Monday, December 28, 2015

The Benefit and Purpose Of Online Journaling

I Personally have found a lot of benefit and Purpose to Online Journaling... it's a Snapshot of Life frozen in Time... of what's on your Mind and Heart... the Good and the Bad as it's playing out in Real Time on the days you Document it.

It's a Public Diary of coarse, which is a lot more Transparent than those kind you Secretly might Create and Hide Away and not want anyone to look upon or read.   So it is also very Exposing and you have to be Comfortable with that Transparency, to allow People IN... especially anyone that might happen by and you don't Personally know and may never meet!

But in a way that randomness of Connection and semi-anonymity actually can make you a lot more Bold and step outside of your Inner Sanctum with a greater Confidence... discussing those things maybe nobody else much Cares about in your Real World, but which YOU Care about or are going through!   Connecting on a Deeper Level with those that CAN Connect to your Journal Posts and their Topics, whatever they may be!

Sometimes I just need to made Sense and Order out of the Chaos that can become Life as Events unfold and you don't always have all the Answers to those Important Life Questions that pop up from time to time or Control over some of Life's Surprises you might not have Voluntarily Chosen.  I'm not very good with Chaos you see, so I need to compartmentalize things to make more sense out of them and Deal with them adequately.

After I've sorted things out that way there are always those elements that were unexpected... which isn't always a Bad Thing... but you might not quite know what to do with on your particular Life Journey, but you ended up with them anyway and so there they are.

And you Discover those things that don't Line Up at all as you sort thru your Messes to make Order out of the Chaos... sometimes those things don't always stand out in the 'Whole' but set apart they are suddenly Revealed.   And you probably know we're not talking about Scrabble Tiles, this is all quite the metaphor since I like to work with Visuals in my Stories.  *Smiles*

And after I get everything sorted out in a way that I can Deal with it all better and Reflect upon what I have, then I just have more of an Inner Peace.   I find out a lot about myself in this Process of Journaling as well... it is often a Revelation of what is Important to me and what Feeds my Soul, Afflicts my Spirit, becomes a Weakness or builds a Strength!

Knowing Yourself better is always Helpful, because we can go thru Life with Blinders on about ourselves.  What is glaringly apparent to others can remain hidden right there in plain sight and it's as if with ourselves we look with eyes wide shut!   Whether you are the Type that Loves who you are or has Self Loathing of some kind, it's still Healthy to be more in Touch with who YOU are at your Core!

It just Improves upon how your Life will Play Out if you get to know yourself well.   I happen to be Comfortable in my own skin and Like myself quite well... Okay, I Love myself actually... most of myself anyway, there is room for Improvement. *Smiles*  Yet I did Discover in this Journey of Journaling that I did treat everyone else way better than I was treating myself... and for someone you Love, that just didn't make much sense!

Now it wasn't that I was necessarily Mean to myself... I can be very Self-Indulgent and Good to myself regularly enough that I Feel Loved by me *Winks*... but I Worked myself half to Death and didn't cut myself much slack in the way of what was asking too much of myself!  I wouldn't think of doing that to anyone else, I'd be much more Understanding, accommodating and lenient!

With myself I'd see and focus more upon what I hadn't done, what I didn't get accomplished, what I Failed to Cope with adequately and whatever Negative Thoughts, Feelings or Emotions I was Experiencing at any given Time.   Journaling some of my disparaging Posts about me made me realize I was being pretty Critical in a way I wouldn't be towards anyone else!

  It's all perfectly Normal in fact not to do everything... not to accomplish everything you set out as a Goal... to have Issues Coping with some things and to not always have Positive Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions about EVERYTHING... and it just brought it to Light that I needed my Expectations to be Kinder to Self.   Many of your Sweet Comments reminded me that you all were being Nicer to me than I was being to myself and I was just being Human after all.

You see, another benefit of Online Journaling is that you often get more Honest Feedback from a broader Audience than you would probably get in Real Life.    People tend to Keep it more Real here in the Land of Blog and even Share their own Stories more intimately than they might feel Comfortable with in the Real World.   Many in the Real World they've known Forever might not even know what we all feel more Comfortable Revealing here quite Publicly!?

I don't even know Why that is, but I Like it... because the Camaraderie of Shared Experiences, both Good and Bad... the Sharing of Passions, Trials, Inviting People into our Homes, Pursuits and Lives is Refreshing!   In Real Life we've almost become a Closed Off Society of sorts and Insulating ourselves in individual Cocoons.


Yes, we might emerge to do things... and then retreat right back into the Cocoon we've so Carefully constructed to keep the World Out!  We don't get Involved... Lord No... each of us has enough we're usually Involved with already, right... to get Involved with too much outside of our own Circle or Sphere of Influence!?   But here we usually DO get Involved with what each other is doing, going through, Feeling!

