Monday, December 14, 2015

What I Don't Like About The Holidays

No... this isn't gonna be a 'Downer' Post at all... but there are some things that I don't Like about the Holidays... and the reasons why are actually unusual I suppose?!?  And it has nothing to do with the fact that most Children are absolutely insatiable at this time of year either, I expect that.  I think as Children we all had that rather lengthy Laundry List we thought Santa could conjure up like Magic!

And I Confess that I've always been a rather Indulgent Gift Giver because I get a lot of Joy out of presenting Gifts to people, so that's not it either, I truly want to get them what they most Desire whenever I am able.   What IS IT then... you might be Wondering!???!?   Well, it's the WRAPPING of said Gifts actually, in fact, I usually make the G-Kid Force wrap their own now since they're totally 'Down' for it!  *Gasp, yeah, I know, maybe I should have only made that Confession to a Priest or something?!??  Ha ha ha*

Now you would think that being a Creative Soul that I'd derive a considerable amount of Pleasure and Joy in the Wrapping of Gifts wouldn't you?  I mean, most of my Creative Friends are Exemplary Gift Wrappers and Create such Impressive Wrappings that it's a Gift unto itself and you almost don't want to unwrap it... or think THAT was the Gift actually.   Yes, it happened once that the Wrapping was so Beautifully Boxed, Presented and Decorated that I indeed thought it WAS the Gift and didn't unwrap it for Months until she asked how I'd liked the Earrings?   What Earrings?!?  *Ha ha ha*  In fact, I tied the Bow back on the Box after I finally did unwrap the Earrings that were the Real Gift inside and kept the Presentation Box which I Cherish to this day!!!

No, the reason I don't Like Wrapping Gifts is that I totally Suck at it... and yet every year I Envision these Fabulously Wrapped Gifts I'm going to Create and put under the Tree.  Oh yes, it's going to be such a Vision this year! *Ha ha ha*   I don't know why I Assume I'll get better at it after all these years, but I'm Delusional about it EVERY SINGLE YEAR!  And then once the Wrapping begins I'm shocked back into Reality that it's just not one of my Creative Strengths to Gift Wrap Stuff!   But every year I Search high and low for the Perfect trappings to Wrap everything in and Tag it with, I'm very Anal about my Wrap and Tags in fact!  This year though I think I finally 'Scored' on the Tags... getting these Wonderful huge Wooden reusable Chalkboard Tags for less than a buck apiece on Sale!

We wrote the names on the back in Chalk and it wipes off easily with a damp rag so we can used them every year now and Save a small Fortune on Tags or trying to find the Perfect Tags again!  *Whew*  I'm a big Fan of reusable Gift Bags too for the same reason... though it's difficult to keep Secrets or Surprises with those.   But if I find some I really, really like, such as the Chalkboard ones I found this year, and because now the Kiddos almost always know what they're getting anyway and are wrapping it themselves, well, I don't Care if they Bag it or Wrap it actually!  *Smiles*

But the Problem is... apparently they have Inherited my Distaste for Gift Wrapping.  Oh sure, like me they're on Fire for doing it 'til they get the first one or maybe sometimes two Wrapped... and then it is a 'Wrap' and they Bail on the Project!  *Le Sigh*   So I know I'll end up doing it for the majority of whatever it is getting disguised under that Tree!    But once it's FINALLY all Done, I must say it does look Pretty... maybe NOT the Grandiose Vision I always have in my Head about how Fabulous they're gonna look... or like a Pinterest Board Image on Gift Wrapping... but it'll do!  *Ha ha ha*

Yeah, sure, there were a few years when I tried to Replicate my Favorite Pinterest Gift Wrap Inspiration Images because I was Insanely Ambitious... what a Joke that was lemme tell ya!   One year for Example there was this plain Brown Paper Wrap but they got Colorful Yarns and tied several Rainbow Yarns around said package, I was so Freakin' Inspired I HAD to do it that year!

