Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What Is Happening To Blogging?

I am becoming Alarmed... what is happening to Blogging?!?!!?   This once vibrant Community seems to be dwindling and so many Blogs have ceased to Post or Post so infrequently now that my Favorites List is beginning to look like an Abandoned Ghost Town after a Gold Rush has ended!

Yes, I know that many have Moved to the Land of Instagram now... but I had thought they'd at least keep a Summer Home of sorts in the Land of Blog!?!   Or come back to the Old Neighborhood for Visits!   Many who were avid Bloggers and developed a Loyal Following of Supporters just suddenly Vanished without a Trace... and sometimes without a Good-Bye... so then you do begin to Worry that perhaps something Terrible happened to them?!!!??!

You see, here in the Land of Blog we tend to form actual Relationships with other Bloggers like in Real Life.  Sometimes it can become almost a Closer Relationship because we spent more Time Together than in Real Life counterparts actually.   There are Blog Friends who Loyally Support my Blog that I see here more often than Family!  *Smiles*  And I Cherish that Relationship we're forming and turning into True Friendships.

So I know that if I were to just one day up and Vanish from the Land of Blog without a Word or an Explanation of any sort, they'd likely be as Concerned about me as if it happened to someone they know in Person!?!??!   There are some Bloggers that have Vanished for a very long time, that in fact I DO Worry about, because Health Issues or a Life Crisis were eluded to along the way when they were still Blogging. I Pray that they are still Well and nothing Tragic happened that I just don't know about?!  Sure I Miss their Blogs, but I Miss THEM even more and I still think about them and still Wonder what happened and if they're Okay?!?

Perhaps some Bloggers did Intend to come back and just haven't for a while and totally lose track of how long it's been since they Blogged?  I do see that every so often after a lengthy hiatus that an Apology Post suddenly appears and it's just that Time has slipped away so fast... I totally Understand how that can happen!   I still cannot Believe it's been Seven Months since we Moved here to our New Home and left the Old Home... it just doesn't seem that long ago!  In those cases, when a Blogger reappears I'm always Relieved a Fav Blogger is Okay and will still be a part of the Community.

But lets just say that a Blogger has decided the Time has come to call it a Wrap for this Blogging, and it happens, for whatever reasons... I think an Exit Post would be a Thoughtful Good-Bye to the Community so that we know.   Maybe that just seems too Final or Emotional for many though... maybe they don't even realize the Impact they've made in the lives of others with their Blog or how much Enjoyment they've Shared through it?   And maybe it wasn't anything vital to their own forms of self-expression and it was just for Fun, like so many Hobbies that can and often do just fall by the wayside because they never were that important to us?

I have seen some Blogs that will give us Notice that they're taking a Break... and it might be a long one... or a Forever one... they're just not certain yet.   In those cases I just wait for their return... and if it extends too long then I reluctantly drop them from the sidebar just because they may not be resuming and I try not to keep stale or inactive Blogs listed too long, to make room for the active ones I Enjoy and want to Share with Bloggers who visit me here.

Some I would like to Remember, since my Memory isn't so Good anymore and so I easily Forget and would never Find them again in a Month of Sundays otherwise... so I keep them up in Hopes they will resurface after being off the Grid for a long time?   I know how Tempting it is to go off the Grid sometimes... some of us just have a Need to do that and I Respect that since I can totally Relate to it in a Personal way.   Nothing need be Wrong for us to Need to go off the Grid sometimes... and come back on later.

But regardless of why so many Blogs have Ceased, it does have me Wondering what is happening to Blogging?   Because it's starting to become somewhat Epidemic this shutting down within the Community... and it makes me Sad.  It's like Living in a Town you Love where everyone begins to Move away and you Feel like you could end up being one of the only ones left eventually!?!  *Gasp!*   I just Hope that Blogging remains Relevant and New Bloggers will Move in to the Vacated portions of the Community?

