Monday, January 18, 2016

Antique Gatherings And The Shrine House

We also went to ANTIQUE GATHERINGS on the East Side, it's a Favorite Antique Mall with high end Quality Merchandise that I don't often get to make it over to and some of my Stylist Friends have Spaces at.  Absolutely J'Adoring that trio of European Glass Demijohns... want to eventually buy a trio and a Vintage Bench Table to Display them on to put behind the Love Seat against the bank of Windows in the New Home's Living Room to catch the Light and Display Natural Elements in.  It's a very Tuscan Vibe that will look Splendid with the New Home's Architecture.  Had Budget permit I would have just 'Scored' this Trio and been done with checking that off the Wish List.  *Smiles*

In fact just about everything in this Vendor's Space was very Appealing to me and so I'm Wondering if it isn't a certain Friend's Space... it so LOOKS like her Imprint is stamped all over it!?!  Will have to ask her if she's back at The Gatherings?

I always Enjoy going to my Friend Robert's Space... he always has that Exquisite Gentleman's Club Vibe that The Man is very drawn to and we're trying to Incorporate somewhat into My Style for a nice Balance of both of our Aesthetics.   I happen to really dig a Vintage Gentleman's Club Vibe because it's so Inviting and so Classy... even if you're not a Guy, well, I could still see myself Gatecrashing such a place to just hang out and Chill, sipping a nice Snifter of Brandy or something!  
Loved this Antique Cabinet and the Patina of the Wood... would work Great as a Cabinet of Curiosities dontcha think?  I'd just be sure to banish the Cigars at The Villa Boheme's Gentleman's Club, sorry Guys, absolutely NO Smoking in our Home!  *Winks*   

And just look at those Amazing Keyhole Details!!!   Very Goth Girl Perfect!  *Smiles*

Fell in Love with this Shell Shade Lamp too... you can't tell by this Image, but when lit the Shells were all the more Gorgeous and Translucent!

The Man was Admiring the Patina and Detailing on this piece... with his Knowledge about Wood and how to get the best out of the grain by how it's milled, well, let's just say I now know in great Detail why this one looks so Divine!  *Winks*

And the Ornate Metal Detailing is also Superbly done with equally Impressive Hardware... a Gorgeous piece! 

If you were needing any Vintage Luggage that had traversed most of Europe... this duo would go Great in your Collection.

Antique French Carousel carved Pig... just look at that Divine Seat!

And just check out that Antique Architectural Salvage Manse piece... WOW!!!   Wouldda liked to have seen that Mansion when it was still standing... rather Sad though to realize it probably no longer is.  *Le Sigh*

Today is the trio's Make-Over so they're all impatiently breathing down my neck as I try to Create this Post... so I may have to save it into a Draft and come back to it later after they're all spruced up!  *Winks*

Okay, we're back, they all had their Make-Overs and I found out I need to replace the tire with the Screw damage since it's too close to the edge to do a safe repair even tho' it's a brand new tire!  *Le Sigh*  My Road Hazard Warranty covers replacement tires but I have to buy a new Road Hazard Warranty on the new tire since Warranties aren't Transferable, that's how they getcha!  It is ordered and will be in Tomorrow, at least that is only gonna set me back Twenty Bucks, it could have been worse I suppose, but still an unexpected expense, which always sucks.

My Girl's Day Out is coming up this Thursday so I would have rather spent the Twenty on something Fun!  *Winks*   The Fam got fussy after the Tire Shop, the Make-Overs and then going to the Old House to pick up a small load... so I'm just Glad to be Home to settle everyone down so they can Emotionally Regulate and Calm down.   If I only have any one of them in tow it's usually Okay, but all three, oy vey, they work each other's last nerve and thus mine!  *LOL*   But I digress, back to perusing Gorgeous Antique Treasures... like this beyond Amazing French Antique Steamer Trunk that looks positively Royal with the Crown and Fleur de Lis Embellishments!  *Swooning*

And check out the Details on this Hand Carved Antique French Bench!!!  *Swoonfest!*