via: Pinterest

This probably wasn't the exact Image on Pinterest that year... but you get the drift, it was like this... so I went out and bought all this Colorful Yarn and Saved Up Grocery Bags 'til I had a Hoard of those for the Wrapping Papers.   This look Easy Peasy I thought to myself... well, it's not really that it isn't, because Lord have Mercy, it's just Yarn tied around a boxed Gift several times for Heaven's Sakes and you don't have to be a Creative Genius, if you can tie a Shoelace you can do this!!! *LOL*  But... what you FORGET to Notice is how many damned pieces of Yarn are tied around each Freakin' Gift to give it this Look!??!   About Thirty to really make it look Stunning... you do the Math... times how many Gifts you might be Presenting... yeah... even tho' I'm not very Good at Math it didn't take me many Gifts to get the Reality Check that this wasn't one of my Better or most Brilliant Ideas nor worth the Visuals!  Visuals which maybe even the rest of them wouldn't Notice the Effort of or say Wow, that's SO Cool, Clever and Pretty Gramma?!  *Bwahahaha*

via: Pinterest

Throw in Arthritic Fingers... lack of Patience since it's not one of my Virtues either... and the Prep Time to cut the Yarns to length for each Gift Box... AND the Fact they didn't Notice or Care... and you can Trust and Believe I was NEVER doing this Great and Impressive looking Pinterest Inspired Idea EVER again!   Yes, it's Simple, Yes, it's Visually Stimulating and Inexpensive if you happen to have a lot of Fiber Art Supplies anyway and buy Groceries you have put in Paper Bags rather than Plastic... but you better set aside some Serious Gift Wrapping Time or have a Sweat Shop filled with willing Volunteers if you wanna do all your Gifts this way!??!!  *Winks*   Yes, the Devil is certainly in the Details... and so it went to something Ambitious like this one year when I was totally Insane and too Stubborn to admit Defeat...

To this year when I've got The G-Kid Force wrapping most Gifts very simply with whatever leftover Wrap and Bags we had from last year and the Dollar reusable Chalkboard Tags I 'Scored' on Sale at "Michaels" last week!   And The Man's Gourmet Chocolates which had a Cute Presentation Bow on them so I didn't even bother to Wrap at all!!!!!!!!!!!!  *Bwahahahahaha*

Well, the remnants actually had a very Cohesive Look even tho' it was from Last Christmas... and I've pretty much remained in my Black Phase so the Colors were Perfect again too.  *Winks*   And we're in a totally different Home and Neighborhood so it's not like anyone around here can Compare it with last Christmas at our House!?   And maybe Family and long time Friends won't even Remember what we did last year?  *Winks*   Yes, that is what my Aversion to Gift Wrapping has now been reduced to... it's come to that!   Pitiful, isn't it?  *LOL*

And especially since I LOVE everything else about the Season, about Christmas and Decorating so much... it just seems so Wrong to Dislike something as much as I do the Gift Wrapping part!?!???!   I'm looking at this Image and reminding myself of another thing I don't Like about the Holidays... how quickly The Family blasts thru not only the Tamales... but the Christmas Candies and Treats!  They're like a flock of Christmas Vultures circling such things and waiting to swoop down once I'm out of sight!  *Smiles*   See that big Bowl?   Well, it's been filled several times in recent weeks... and yet nobody admits to being the ones who consumed it all... so Clearly it's disappearing all by itself, POOF, into thin air or something Magical... Yes, it's the Houdini Bowl?!

And Yes, I did Oblige The Man's request to go back to the Tamale Festival on the last day... since it was slightly Warmer than the day before... and pick up another couple dozen Tamales and Kettle Korn to replace the ones they plowed thru in less than forty-eight hours... and since I had to drive into the City anyway to retrieve the Young Prince from his Dad's that Afternoon.   So The Man had just 'Suggested' I not make it a Wasted Trip since I was having to drive all the way into the City and back anyway on my Day of Rest, the Sabbath... what, like picking up the Kid alone would be a Waste??!??!    Ahhh, the things Men will Imply!   *Bwahahahahahahaha!*

And it's just as well that I did since the Young Prince almost had a Psycho Meltdown when he walks in and goes straight to the Fridge to see how many Tamales from the day before we DIDN'T HAVE anymore, including his Beloved Sweet Corn... and the now depleted large bag of Kettle Korn we were supposed to Share with him upon his return Home!   And which his little Sister still had her hand in and cheeks sticking out like a Chipmunk SWEARING I hadn't told her to Save any for HIM!??!   *Bwahahahaha!!!*