Because I really Love this Community in the Land of Blog and I don't want to have to Leave it because so few are left one day.   I don't want to Feel Displaced rather Involuntarily... like I did at my Old Homestead... where I didn't really want to have to Move, but it just became Necessary because things were not the same anymore and I knew I'd have to Move On too.   Perhaps one day I too will Voluntarily decide it is Time to Move on, but be sure I will Create an Exit Post if that should ever happen... so you're not left hanging and Wondering.

I'd rather not have to Move to the Land of Instagram or whatever New Community is drawing the people away and to it.   I am not much of an Online Nomad because it just takes me too long to learn the ropes of Technology that I'm not Familiar with!  *Smiles*   I am somewhat Tech Challenged that way... and so I'll remain here, where I'm totally Content and Comfortable with my Abilities to Create a Blog Post that meets me at my Point of Need... and seems to meet many others there too... which is an added Bonus to the Sharing that goes on here in this Wonderful Community!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Ahh, Dawn! Probably time to clean the cupboards so to speak...old Mother Hubbard...etc. Your posts are so divine...perhaps you need to share at a few new link parties. People are out there, however like myself, I had to take a few days off to get something actually done.

    We all change, morph, transform....and expand, this blogging thing and following can be a career of sorts. I'm with you on your families mental health issues and do read the posts, but refrain from commenting--as I had a friend...sadly, no longer with us, who battled such severe depression.

    BUT, I 'ooh and ahh' over every single one of your pictures and love everything so much. Just expand and find a new audience, they are out there...I know they are---lurking...lol. Sandi

    1. Yes, I suppose I could visit some new sites and fall in Love with them just like I have at Blogging. When you are Caregiving your Online Time is sometimes most of the Socializing you tend to be able to do with any consistency. I also Love to Write and Photograph Beautiful Images so Blogging has been so Satisfying on so many levels. Originally I began this Blog Journey simply as a Personal Journal and never expected anyone to actually find me in this vast cyberspace so the size of a Following was never a Goal and I don't intentionally try to grow it since this isn't my profession and I don't receive any income from it. I suppose I'd still feel the Need to Create something here at my 'Home' site and visit whoever else feels the same way and keeps Blogging even if the Community dwindled to practically nothing. Sometimes something just Feeds your Soul that way and this certainly has for me since Letter Writing died a long time ago and I was one of the few Dinosaurs still doing it until finally I was Encouraged by Friends and Family to keep in touch the 21st Century way via Facebook and Blogging! *Ha ha ha* I just usually go into newfangled things kicking and screaming! *Winks* I am so sorry to hear of your Friend... I too have Lost some to this terrible illness and know the Torment Living with it often is for those that Survive it... which is why I feel compelled to educate others about it rather than allowing the Media and how they vilify the Mentally Ill Community portray it so inaccurately. Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    2. I totally agree on the 'creative outlet' and personal contact. It's kinda hard to call a friend or have lunch date at 2am...and blogging is just interesting and fun. I'm like you and the goal is to get some projects done, get back my creativity...my work shop hasn't produced anything for over 8 years do to ...caregiving, illness...and dried up creative urges. Blogging is getting the juices going again.

      I will move forward, I have only been around blogging about 6 months. so this is still new---and I probably will expand, contract, blow-up, rebuild and create, LOL...and Dawn, Merry Christmas from Chicagoland, Sandi

  2. I miss some of the used to be active bloggers too! Please don't you leave us! I enjoy blogging but it does take extra time. I try to do 2 post a month, but really enjoy your more frequent one! Just had our first Christmas party today and have another one here Friday evening..

