate it any which way I want, but I would rather we decide Together about any potential Major Purchases and Statement Pieces so I know what to Seek out when the Time comes?

For this particular Post we're taking you along with us to my Friend Shelly's Shop RUST AND ROSES.  We will take you along to most of the Shops we visited this day as we Window Shopped in Future Posts and you will overdose with Eye Candy and Inspiration I Assure you!  So be sure to come back for the Series of Post of our latest Adventure sans Kiddos!  *Winks*

And in case you haven't heard or gotten your Copy yet, my Friend Shelly was Profiled in the Brand New Publication and Premier Issue {by the very Talented Fifi O'Neill} of BOHO STYLE Magazine!  So Thrilled that one of my Talented Friends is being Featured, Shelly does Boho Style so well and her Vintage Caravan R&R Mini Manse is to Die For!  The Kiddos and I have spent many a time in it Imagining it as our own!  *Winks*  Of coarse Boho Style being totally MY Style and Thing so I J'Adore this New Magazine and the Coverage it is giving Bohemian Living and Styling!  A Style which has been sorely neglected in the past in Print... so Kudos also to Fifi for giving us Boho folks a Magazine with the Inspiration, Style and Images we Love and Live!

But I must say that The Man is Glad that I'm Considering a Melding of other Styling in our New Home as well since he tends to Gravitate towards the Vintage Industrial... and to Organic Vibes of a Tuscan Villa that the New Home lends itself very Well to.   I've always preferred an Eclectic Blend of Styles, it makes it more your own and Distinctive to your Personalities and Tastes.  Finding that right Balance of Styles that makes your Home Feel just Right to you and Reflects your Essence is so much Fun!

Knowing what we already have and what we'd still like to Find for our Home and putting it all Together via The Thrill Of The Hunt is a Rush!  Today it was just Window Shopping... and we can have as much Fun doing that and deciding what to put on our Wish List of Objects and how to Tweak the Styling at Home as when we're actually buying something and bringing it Home as a 'Score'.

Now, he'll probably Confess that I probably Enjoy the Acquisition part more than he does... but he does Enjoy going to look at various things and Helping me to Tweak the Vision by pointing out Quality, Construction and all of the Knowledge he has about Materials, Wood and Furniture.  He is a Wealth of Knowledge about all of that and Thankfully none of that was Lost to his Memory after the Catastrophic Accident!  *Whew!*  If I Find something I Like he can tell me so much about it that I wouldn't necessarily know the Details about and that makes Value and Choices more Fine Tuned before we make a Major Purchase.   I know what I know, but it's always Good to have a Partner that has their own areas of Expertise to Add to the Data Base of Knowledge.

He had to Smile when he saw some of the Taxidermy in my Friend Pauline's Space... knowing that she likes to Pimp Out her Mounts with Bling and Dress them up just as much as his Dear Wifey does!  *Ha ha ha*   What are the Odds that your Quirky Wife would have so many equally Quirky Friends... since he never knew anyone before he met me that did such things and Loved such things!?  *Bwahahaha!*   Well, you know what they say... Birds of a Feather Flock Together!  True that!

Totally had a Lustfest with the Baby Ostrich Hatchling Taxidermy!  I really Felt I NEEDED this Piece... alas, not within Paltry Budget... well, mebbe they'll still be around after the Old Homestead Sells, you never know?  I'll just have to put my Mojo all over them... like a Dog marking it's Territory!  *Ha ha ha*

Well my Friends, be sure to Join us again in the next Post coming up... which will take you on a Fashion Adventure to my Friend Katie's Boutique Space...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn, you've made my day! How lovely that you had such a great time, with The Man. I wish you many more. Blessings

  2. So Happy For You Both! And especially that the day didn't go sour! It's wonderful to know that all of them are making improvement with their an
    xiety problems! God Bless You All!


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