Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hello... Is It Me You're Looking For?

I know, now you've probably got that old Lionel Richie chorus looping thru your head!?  *Winks*  But this Post is actually about unpacking... which I've delayed for several months now and never really got back around to like I'd Planned.  Remember... that Plan I had about unpacking at least a box or two a day?  Well... never happened!  *Bwahahaha!*  But you know how sometimes it bugs you that you can't find a particular thing you haven't unpacked yet... to the point of near Obsession to Locate it!?  *LOL*  Luckily you Find a bunch of other Precious Treasures to unpack accidentally so it does make it a Productive Obsession and Project... since I can get SO much done when I'm Madly Obsessive!  *LOL*

So... the OCD kicked into overdrive with me in my Quest slash Obsession to Locate a particular Valentine's Day Heart that I wanted to add to my now blossoming Valentine's Day Vignettes... which replaced Christmas after it was finally taken down a Month late.   So... I was a Woman on a Mission... the Family HATE that, because when I'm Obsessed, I'm like a Dog with a Bone about it... it becomes my entire Focus and Mission in Life!  *Ha ha ha*   So... since I was tackling the entire slew of boxes and crates stacked halfway to the ceiling in the double car Garage area, since hardly any are Labeled anymore that still need unpacking {Le Sigh} it was a gargantuan Mission Impossible!

So, Yes, though that damned Heart wasn't in Ninety-Nine Point Nine Percent of the crates and boxes I looked thru FIRST, I managed to unpack my entire Carnival Kitsch Collection... and my entire Spiritual Figurine Collection... and get them put into Cabinets that had remained empty for the past Seven plus Months!  Me having anything empty for that long is a new Record... me NOT filling those empty shelves up with NEWLY Found Treasures was Miraculous Restraint I Normally don't Possess!  *Ha ha ha* 

  I hadn't even purchased any newly Found Treasures in fact!  *Gasp*  See...Miracles were in fact abounding thruout this Obsessive Mission!  No... I didn't have a Meltdown... I didn't give up... I didn't give in... I didn't give out 'til said Valentine's Day Heart was located!   IN THE LAST BOX I LOOKED THRU, I Swear to God... that alone SHOULD have sent me right over the Edge... but it didn't!  *Smiles*

And you wanna know Why I kept it Together so Well?   Because it was such a Thrill... after almost a Year of being packed away... to Re-Unite with all of my absolute Favorite Treasures and Collections once again!   Like meeting up with an Old Friend you haven't seen in way too long!   To be able to Re-Live the Memories of each and every one as I unpacked them and put them in their New Place to be Showcased in our, and their, New Home!   These are Mom's English Staffordshire Fair Dogs she gave to me just before she left for California.   She used to have several sets but in my Parent's many Nomadic Moves only this Pair incurred no damage over the decades.  To see that all these Precious Objects had made it over here intact during my Move was such a Relief.  

 So my long protracted Process of packing it all up so Carefully had been Worth all that extra Effort and Time spent!  People cannot Believe how long this Move has taken me... and some probably got slightly Annoyed that I went about it so Methodically and Just So, Insisting on not Rushing or allowing anyone who would Rush and be Impatient to Assist me.   But it was Important to me to do it Properly and not in Haste... to take my time and as long as it would take would just have to be Okay.  After all, these are MY Beloved Treasures and I didn't want anything to happen to ANY of them... so I was quite Anal about my Process of packing and transporting it all... and then unpacking it when the time finally came to get around to it!

And of coarse the Re-Styling of it all and Creating New Vignettes in our New Spaces was so much Fun that it wasn't really like Work to me anyway.   So I spent quite a bit of Time doing that too... much to the chagrin of the Family since not much else I NEEDED to do was actually getting Done while I Played with my newly unpacked Old Treasures!  *Winks*   I kinda get Lost in the Process of Decorating... do you?   I'm in my own Bubble when I'm arranging and re-arranging my Stuff and I totally lose track of Time... or what hasn't gotten Done... like preparing Meals for hungry people... or going Shopping for Groceries... helping with Homework... or any number of other mundane tasks now Sidelined and completely out of Mind!  *Ooops!  Ha ha ha*

