Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Sweet Flea ~ Part II

Yes, we returned to the Show, me Hoping to take more successful Images than the initial visit since I'd had a major Photography malfunction on Opening Day, probably more to do with me than the Camera actually... Ha ha ha...

And Princess T because not only would it be her initial visit to this particular Show, but once she knew it was the Customer Appreciation Event where she could search for Freebies... well, she was on a Mission!  *LOL*   And the Freebie we Found was Ideal for us!   Vintage Chalkware Carnival Kitsch Prize for my Collection!  *Booyah!*

So I must say I was as Excited about Finding this Adorable Pipe Smoking Bulldog as she was when we turned him over to check out his price and there was that Coveted Green "Take me I'm Free!" Sticker over it!   *Squealing in Delight!*   Hey, it doesn't get any better than that now does it, I felt like whoever probably Won him at the Carnival way back in da day!!!   Remember how it feels to Win something at a Carnival Midway?   Yeah, that's how we felt Winning him this day!

And though Princess T reluctantly gave him up to Gramma's Carnival Kitsch Collection as my Christmas Gift from her... she didn't come away empty handed... my Sweet Friends ensured that!   My Friend Sweet Michelle Generously presented her with some Surprise Bohemian Bling for Christmas!

Now... isn't this Charm Necklace just Perfect for a little Gypsy Chick?  Thank You Miss Michelle... Princess T was Loving it!!!  She Loves being Spoiled Rotten you know!  *Winks*

And it wasn't just with Bling that the G-Kid Force got Spoiled... my Sweet and Generous Friend Miss Minnie ensured that... by loading Princess T up with a Goodie Bag filled with Sweet Treats... Monstrous sized Cookies and Brownies for the Princess and her Brother for the Holidays!   And my Sweet Friend Kenny fed her with Home Baked Goodness too in the Warehouse, so the Kiddo was on a Sugar Blaze thruout the Event!  *LOL*


And due to the Photography blunder on Thursday, where some of my pixs of myself with Friends didn't turn out worth a damn... we took triplicates this day... just to ensure we got some this time around!   It probably helped that my Friend Myko was behind the Lens... so all three turned out Great this time!  *Smiles*   And I'm Wondering, am I actually trying in vain to hold my stomach in with that hand??!  What's with that strange Pose??? *Bwahahahaha!!!*

And you might be Wondering, Dawn... why are you dressed like a Farmer and devoid of Bling?   Well, in actuality we were temporarily ditching our duties and a ton of Work to Purge my second and larger Showroom of unwanted Inventory this Morning by Attending the Show instead!  *Shhhhhhhh!!!*   Sure, we got to it much later and accomplished our Mission... so it's all Good... all Work and no Play would make Dawn a dull Girl after all!  *Winks*  So these are my getting down and dirty duds for De-Stashing or Pickin'!    Oddly I was wearing my Jerome Haunted Hotel Tee and that Night on 'Ghost Adventures' the Guys were on Lockdown at that very Hotel!  *Whoooooo, eerie coincidence!*

We got Myko out from behind the Lens to stand in front of it with the other Gals for a couple of shots too... I NEED to know her Diet Secrets, she's looking so Svelt and Gorgeous!

So the three Skinny Gals together made me realize times three that a Primo New Year's Resolution for this Old Gal is to shed some pounds *Smiles*... and I know... it's been a Resolution FOREVER already... but this year I feel more Confident I could actually lose the weight again and actually keep it off?!?!?! 

She says as she's Gorging on Kettle Korn the Night after the Event... Bwahahahahahaha!!!  

Princess T was telling me she wants her New Boudoir here at the New House to resemble Miss Minnie's Vignette at the Event... with all of Miss Minnie's Custom Linens... yeah, WHO DOESN'T KID?!??!?  *Smiles*  I'm totally with ya on that one Kiddo... I want that too!!!   But that would also mean you couldn't eat Otter Pops in the middle of your Bed no more, understand?  *LOL*

And the Princess and I were Unanimous this day on which Vignette we were particularly drawn to... this one... which would go Well at the New Villa and a Tuscan Inspired Scape.

Too bad that piece SOLD Gramma... it would have been Perfect for our house she Lamented... I Agree... it would have... look at all those Wonderful little numbered cubbies to stash all our littlest Treasures in!

And we liked the numerous faux Succulents and Spanish Moss tucked in there too... we would just have alternated it with Bling in the empty cubbies... why there are well over a hundred of them... Splendid!  *Smiles*

I had actually also come back for that one little Silverplate Loving Cup Urn... GONE... and had this McCalls December of 1926 Cover been in a more Ornate Vintage Frame... it would have gone Home with me this day.   Sure, I could have re-framed it, but I don't need another Project right now so I Passed.

In fact I Passed on a lot of Great Finds...