    1. Ohhhh, Christmas Parties, Love them... will be going to mine at Work on the 9th. I don't Plan to leave anytime soon, I Enjoy this too much and as I responded to Sandi's comment above, it's satisfying to me on so many levels that I'd do it even if nobody came and I'd continue to visit whoever remains in the Community and Enjoy what they're Sharing. Caregiving can become a very lonely existence since you don't get to go out as often as you would have the Freedom to otherwise, so Blogging has made me discover a whole new way of Socialization that I hadn't expected to find when I began Blogging. My Grandson introduced me to Blogs and told me that since I enjoyed writing so much and nobody wrote letters back anymore... and Sharing on Facebook is more Imagery based, perhaps this would be something I'd really get into... I owe him one for that introduction, don't I? *LOL Merry Christmas and Enjoy your Friday Party my Friend... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I was never one of those daily writers but certainly wrote more when I started four years ago. Now I am down to once a month and that schedule seems to work for me at this point. I plan on continuing with the blog, but sometimes life interupts. I notice that many bloggers write for about two years and then move on to other things. Others still write seven days a week and I admire their dedication. We all have to find what works for us and have joy in what we do.

    1. Absolutely, I Agree with that Sentiment! I Love to Write and Photograph Pathologically *winks* and so frequent Blogging just works for me and is my 'Quiet' Time after all my work is done... I usually do my Posts when I have everyone I'm taking care of in bed and then I pre-schedule the Posts to hit whenever, so often I'm not actually HERE when they Post! *LOL* Ah, the convenience of Technology, huh? When a Blogger finds the right Balance of Posting that works for them I try to check in and visit when I know they've just Posted, which is why I Enjoy my Sidebar so much since it keys in me when a New Post happens and when it happened. It also alerts me when a frequent Blog Friend hasn't Posted in a while and it's uncharacteristic for them, so I can go over and send a PM to make sure everything is Okay? I also agree that if it's no longer an Enjoyable thing, then one should probably cease if it becomes obligatory or a chore... who needs that after all!!! Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Hi Dawn
    As we know, there are lots of reasons why people blog. I was going to really talk about this in my reply but perhaps I'll blog instead. "Friends" that have abandoned blogging without a word of goodbye really bother me if the left for Instagram or FB. I feel abandoned and my friendship didn't mean as much to them as it did for me. I have some good blog friends that have stayed with me since I began. Maybe they don't post anymore, but they still visit ME. Anyway, we all take what we need from the internet, whether it's communication or information. I'm glad I found YOU. I'm glad you blog and thank you for the communication. Merry Christmas. This should be a joyous time for me, but for what reason I don't know depression seems to creep in just about now.
    xx, Carol

    1. I think depression creeping in during the Holidays is not all that unusual actually, perhaps it is the Pressure to be Festive and Joyful, when in fact, LIFE STILL HAPPENS even during the Holidays and Holy Days so it leaves us with a bit of a conflicted way on HOW to Feel? *Smiles* I always Feel a bit Guilty when I'm 'Down' during what is one of the times of year I look forward to with so much Anticipation, Joy and Faith... because I SO WANT TO Enjoy it properly and not allow the negative things or negative thoughts to spoil it!!! I too agree that sometimes Socialization via Blogging is so very much like Real Life In Person Friendships that you Feel that sense of Loss when anyone leaves that you have formed a Bond with and Enjoyed that Relationship and the Visiting... the Fellowship and what has been mutually Shared is very Special and leaves a Void when for whatever reason, it just ceases. I've always found it very hard to Let Go when any Relationship has run it's course... I'm just very Loyal and Sentimental... and often it's a Mystery why some Relationships continue and others dwindle or cease?!? The Good News is Cybrerspace is very vast and so I suspect we'll meet New Friends as often as we extend an Invitation to join us here in our not-so-Private little World and Community we have in the Land of Blog... and maybe I'll overcome my inhibitions about joining other Online Venues, I'm so reluctant to expand my Technological World sometimes that it takes a lot of coaxing by my Friends and Family to step out and Explore it more! *winks*. I'm Glad I have found YOU too via the Land of Blog my Friend... Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. This is a thoughtful and provocative post for a relatively new blogger like myself. Great imagery. Makes me wonder what all I have missed.


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