It was re-upholstered in a soft French Linen and was Magnificent.   I could never own such Magnificence because I'd be inclined to have to rope it off just like this to prevent anyone from actually sitting on it and risking Damage... and what is the point of a Bench if you can't use it?  *LOL*   With this Fam it would be impossible for it not to risk total Destruction because it is just too Old and Fragile... and Off-White Linen could never be kept clean enough.  *Le Sigh*

Yes this is mos def one of those "If I Lived in a Home all Alone and rarely had a Guest that might plop down on it unceremoniously..." pieces!  *Ha ha ha*   That will never happen in Villa Boheme' and so I just have to Admire such Furnishings that will never quite Work around here.   But the Details... Sublime... totally having a Forbidden Love Affair with it!  *Winks*

Now this was more a piece I could Consider at Villa Boheme'... a Folk Art Memory Jug with Gator Heads embedded and a faux Wood grain and limbs plastered around an Old Bottle.   I happen to dig Folk Art pieces, the Quirkier the better, so I really Loved this piece... Natch!   Now... to affix little Tiaras or Santos Crowns on those Lil Gators and it would be just Perfectly My Style!!!  *LOL*

We were only Window Shopping this Trip but I was really Tempted to bring this Adorable Vintage Ming Carny Kitsch Prize Home with me for the Collection... never seen one like her and fell in Love!  The other Carny Kitsch Kewpie piece was not Chalk Ware like the Ming, it was light Plaster of Paris and looked to be quite a bit Older and might even had had real Human Hair affixed!?!   That was a little Creepy... but in a Cool Cabinet of Curiosities kinda way!  *Ha ha ha*

The Man liked the Inventory in this Booth best... not Surprising, it is very Mantiques in a Mike of 'American Pickers' kinda way... and since I'm not Styling for a Man Cave, there was very little in the way of Cool Treasures in there that would Create the Vision for Yours Truly.  *Smiles*  We're Compromising on Style, I'm not totally Selling Out or our Home could look something like this I Suspect?!?  *LOL*

And the last Images I'm going to Share are taken on our random drive up into the Mountains of East Phoenix where we like Admiring Unusual and Luxury Homes.  I'm always drawn to the most Interesting and Unique over the most Luxurious Mansions.  Though a Manse be Impressive, I always Feel like the Occupants of the Artsy Houses will be so Interesting and the type of Folks I would Love to meet and get to know the Stories of!   This one I shall simply call The Shrine House since it had the most Extravagant Shrine of Unique Art I have ever seen on a single Residential Property!


I will safely Assume that these folks are True Artists and have deep Spirituality even tho' we didn't get the opportunity to meet them.  I didn't want to be Intrusive but I simply had to have The Man hang out the window of the Jeep as he rode Shotgun and try to take as many Images of this Amazing Artistic Shrine along the parameter of this property as he possibly could as I slowly drove by trying not to be too conspicuous!  *Ha ha ha*

I mean, how could I NOT... I LIVE and LOVE Stuff like this... I'm totally Intrigued by it and the People and their Stories that are Compelled to Create them!   Now, in this most Exclusive enclave where the median Property Value is high triple digits or in the Millions, I'm not certain how the Neighbors view this kinda Avant Garde Genius *Giggle*, but this looked to be one of the Original Occupants and Properties of that Mountainside and when you get somewhere first, well, sometimes folks just have to Deal with your Vision of Paradise, don't they?  *Ha ha ha*

I'm just Glad places like this Exist for those of us who Appreciate such Distinctions of Lifestyle and the Labor of Love a Work of Art such as this truly is, it must have taken Years I would Guess since the Shrine went clear up the Mountainside of this very large lot and surrounded said Property... every square inch of Garden was Enshrined!

It was Massive and it took my Breath away... I Wished I had been slowly Walking by rather than Driving by so that I could have paid more Attention to every Detail and the Story the Shrine told thru it's Art embedded in the Rock walls and Archways.  I could gaze at Mosaic Artworks like this for a very long time since there is so much to see!

Actually I drove past it twice just to get these few Images since The Man isn't a very Accomplished Photographer and so I wanted to ensure we got at least a few good frames from our moving vehicle!?  *smiles*

There's so much of it we didn't get a chance to Photograph, but we didn't want to bother the Residents since I'm sure over the years they must have gotten loads of Inquisitive Visitors passing by and Wondering or thinking perhaps it was a Public Place of some kind and not a Private Residence!?!??!?

