Friday, December 18, 2015

Rust And Roses... The Holiday Treasure Hunt Continues

And Thursday Afternoon The Thrill of the Holiday Hunt continued over at my Friend Shelly's Shop RUST AND ROSES!   Of coarse I HAD to have this Boudoir Doll Gypsy Head... natch!  *Winks*

And though I did want to soak in all of the Inspiration and Eye Candy I had a Specific Purpose in Mind this day for what I'd come for!

So I headed straight over to my Friend Katy's SACRED HEART STUDIOS Boutique area and tried not to get sidetracked too much by the Wonderful array of Accessories... since I was Seeking out a piece for my Christmas Wardrobe this day that I'd Admired before and Hoped would still be there?  Which won't actually be Revealed in this Post... because Believe it or not I Forgot to Photograph it before I bought it and cannot Remember which previous Post it was Photographed in?!  *LOL*

But Thankfully it was still there and I got it... I think I would've been a bit Crushed had it been SOLD and I would have had to choose something else!

Though there were certainly plenty of Something Else's that I would have gladly added to my Wardrobe, I kinda had my Heart set upon the piece I'd fallen in Love with on a previous visit.

And because I neglected to Photograph it there in the Boutique I had one of my Vintage Dress Form Gals Model it for me here at Home so I wouldn't leave you in Suspense.  *Winks*   Of coarse I'll wear something under it when I'm going out... Ha ha ha!!!

The back is as Beautiful as the front and is split up the middle like a Tuxedo Coat Tail.

I decided to leave it on the Dress Form in the Hallway until the first time I wear it... because it looks too Pretty to hide in a Closet!

I Loved the Delicate Vintage Lace Elements that Katy had utilized in this particular Creation.

And of coarse that it was in My Size and will be so versatile for any Wardrobe I want to layer it with.

So, yes, that was a Christmas pressy to myself for the Holidays that I will get a lot of use out of.  I constantly build on OOAK Custom Created Anchor Pieces for my Wardrobe and pair them up with Thrift Shop Finds... it's an affordable way to expand Wardrobe and make the Bargains blend in Beautifully and seamlessly.

It's akin to having that higher end Anchor Piece of Furniture in a room that can make everything else look all the more Opulent, but on a Budget.   Though I get a Thrill out of Finding Bargains to Feather my Nest and expand my Wardrobe, I will Save Up and splurge on my Anchor Pieces, it's always a Good Investment.

Totally Loved my Friend Pauline's Cabinet Of Curiosities Display... I think I may be in Lust with those French Linen Pumpkins!  *Smiles*

And the Simple Burlap Bows on the backs of the Chairs is a Sweet Holiday Touch, I think I'd tuck a sprig on faux Greens into the middle of each at Home for that added Festive Touch.  I had also 'Scored' a bunch of very Realistic looking faux Pine Sprigs this day at a 'Pick' I went to later in the Evening! 

Because of coarse since I recently Purged all of the unwanted Inventory out of Showroom One Thirty Three at our Antique Mall and am going Full On with the Remodeling of it, I also Needed and Wanted to Source some Fresh Inventory to fill it up with for the first of the New Year.

Pauline also had some Impressive Skullies in her Booth at the Shop... big Toothy ones!  *Smiles*


And Katy's Gorgeous Sacred Heart Bling Creations were particularly Captivating... very hard for me to stay on Task and not be Distracted or unduly Tempted... but I Resisted!  *Whew!*

Which isn't so easy when you're surrounded by Inventory you would Style your own Lair with because it's just your Style and preferred Aesthetic!   So many of these Treasures would go Perfectly at Home in fact... including that Oddfellows Cap on the right!  I have a Napoleon Styled one almost Identical in Styling at Home already!

How Cute are the Embellished Jeans?

Yes, I could have spent the entire day just browsing the bounty at the Boutique Area!  Katy's Fashion Sense is so very similar to my own that I would and could wear any and all of her Creations and fill up my Wardrobe with them!

Loving several pieces of the New Winter Line with the Sacred Heart Embellishments.

And of coarse the Skullies and Architectural Elements in Shelly's Shop are always Primo!!!

Fashion and Architectural Salvage under one Roof, does it get any better than that?  I think not!!!

Had to show you some more of Katy's Sacred Heart Necklace Line.

This Image was not so Good but I still wanted to Share it so Photoshopped it to Salvage it for the Post!  *Smiles*

And all of her Bags are Lovely and just My Style... this little Messenger Bag was Sweet and Created from some Lovely Vintage Italian Cut Velvet Tapestry.

I'm certain you could've found something for your Christmas pressy in the Shop Today too, huh?  *Winks*

Loving my Friend Angie's Mosaic Embellished Antlers.  Most had SOLD from the last time I'd been in the Shop so clearly the Customers are totally diggin' them too!

Katy is also Embellishing some of her Fashions with Bling... I Like that Touch too!

Well, I do Hope you had Fun Shopping with me again Today my Friends on my Girl's Day Out?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So many lovelies to choose from Dawn...l love the top you've chosen and how you've displayed it on your vintage mannequin (until you wear it)...The bag you've got hanging there with it is it a Magnolia Pearl one l wonder....Have a wonderful Christmas there in the desert:-)

    1. Yes, that is indeed a Beautiful Magnolia Pearl Bag, one of the earlier Carpetbag large ones Robin made. Good Eye! *winks* I've been Collecting MP for many years and Wish the bags were still being made in that Style, Gorgeous Works of Art each and every one of them! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. What a lovely addition to your wardrobe! It's such a great use for all that beautiful lace, I may have to take another look through my grandma's crochet stash. Thanks for the virtual shopping trip, you always find so many unique and interesting things.

    1. Ah yes, the uses for Gramma's Crochet Stashes is practically endless my Friend... be Inspired to Showcase some of your Gramma's handiwork fearlessly in Creations that bring it a New Life, the making of it was indeed a Labor of Love for all of our Grandmothers! Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Your photos are wonderful and such lovely and unique pieces! so inspiring.. Thank you for sharing.. Christmas blessings.


    1. Thank you for coming by for a Blog Visit Tamara, Glad you enjoyed the Post... Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian


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