Forgive me... I haven't Played with my Stuff for Months now... and Re-Uniting with it was like the Reunion with Old Friends you haven't seen in ages... and you know how that goes... nothing else Exists while you Catch Up and Enjoy each other!  *Bwahahahaha*   So I was hearing a lot of loud Sighs and Stage Whispers from the Peanut Gallery... Complaints I totally Ignored... after all, I was Milking that Quest for the Elusive Valentine's Day Heart for all it was worth!  *Winks*   And I could always Shut them Up by threatening to be Recruiting them to HELP me look for said Heart... which would involve Work and heavy lifting... over and over again as I went thru every box out there!   *Ha ha ha*   Yeah, that ALWAYS Shuts up your Worst Critics don't it?  *Tee Hee*

After all, who in their Right Mind would want to be sucked into someone else's Obsession?!  *Bwahahahaha*   No... they would let me go Insane all on my own Thank You... just remember to take Breaks Gramma... and when you do, could you PERHAPS Cook something for us to eat?  {That's a BREAK?  LOL}    And The Man would just show up from time to time while I was deep into my Quest and just stand there like a Lost Soul... Hoping I might Notice him and ask what he needed now... not a Chance!  *Winks*    So then he'd wander off and leave me be, lest he waken the She Beast that was vainly seeking Valentine's Day Heart!  *Ha ha ha... what Irony, huh?*

Now I was Finding all kinds of Freakin' Hearts... but NOT the one I was actually Seeking!   And in the most Absurd places I might add... Good Lord I'd Stashed Stuff in just about every unlikely Container and then packed them into the Moving Boxes so it was like a Treasure Hunt inside of a Treasure Hunt!   Every time I unpacked a Container that might contain something... I'd have to open it too to find out what I'd Stashed in there?   Lucky for me these Rusty Heart Ornaments for the Valentine's Day Tree were Found in one of those most unlikely Containers... and since I would be Needing them too... it circumvented another Obsessive Mission later on!  *Whew*   I can only Handle one Obsession at a time you see!  *Winks*

And tho' finding most of my Valentine's Day Heart Collection was nice because the Vignette was coming together... you know how it is when the ONE thing you Intended to Locate just isn't turning up?   Maddening!   But I decided to keep adding to the Vignette for Valentine's Day and perhaps the Finishing Touch would be the Elusive Heart?   So I kept at the Hunt for it... knowing I still hadn't uncovered all of my Hearts anyway so it would be better if I could find at least most of them for this Valentine's Day?

And when I FINALLY Found THE ONE I had been Obsessively Seeking... well Ta Da Freakin' Ha, I could finally STOP!  *Ha ha ha*   Everyone was Relieved I had Found it, since the Quest had gone on for two days!   *Whew!* Though it was good because a lot of Stuff got unpacked from the twenty or so boxes and crates I'd waded thru before Locating it.   And I'd re-organized what I didn't choose to unpack right now into tidier towers... which are the items I'll probably Edit, Curate and Purge more later.  So it had made me realize that when I get Committed to the unpacking Process I can get a LOT more accomplished in a relatively shorter time than I ever Imagined.   And here is the Elusive Heart that sent me on the Mission... it's one of my Favorites and Created by a Talented Artist from Texas, Binky Morgan, that I really Admire the Work and Aesthetic of since her Style and Love of the decrepit are very similar to my own.

And my Valentine's Day Vignette was Complete once the Elusive Heart got Found and added to it.   Princess T had even Found me some Valentine's Day Cards with Dia de los Muertos Skullies on them while she was picking out the Grumpy Cat Valentine's Day Cards for her Class.   Talk about combining two Fav Holidays for a truly eclectic mix I'd just Love and would be just My Style!  *Ha ha ha*   So of coarse I hadda buy em to add to my Valentine's Day Vignette!  *Smiles*

And of coarse it wouldn't be everyone's Taste in Decorating for a Romantic Holiday... but it would Naturally be Mine... so nobody raised an eyebrow or thought it the least bit Odd, including The Man, who is used to my Quirks more than just about anyone.  *LOL*   He was just Glad I hadn't come unraveled trying to Locate that Elusive Heart that gave me such a Workout and Torment to Find!  *Smiles*   Yeah, that Heart made me Work for it being uncovered... and sometimes those are the most Satisfying Discoveries aren't they?   You Feel so Accomplished when you Finally have the Victory of Locating that ONE thing you had become completely Obsessed about!

