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Sweet Salvage ~ Sweet Flea

So Today was the Opening Day of the SWEET SALVAGE "Sweet Flea" Event and I managed to get there earlier than expected after dropping The G-Kid Force off at School this Morning.  My first acquisition was from Sweet Michelle... this Amazing and very large Cloche Display she had Created was just My Style with all the Elements I Love and totally affordable.

Here's a Close-Up of the interior Display without the Cloche so you can see more of the Details.  Loved the Old Brown Velvet base to the Black Wooden Cloche Stand... the Silverplate Sugar Bowl converted into an Adorable container to nestle a Bird's Nest with German Glitterized Egg and Embellishments of Old Crochet Lace and Vintage Bling.

With my main acquisition squared away early in the Show I was then able to just Enjoy the Visuals of the rest of the Eye Candy and concentrate on Photographing some of them to Share in this Post, as well as Visit with Friends.

I hadn't really had anything specific in Mind to procure and so there was no sense of Urgency to beat other Shoppers to anything in particular once the doors opened.  Having a very laid back approach for this Show meant I could just leisurely Enjoy myself and Photograph what I could before it was heading off to it's various new Homes.

Several Lucky Shoppers had been chosen at random to enter early before the doors opened, so I knew they'd have a thirty minute lead on the rest of us in line and so I'd Hoped many of the Vignettes would still look Pristine enough to Photograph?  Otherwise there would have to be a lot of Close-Ups.  *LOL*

I was actually in this Group Photograph of some of my Sweet Friends but I was standing in such Bright Daylight in the Courtyard that I couldn't Photoshop it enough to give me any features at all!  *Ha ha ha*   Well, at least I was the one most washed out and I could Salvage the Shot of my Friends because I really liked this of all of them!  *Whew!*

I have this total Infatuation with Flower Frogs... but since I already have such a Hoard of them at Home I Resisted the Temptation to add to it!  *Smiles*   Hard decision though since many of the items had been marked down dramatically for this particular Show as a Customer Appreciation Sale!

Of coarse I spent just as much time visiting with my Friends as I did seeking out Bargains and Treasures or Covering the Event thru the Eye of my Lens!  *Winks*

Loved this Cement Bust!!!   It's Treasures like this that I will eventually be seeking and procuring for New Bohemian Valhalla's Vibe... so items like him are at the top of the 'Wish List'.

Now... there were Freebies hidden all over for this Show as well to show Customer Appreciation... and though my Friend Leslie had hidden hers quite well... I did manage to Find one!  Probably because I was pawing thru so much of her Inventory because she Shares such a similar Aesthetic to me that several Treasures were catching my Eye as potential Purchases.

It was my very first Freebie Find and so I was totally Jazzed because I had pulled it to look at the Price, since I really fell in Love with it, so Imagine my Surprise and Joy to Discover that it was a "Take me I'm FREE" item!!!!!!   *Happy Dance!*   Isn't it Gorgeous!?!

I'm so Glad that my Friend Pamela took some pixs of me with some of my Friends using her Phone Camera because for some reason a lot of mine didn't turn out very well with my old Camera, which I didn't realize until I downloaded them after getting Home... bummer!!!   I Hate when that happens!

So, on account of my Photography mishaps nixing more than half of the Images I took for this Show, I'll be sprinkling in some from the Shop's Facebook Page and some that Pamela took to round out this Post and Share with you.  *Whew!*

Now, I had spent a considerable amount of time on the Shop's Facebook Page prior to the Event because they were giving Clues about some of the Freebies that would be available... like this Amazing Antique Clock... and I was scrutinizing every Detail so I could spy it if someone didn't beat me to it!   But alas, they did... *Le Sigh*   When they are no longer Functional I like to take out the guts and use the Interior to Display things through the Glass.