I'll try to enlarge some of the Detailing now since I was Curious to see the various Details... there were many Asian Deities represented and it did have an Far Eastern Spiritual Vibe and Peacefulness to the whole place.

Tramp Art Shrines and Altars are among my absolute Favorites in fact and I've Created several myself in our own Home or on Properties we've Owned.   If you've never built a Shrine or Altar they can be such Fun and be especially Meaningful to you by what you choose to utilize and place in or upon them to pay Homage.  Special Honor or Respect shown Publicly can be very Powerful and Moving, not only to you but also to many who might Behold it... it can Evoke Deep Emotions. 

I was very Glad we stumbled upon this one on our leisurely Saturday Afternoon drive around the City to take in the various Lovely Neighborhoods that are a Joy to drive around.

I'm Contemplating in fact of building something like this, in a more miniature version of coarse, in our inner Courtyard near where we will eventually install a Water Feature.  We had wanted to use Rock and lots of Exotic Plants, but I'm thinking that the Creation of an Art Shrine would be so much more interesting and Special to us as a Family.

So to be Inspired by someone else's Work and then begin to accumulate the right types of Rock and items to embed in ours will be part of the Appeal and Fun of the Creative Process.   I liked the Arches used in this and would also seek out Antique Religious Figures and Vases to put Floral Offerings in.

I would also Enjoy some Interesting ways to Illuminate the Shrine after Dark to make it look quite Magical and Enchanting!   It is something you could keep adding to over the years until it was quite Magnificent too!

You see, your own little Slice of Heaven needn't be everyone or anyone else's Vision of Heaven on Earth... so long as it is a piece of YOURS my Friends!   I don't particularly Care how anyone else Feels about what Moves ME, it is usually Deeply Personal or Spiritual anyway, as it is for each and every one of us and nobody else has to Understand nor be in total Agreement. 

I would still very much like to meet and get to know the Occupants of this most Unique and Interesting Property and hear the Story of how the Shrine Evolved into what it is Today?   I am quite certain I would Like and Connect to them and theirs would be an Interesting Story and perhaps an Interesting and Extraordinary Life and Point of View.   Because those who don't live in Ordinary Homes typically are Extraordinary folks!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh How interesting! I'm amazed you did so much on your day out! The Shrine House is fantastic! I hope you do get to meet the owners and share their story with us!

  2. That's absolutely crazy---I love all the kitschy ceramics worked into the shrine...awesome and the use of found materials. However, my hubby is not as free-a-soul as I I have to reel it in, constantly. Great trip and those booths were awesome, thanks for the fun read, Sandi.

  3. It was fun perusing through the antique shop with many fabulous pieces!
    I've never seen anything like the Shrine House...amazing!
    Mary Alice

  4. Wow, those are some gorgeous antiques - I wish I had room for at least a couple of more large pieces, but sadly I don't. Actually, it's probably a good thing! :)

    If I were to tell my cousin, who's in Phoenix right now, of a couple of really good places to go shop for antiques and vintage, which ones would you recommend the most?

    1. Sweet Salvage, which is only open 4th Thurs thru Sun each Month... then down the road Rust and Roses, Melrose Vintage and Zinnias, which are ALL on the West Side of 7th Avenue between Indian School and Camelback Road so your cuz could hit quite a few in a short distance... plus there are many others along 7th now too. Brass Armadillo has two Antique Malls in Phoenix and Goodyear. There is a free publication printed monthly called Antique Register, can be found at most Antique Malls that has advertising for all of Arizona Antique destinations, which would be a good resource too. Dawn... The Bohemian

    2. Thanks, Dawn! I'll pass the info along to her. I knew of Sweet Salvage from your blog, but the others are new names to me. One of these years (like when our CDN dollar is worth more than 68 cents!) I'm coming down to visit her. You guys have all the best shops by the sounds of it! :D

  5. Swoon!
    That is all!
    Actually I agree, those shrine makers must be artists extraordinaire.
    It's inspired me to think of building a shrine in our courtyard.
    Hmmm, what to include?
    Thanks for stopping by so often. I see you in my stats ;-)
    All the best,
    Xo Jazzy Jack


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