Except for this one which my Friend Kenny had at such a marked down price it was ridiculous, so I couldn't Pass!  He messed with me, joked and asked me if it wasn't already mine since he's bought a lot from me?  I had to hesitate and think about that... Nope... don't think so!  *Ha ha ha*  Wouldn't be the first time I almost bought my own stuff back tho' after Letting Go!  *LOL* 

That's also why I sometimes bring The Force with me to bounce off of them if I already have one of those?  And they often respond, well, yeah Gramma... in fact... I think you have two or more!??!?!  *Winks*   Or yeah, you just got rid of one of those so you don't Need another one!  *Bwahahaha!*

Now, they make an Exception with Bling and Skullies... because Honestly, can one Addams Family Gypsy Styled Household EVER have enough of that?  We think not!  *Winks*   And besides, Princess T and I were totally diggin' Miss Heidi's Pimped Out Rabbit Foot Necklace Accents!

But using remarkable restraint the Clock was my single purchase this visit!   And laden with our Gifts and Freebie Find, we were totally Content with a single purchase, even tho' I had not come for an Antique Clock!  *LOL*

Doesn't that sometimes happen tho', you aren't even looking for something until you Find it!

We rather Like the Serendipity of that... it's as if the Stuff Finds YOU instead!

To be sure I often have a Mission Statement in Mind when I go out on the Thrill of any Hunt... but I don't hold fast to it.

I allow the Serendipity of the day to unfold as it will.

And just Enjoy the Adventure and Experience of it all!   Because the Journey is just as Satisfying as anything I might actually Find and take Home with me.

And an Outing is still a total Success even if I don't Find a thing that I want or need... so long as I've had a Good Time!

And things tend to Play Out in my Favor most of the time anyway... such as I'd been Admiring and Wanting this Gorgeous Antique Clock when I first saw it in the Warehouse... but it was way outside of my Budget.   And then less than ten minutes later I saw Kenny's madly reduced Antique Clock and it was similar enough and well within Budget!  So I still came Home with an Antique Clock and without breaking the Bank!

And some things had been reduced for Customer Appreciation and priced to Sell fast... but just weren't within my Budget this day or they'd have been loaded up for sure!  *LOL*   Like this huge Column Pedestal... WOW!

And Great Taxidermy Mounts like this one reduced for Customer Appreciation... WOW!

Yeah, we were having a lot of WOW Moments about certain Treasures we couldn't bring Home this day!

But maybe another day, right?

I was totally Satisfied I'd at least come Home with a wealth of decent Photography this day to Share with you in a Post for the Event Finale'!  *Whew*

And sometimes the Beautiful Images are enough for me to remain duly Inspired... because a thing of Beauty is indeed a Joy Forever!

To Enjoy the Visuals of it can be enough for me now... I don't Need to Own it all anymore... I'm actually Enjoying the Downsizing Process and only having a few acquisitions along the way.   And when something comes in... well, my New Mantra is that a Host of things have to go OUT now... so it keeps me Accountable!

And we continue to Refine the List of what we Need for the New Home... like Huge Metal Urns for the Courtyards... which I know where to go when I am ready for them!  *Winks*

And maybe when Budget permits things like the Stone Bust of that Handsome Dude will still be available?   And if he's not, well, some other Handsome Dude will have to come Home with me!?  *Bwahahahaha!*

Loved that second from the top striped Suitcase...

And this European Bottle Rack... in fact, Princess T and I like to Play this Game without Buying... all we do is Pretend we're Buyers and if we could just pick up anything and everything without regards to who we're Buying it for, what would we get?   What would we fill a Brick and Mortar Shop with?

And we played that Game this day and had a lot of Fun with it...

And it actually helps us to Refine our Eye when we ARE out Pickin' for my Showrooms to be a lot more Discerning about Product and the Aesthetic we're going for.

Because we each already KNOW what we Like and Prefer...

And if you have a Retail Space of any kind and want to offer Treasures up to your own Clientele you KNOW what you'd like to bring to the table in the way of Merchandise.

Now that I've Successfully cleared out all unwanted or stale Merchandise in my own Showrooms for the New Year I am on a Mission to Transform them to that particular Vision... and it's Exciting to Source Inventory for them again!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So glad your getting your showrooms in the style to your liking! You've done really well to accomplish that and your big house move too!

    1. Oh, thank you Marlynne... Princess T actually helped me a lot... and we made several donation runs to a local Charity Shop with the merchandise we purged. Feels good to have a more clean slate to build my vision upon for what I want to do with the Showrooms in the New Year... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. So much wonderful eye candy...looks like fun shopping! Lots of goodies and inspiration for a new showroom!

    1. Absolutely Linda... thanks for coming by for a Holiday Blog Visit! Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian


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