So next I Searched high and low for this Freebie Vintage French Linen Grain Sack... Love those... but it too had been scooped up, probably by the Early Bird Shoppers... so I had pretty much given up even Hoping any were left to Find... and that's when I began to actually Discover the two I Found!  *Ha ha*

Isn't that how it usually goes anyway, you Find the Best Things when you aren't really even Looking Intently for them?!?   So... my other Freebie Find was this Fab Vintage Show Ribbon... I Collect Old Show Ribbons and so I had been looking at them specifically, but didn't Expect to get one for Free!  *Booyah!*

And along with the Freebie Finds I also Received a Wonderful Surprise Christmas Gift of this Vintage Masquerade Mask from my Sweet Friend Michelle when I was buying her Cloche Display!  I had Purchased some of these Masks from her at a previous Show and just Loved them, so I was Delighted when she Presented another one to me as a Surprise Gift!   Thank You Michelle, that was a really Special and Generous Surprise of something you knew I'd Love!   Makes me look kinda Fancy and Bougie huh?   *LOL*

And I know you're thinking, what about those Chairs you were totally Lusting over Dawn?   Well... alas, I knew they would not be within Budget even though they were Ideal and what I was Looking for to round out the Seating in the Living Room here at New Bohemian Valhalla... but I did have to take a Gander at them in Person all the same and Daydream!  *Winks*

I knew the Leather and Hide Club Chair was my Friend Kenny's... and he turned it around to show me Party In The Back... yeah, the Back looked as Spectacular as the Front!   And it is a deep and Comfy Armchair... so if it didn't Sell at this Show, I'll have to try to Save Up for this one!

And that other one... was my Friend Michelle's... and it looked even better in Person too... but I Wondered if that Antique Fabric would hold up well in a high use area?   It is Sublime, but you do have to think about such things if you're going to put it somewhere that you know will have a lot of wear and tear.   I'm thinking that if I did Save Up for this one it couldn't go in the Living Room... I'd probably have to sequester it here in the Library where it would have more limited use?  It is a Perfect curl up with a Good Book big Chair after all!

Another thing definitely on the Long 'Wish List' for Future acquisitions for the New Home would be large Iron Urns such as these... actually there were several Fabulous Styles of Vintage Iron Urns at this Show... all were Perfect for Tuscan Villa Courtyard Style!

It's Fun to Imagine what Treasures I'll be Searching for in the Future when I have Saved Up enough to go on the Thrill of the Hunt for them later on.

Michelle also had this Wonderful small Silverplate Urn that I was Wrestling with myself on whether to buy to put another Bottlebrush Christmas Tree in?   I didn't... but I probably should have.

My Friend Minnie had Styled a particular Room's Vignette with me in Mind... I won't tell you which Room it was, but it gave us a lot of Laughs because only at The Sweet would this particular Room be Beautiful enough to Stage a Photo Shoot in... and she had Styled it Beautifully in the Style that is definitely in line with my Aesthetic!   *Smiles*

My Friend Pamela had Created some of her Unique Brand of Domino Necklace Art for the Show... this one was my Favorite.

And along with the Cloche Display I did also buy a couple pieces of Vintage Velvet and Satin Millinery from my Friend Myko.

Here's the Vignette I saw the first piece in...  I had been drawn to this Teddy Bear because he is a Miniature of one almost Identical to my first Teddy Bear that my Welsh Nanna bought for me as a Baby and I still have!

And here's the Vignette I saw the second piece in... and Coincidentally they both were Showcased with an Antique Teddy Bear!

More Sweet Friends... and I'm totally Adoring the PARIS MONTANA Velvet and Lace Top that my Friend Kim is wearing!!!!!  *Swooning*

And of coarse I had to check out all of the New PARIS MONTANA Creations Heidi had brought in for the Show... it was so Good to see her again!

I particularly liked the Pimped Out Rabbit's Foot on the closure of this Stunning Necklace!  Too Cute!

And the New Year's Vignette's reminded me that even though Christmas is just around the corner... so is another brand New Year rolling up on us very soon!

I don't know if you've thought about any of your New Year's Resolutions or not?   I know I have...

How Cute are these Fancy Flasks... Ideal for your New Year's little Nips on the Tonic!  *Winks*

I always Wonder at the start of the New Year what Celebrations we might have in the extended Family?   Will there be any Engagements, Marriages or Births?   Guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Loved this Old Bust of a Native American resembling Sitting Bull... and it SOLD right away so somebody else obviously Loved it too!

A little Christmas Tree of Flower Frogs...

And look at this Great Antique Register!!!  I think it could be Copper?

And it was so Ornate!!!

They just don't make Functional Commercial Items Beautiful like this anymore... or as long lasting.

Well, I do Hope you've thoroughly Enjoyed coming along with us Today my Friends?  Actually, this Post has taken me so long to Create that it's actually past Midnight now and it's Officially Tomorrow already and it will Post then... ha ha ha!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I enjoyed the pictures, but especially seeing all the pearls.


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