See... he hadn't seen the new bag of Tamales and other Large Bag containing the new Kettle Korn in the back seat since I'd covered them up with my Jacket to keep them Piping Hot 'til we arrived Home. And he'd fallen asleep instantly when he got into the Jeep since he probably stayed up all Night because he didn't have his Night Meds and was therefore on a forty-eight hour no sleep Bipolar bender!   And of coarse I had that Dreaded Christmas Music on the Radio he Hates and rather than be Forced to be Cheerful and listen to it for the hour's drive Home, he is usually Soothed into Sleep by it... since it's either Calming to him or it's his Escapism Mechanism, I dunno??!  Either way it Works for ME, having a Sleeping, Non-Complaining Teenager in the Vehicle in the Traffic Jams of Holiday City Traffic and long drive Home to the Serenity of the Mountains outside of Town!  *Ha ha ha*  So I averted a World War by Surprising them ALL with the New Haul from the Tamale Festival!  *Winks and patting Self on the Back!*

And Yes, they instantly descended upon it all... so in another Forty-Eight hours or so it will be as if it never Existed.   So I better go get mine again while there's still some left!??


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. WRAPPING the gifts???? Gosh I hate that. Probably why I always seem to be wrapping minutes before they are to be opened...every single year. When we bought lots of gifts when the kids were small I used to save the funny papers from the Sunday paper....if I ran out, newspaper worked great too. I think spending money on wrapping paper is a waste of cash. Put mine in a bag, I don't care. We get Chips and Sauce from a local mexican resteraunt given to us to take home in a paper Christmas gift bag....errrr...paper shopping bag!! Stick a little newspaper inside to hide the gift like some do with tissue for me!!
    Merry Christmas! PS, I love Kettle Corn too!!

    1. Oh yes, I remember doing the Comic Book Page Gift Wrap when I was Younger and strapped for Cash during the Holidays. We also used to have the Kiddos draw on plain brown paper Grocery Bags and their Artwork was better than most store bought Gift Wraps I thought... plus they had Fun with it and personalized each Gift's Presentation. My Friends that take the Time to Create Wonderful Presentations with their Gift Wraps and their Christmas Cards they Created always WOW me and I do so Appreciate it... just Wish I could conjure up such Impressive Presentations and ENJOY the Process of it! *Ha ha* Thanks for coming by again for a Christmas Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I liked the yarn idea - the the packages look great. I always appreciate a beautifully wrapped and presented present. For some reason, though, I just cannot bring myself to exert the energy to do so myself. Not sure why. Must be all the anxiety surrounding Christmas. Plus the additional expense. And the fact that the kids and grandkids just rip into the presents on the big day. Still, there is something about a beautifully wrapped long as I don't have to wrap it.

    1. I'm in Agreement with you about Appreciating a Beautifully wrapped Gift because it makes the Presentation that much more Special. Which is probably also why I Wish that I didn't have such an Aversion to doing it... every year I THINK that I will do them all Fabulously... but it rarely plays out that way of coarse! *Ha ha ha* Merry Christmas and thanks for coming for a Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  4. This idea of decorating present boxes with colorful yarn is fantastic! I think I'll do such a decoration for my co-worker from as I'm her secret Santa. Hope she'll like the package the same as the present!

    1. If you're just wrapping one present this way with the yarn it isn't so time consuming and it does make a stunning visual that isn't so predictable for Christmas Gift Wrap. Merry Christmas and thanks for coming for a Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Hee, hee, you crack me up---we are sitting with our feet up--after unstickyfying the kitchen from the big cookie bake yesterday---and I'm wondering what packages,...I dont' have hardly a darn thing done, purchased or ready to present to even wrap. Grins...but I do understand! Sandi

  6. I thought I was the only one! Probably doesn't help that I used to buy the cheapest wrapping paper possible and it always ripped just as I was putting the last piece of tape on the package. Eventually, I just gave everybody their presents in the bags they were purchased in. Now everybody gets envelopes with money - those years we can afford it, anyway. ;)

  7. I don't enjoy the wrapping either!May you could hire some older youth to do it. A money making project?


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