Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Magical Imagination Of My Friend Mary

My Friend Mary of EMTENEST CREATIONS has a Magical Imagination and we are such Kindred Spirits that I'm sure we could have been Twins separated at birth?!  *LOL*   So Today after I took the G-Kid Force to the Tamale Festival in Downtown Phoenix... and picked up our two dozen assorted flavors of Tamales for Christmas... and dropped The Young Prince off at his Paternal Relatives for the Weekend... I found myself close enough to a Fav Shop, RUSTY SATURDAY, that I just had to stop by for the Holidays.   The Moment I walked thru the door I recognized my Friend Mary's Magical Work!   And of coarse two of her Creations were begging to come Home with me... and they did!  *Winks*

My Obsessions with Bottlebrush Trees continues and what Mary did with these two couldn't be more ME and My Style if I'd made them myself!   What I'd been seeing around Town was Lovely, but it just wasn't My Style ENOUGH for me to want to buy any of it... until I saw Mary's two Creations that Competed for my Attention!!!  Now THESE were My Style exactly and would fit so well in Bohemian Valhalla's Styling!!!   Buy Me... No... Buy Me... each of them seemed to say... I was so Conflicted about which of the two I liked best!!??!??!??

I Wrestled with myself a bit about which ONE to buy?  But in the end I was losing the Match to chose one over the other and decided, what the Hell, I'd just buy them BOTH and call it a Draw!  *Winks*  This is the first one of the Ballerina Deer... so Enchanting, Elegant and yet Whimsical... and definitely a Falling Down The Rabbit Hole Style I tend to Gravitate to strongly.

And this is the second one, of the Princess Deer... and now you can Clearly see why I just couldn't chose just ONE Favorite... no way... they BOTH were my Favorites!   And so they both had to come Home with me for the Holidays to Grace the Formal Dining Room Table at Bohemian Valhalla!

We hadn't spent as much time this day at the Tamale Festival as I'd thought we would because it had gone from the balmy Eighties to bitter Cold and Windy in less than twenty-four hours!  I couldn't feel my hands after about twenty minutes at the Festival!!!  And so we'd played some of the Free Carnival Style Games for the Kiddos to Win some prizes... got a bag full of Free T-Shirts, Toys, Candy, Ear Phones, Food and Drink Samples... chose a couple dozen Tamales in flavors of Sweet Corn, Red Beef, Green Chili Pork, regular Pork and Green Chili Corn with Cheese... and called it a Day for that Event!  *Ha ha ha*

We dropped The Young Prince and some Pork Tamales off at his Dad's for the Weekend... and then Princess T and I had some Free Time to do something Fun Together before I had to drop her back off at Home and go to Work Tonight for our next Big Sale Event.   Well... the Shop is only blocks from the Paternal Relatives Apartments... so it was a No-Brainer where we were going!   I wanted to just Photograph the Shop and my Friend's Booths there for a Holiday Blog Post... and see if there was something Holiday Inspired I could add to our Table Centerpieces in the Dining Room?

And though the entire Shop was filled to the brim with Wonderful Creations for Christmas, which I'll Reveal in another Post... these two were hands down the ones for me and our Home.   See... see how Perfectly they Enhance the rest of the Table's Setting?   Yes, Ballerina Deer and Princess Deer in their own little Forrest go Splendidly with Bear Heads, Turtle Shells, Velvet Pumpkins and Loving Cups sprouting Bottlebrush Trees dontcha think?!?   *Smiles*

Mary Creates a lot of her Magic with the use of Antlers... and our Home has so many Antlers from The Man's various Hunts over the years that you'd think Deer go here to Die anyway!  *LOL*  Anything with an Antler Motif he's gonna Love as Decor even if it's very Alice In Wonderland as well!  *Smiles*

He didn't even ask what was in the bags when we got Home anyway since he was totally Focused upon the Divine Smell of Freshly Made Tamales still piping hot from the Festival!   I didn't even have time to show him what I'd bought since I had to unceremoniously dump off Tamales, Princess T and head right out for a turnaround to Work since I was working a three to seven shift Tonight for the Sale.   Which was a very well received Sale I might add, I'm totally Exhausted and now sitting here in my Robe after having had a Calgon Moment when I got back Home... a very Full Day indeed it has been my Friends!

And now just a peek at how I Discovered each of my New Treasures when I first walked thru the door of the Shop... yep, I Zoomed right in on them like my Radar had gone off!!!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*  And I knew Instantly whose Creative Genius the Work was of!  It HAD to be Mary... and of coarse it was!  *Smiles*

Here's the other one as I first laid Eyes upon it... I didn't spend a whole lotta time Agonizing over which one to buy, since it took about a nanosecond to Wrestle with myself, call it a Draw and just scoop them both up and take them to the Register!  *Winks*

But I did leave some for you my Friends... since I had to limit my purchase to just the two... darned Budget Constraints and all!    Though it was sorta a Celebration to myself for having Funded ALL of the Grandkids' Christmas already and being DONE... DONE... DONE with our Holiday Shopping for the Family!  *Yay!*   Always feels good to have Accomplished that Early and then Relax and Enjoy the rest of the Holiday Season with no sense of Urgency.


Relaxing and Enjoying the rest of the Holiday Season here in the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Cool anthropomorphic's very much your vibe! :)


    1. Yes it is... and I just learned a new word now! *LOL* Anthropomorphic! *Winks* ... Your Friend Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I love your new ornaments, Dawn ... but then I like anything with antlers, like you and your man. I like Mary's creations a lot! :)

    1. I just knew you would! Perhaps You, Mary and I are TRIPLETS separated at birth? *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian


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