And Seriously, I had uncovered even more of my Favorite Things that are Perfect for Valentine's Day Decor and were Created by some of my other Favorite Artists like my Becky Edwards Heart Journal... which is that Metal and inlaid China Crown one with the Blue Seam Binding Bow...

And my pair of Wooden and Floral Tole Laura Van Hearts... and of coarse the Tree full of my Rusty Heart Ornaments I Created...

And the Motherlode of my Flower Frog Hoard... um, I mean Collection, which was scattered in numerous boxes and crates.  Now I can begin utilizing them again to Display Ephemera, Photos and add to Vignettes since I have this Thing for Old Flower Frogs and never met one I didn't Like and so I'm Greedy about Hoarding them up!  *LOL* 

So the Collection hasn't really been downsized very much at all during any of the Great Edits and Purges, it just continues to Expand as I come across MORE, Glorious MORE!!!  *Winks*   In fact, I inadvertently Inherited some unknown Person's Hoard of them during a Pick once where I Discovered a Box Lot of them for a pittance... my Heart fairly bolted out of my Chest that day and I could barely contain my Excitement!   Nobody around me could quite Understand why I was so Stealthy and Junque Drunk since they'd all passed them up like it wasn't so Special!  

Don't you just Love it that what you J'Adore is practically Invisible to the masses so you get it all to yourself and usually at a Bargain!?   Well, until it Trends, or you get TOO Excited and then everyone around you starts to pay closer attention to whatever it is you're Freakin' Out about Finding!!  *Ooops, reel yourself in Dawn and act more nonchalant!*   I always Hope I have amassed enough before that happens so I can then Profit off my Strange Obsessions and have more than enough for Self and no Competition... since I want it ALL, Greedy me!?!??!  *LOL*

The G-Kid Force always Reminds me that I should probably leave some for somebody else.  *What?* Yeah, they Call me Out on my Greed when it comes to my Desire to scoop up every last one of something I J'Adore.  They Remind me that it's Okay not to Own every last one of something I Love that can be Found on the face of this Earth!  *Ha ha ha*   But what about Re-Sale Kiddos... doesn't that then Fund some of YOUR Obsessions once everyone suddenly wants them too?   Well, Okay then Gramma... get 'em ALL... and we'll even Help you scoop it all up and elbow out anyone else trying to grab some!  *Winks*  All of a sudden they're on board with the Vision to Exploit the masses at some Future date or be the Envy of everyone that didn't get any while there was still some left.   *Smiles*

And besides, there is always that Promise of other Bribes... like the Sweet Treats I'll fill up the Vignettes with that I don't even partake of and the rest of them devour like ravenous Wolves!  This Valentine's Day Candy Dish is already barren of contents.   You bought Rollos and Caramel filled Hershey Kisses for us all...  you're the best Gramma slash Wife EVER!  *Mwah Mwah Mwah from all of them and not another Word about MY Weaknesses!  Ha ha ha*   Yeah, I Play the Game Well don't I?  *He he he*   They're so Distracted stuffing their faces and Blazing on their Sugar Highs that they don't even Care anymore what I couldn't Control myself with!  *Smiles*

And I'm totally Satiated and Content with my Fav Stuff surrounding me again like a comfortable cocoon... after such a long absence after the Epic Move.   It just doesn't Feel quite like Home without the Familiar and Beloved around you, does it?   If you've got the People you Love and the Things you Love in the Home, well, it's Valhalla... and MY Bohemian Valhalla!