Maybe it's because there's a Safe enough Distance and we can just Show Up when we can... and we know we don't Need to actually Show Up at all, I dunno?   But when we Show Up and Connect something quite Wonderful happens... and I just Wish that Translated into Real Life more amongst us all... you know, in that Perfect World we all Dream about.  Because Wonderful things happening ain't half bad is it?  *Winks*   We could all get used to that on a regular basis!

If in Real Life things were as Inviting, Connecting and as Intimately Revealed as they are in the Land of Blog... without the Threat of Condemnation, Judgment, Drama or Misunderstanding we would have a lot more Wonderful things happening among people I think.   It's Odd really that an Online Community can get along so much better than a Real Life one most of the time... since we're all People Living Real Life after we leave the Computer Screen.

And then I Realized it's not so Odd when you Step Back and think about it... because Bloggers are a Slice of Humanity that Enjoys doing the same thing... Blogging... or Visiting Blogs... and regardless of Why we do it, we have that same thing in Common... and that Commonality Connects us.  We might not Find that Commonality of Purpose and Interest in such large doses in Real Life out in the Public at large... not in a Lifetime of meeting folks!?!

Now I happen to be Fortunate enough to have met several folks in Real Life that I have such Commonalities with and can Share Life in more Intimate ways because we've Cultivated that Relationship and a Closeness and for that I'm Grateful!   I wouldn't want for it just to be in the Land of Blog that I felt such a Connection and Relationship, it wouldn't be enough!

I think the Desire to Share Life with others is just a deep Need of all of Humanity... and you'd think with so many People out there in Humanity it would be so Easy to make that Connection... but it often isn't, which is Strange indeed!   So the added benefit of Online Journaling is to make those Connections to Share Life with others a bit easier than it can be in Real Life.

And to also make it easier for us to go back and Recall how our own Journey has been playing out as Life unfolds.   I have often thought about deleting my Archived Posts to save precious storage space and Purge files of Images that have grown exponentially... but I've Refrained... at least for now, because in going Back I can often see how far Forward I'm progressing... or where I've Stalled Out or gotten Stuck.

I can see what I've Enjoyed along the way, Survived, Dreamed about, Accomplished, where I've Failed or faltered, what I Needed to Rant about in the Moment but managed to Overcome anyway and move past.   I am reminded that Life's Journey takes a lot of twists and turns and we don't always end up in Expected places or situations... and that's Okay.

And as long as the benefits remain Solid I will probably keep on with this Journey of Journaling because it has fulfilled many Purposes for me anyway... and perhaps for you too?


Here's looking forward to a Great Journey Together into 2016 my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I loved this---as you are right in so many instances...insulation, sharing, caring for others and yourself, and being honest with others and yourself. Hard to do in a pretend world...where we put our best foot forward with thick socks covering the warts and ugly toenails and all.

    I'm old enough now to know not to drive myself (and everyone around me) crazy anymore. Perfection is impossible to achieve, and is someone elses measure now---no longer mine.

    Keeping it real...definitely now and 2016. I promise, pinky-swear, and IF I can't or don't...I will try harder. Great post Dawn, thanks for the thoughts ...and invisible support and permission to be real. Grins, Sandi

    1. Sandi I totally Agree that as we Age we are less obsessed with what is perceived as Perfect or striving for it. And I have less tolerance for the fake facades of anything or anyone... I want it to be kept 100% so there are no illusions of what it is or who it is. Thanks for weighing in and joining me on Living Authentically as we move into 2016... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Well Put! When I was journaling regularly I enjoyed going back and re-reading my daily entries, reliving my days!

    1. Yes, we develop amnesia sometimes about what we have endured, celebrated etc. and an occasional look back keeps things in proper perspective... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Ahhhh! Love the photos!

    My dear friend, I'm so glad to have met you via Blogging, then in person shortly after, our paths crossed... We always have so much fun when we get together...always laughing all day long! We never run out of things to chat about either! xoxo


    1. Ditto my Friend! Fate is indeed a Curious Thing... from Blog to Real Life connections always gives me shivers... Divine Appointments often Connect Kindred Spirits! Happy New Year and lets hope we can get together more often in 2016! I still need you to come over and help me 'set' my garage door opener and auto watering system... moving into the 21st Century from a turn of the Century Home has been quite the transition! Ha ha ha... Your Friend Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Hmmm. My blogging IS a form of journaling for me. I find it almost impossible to share on my blog my most personal thoughts and feelings. After all, most come to see a bit of superficial I share about my life and whatever creative projects I have been working on. Even here, where I know that you would understand oh so very well, I cannot share the intense emotional days that have just passed. There are diverse reasons people blog. I must say that I feel a connection to those that share of themselves in there personal journaling and usually flit by those that blog to merely promote their craft.

    Happy New Year Dawn. Hope it will be a really great one for all of us.
    xx, Carol


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