Because to the Casual Observer perhaps a fingerless Carnival Kitsch Vintage Hula Girl and Mini Exotic Lagoon Painting on a piece of cardboard by an Unknown Master is no Big Deal... but to me they are just some of my Priceless Treasures I'd never Consider parting with!   They help to Complete our Home and Represent and Reveal the Essence of who I am.   To walk into our Home is to take a peek inside of my Head and my Heart... Exposed and Shared.   And I think that a Home should Reveal the Essence of those that reside there and not be so Generic that you have no Idea who they even are?

And be Interesting enough that you Feel something... some Emotion... when you walk thru that door and enter into Our Private World and Personal Spaces.   I don't Feel at all Comfortable if I walk into any Personal Space that is devoid of a Soul, no matter how Pretty or well Styled.   It's akin to walking into a Big Box Furniture Store Showroom... sure, it's all meant to Appeal to Consumers, but Clearly nobody actually LIVES there.  No Essence of a Distinct Personality Exists with mass produced everything just grouped together without any History or Character Imparted to the Space.   There has to be some Balance of Personality and a Personal Story mixed with the Ordinary and Common Objects that just anyone can have if they walked into the same Big Box Store and bought it.

And it is also why I wasn't Okay with leaving all my Cabinets and Shelves devoid of Contents for too much longer... it still looked like we were either Moving Out or Moving In!?   *Ha ha ha*   It looked entirely too Temporary for my liking... now it has a sense of more Permanence.  No, it's not all Done yet... but it's on it's way and now it's Feeling more and more like Home and we all want to just Nest and stay Home more and more lately because of that.   We're Loving our New Home... it's Growing on us as our Personality and Stamp is being put upon it and our Essence Infused into it.

And it is also why, now, when I go over to the Old Historic Homestead, I almost always get Emotional and shed a few tears... because it's now completely Empty and ready for Sale... it doesn't even have any Evidence of our Years of Happiness there anymore and in some ways that is Sad.  I'm Excited to FINALLY be Done with the Moving Out and getting it Sold... but it is Closing a Chapter of a Good Story... one I will always keep as a Favorite in my Heart and Thoughts but won't be able to Re-Visit in Person so Intimately anymore.

And when it eventually becomes someone else's Property... well, that is somewhat of a Transition too isn't it?   To Release what you once had to someone else and make a clean break from your Attachments to it if they still Exist.   It's kinda like when your Children are Grown and leave the Nest, and then unite with their Significant Other and go off and Do Life.  They're still yours in some ways because nothing can take that History Together away from you or the Memories... but there is a lot of Letting Go going on as well.   And Acceptance of the Changes with turning them over to someone else to make their own Memories with and Experience Joys that you won't always be a part of. 

And perhaps that is why some of us get so Attached to certain Objects that we don't have to ever Let Go of if we don't want to?  I dunno... but it makes perfect Sense that we sometimes Need those things that will always be there the way they always have been and don't have to be the Constant of Change.   I Embrace Change, but I do Like for SOME things to always remain the Same, it gives me Comfort that a little bit hasn't had to Change so much, if at all.   Something that is Old and Familiar and doesn't have to be a New Thing or a New Experience... it gives me a sense of Balance in an ever Changing World to have that.   How about you?

And it Helps me to Work Through Changing by mixing around those Familiar Things Constantly... so that they never look entirely the Same from Place to Place... in various Homes we've owned or even in various Placement around a Home.   The Same and yet Different... all at once. 

Sometimes with certain Similarities in Placement, Yes... because I tend to be a Creature of Habit... just ask any Restaurant I'm a Regular of!   Sometimes they have my Order started as I walk thru the door and before I ever say anything,  so if I was ever to want to Change it that would be a Surprise to them!!!   So sometimes I don't even Care and just have The Regular even if I was Inclined for once to Change it up and Order something Different.  *Bwahahahahahaha*

  Hello... Is It Me You're Looking For?  Why Yes... Yes it was... and you cannot Imagine how Relieved I was to Finally Find you again!  *Whew!*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. How exciting that you found your hidden heart as well as many long seen treasures! And most of all that you've completely finished emptying the Old Homestead! God Bless as you enjoy unpacking and arranging your collections
    in your and their new Villa!


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