Saturday, December 26, 2015

Perfect Christmas Gifts...

I have received several Perfect Christmas Gifts for Christmas this year, not all of them under the Tree or Tangible.   I'd have to say my Favorite and most Perfect Tangible Gift was from my Dear Brother who sent me this Bear Head... he knows his Big Sis well!   *Winks*

Though the Miles separate us now we're always close in Heart and Spirit... and I know this has been an extremely tough year for him Health Wise.  So we often have those candid conversations about Mortality and making the best of the Time we have on this side of Time and Eternity.  The Greatest Gift to me from God is that he's still here on this side of the Veil against incredible odds!!!

My Brother has been on Borrowed Time and diagnosed as Terminal for so long now Doctors are Amazed he's still here all these years later!  The Grim Prognosis keep rolling in and he keeps on Rolling in spite of the Medical Expiration Date that has so often been put upon his Time here and had to keep being extended because, well... he's still here!   He's been told now that he has a dying Heart and there's nothing they can do about it... but he also has so much Heart to keep on Living that he made it thru another Christmas and we Rejoice over that and Cherish whatever Time is left... because our Mantra as a Family is that one is not dead 'til God says so!

Another incredible Gift to me is of Family in general... and though so many of them now live so far away we cannot see them in Person, The Son and his Family are still Local and so I get to see them more often than the rest, which is Priceless!

The Girls are now getting bigger than their tiny Mom  *Smiles* and growing into such Beautiful Young Women inside and out... getting to Witness that Metamorphosis of at least some of your Grandchildren Blossoming into Adulthood in Person is indeed Priceless.

It all tends to happen so FAST you see... and in the blink of an Eye they're Grown Up it seems!  I think as you get older Time seems to increase at Warp Speed all the more... perhaps it's just an Illusion that it does, but it just seems to the older you get!

The Littlest One does not like being Photographed and we all have to go to great lengths to get her to feel more Comfortable in front of the Lens so she can show off that Beautiful Smile behind the Shy Countenance!

This is the other Gramma...  you can see where all that abundant Beauty came from that has been passed down from Generation to Generation!

The Son is indeed a Blessed Man to have such a Lovely Family... and he is very much Aware of that.

This is the Great-Grandmother of those G-Kids... speaking about Jesus... it is indeed another Great Gift that the Gospel is being Shared in Countries that are getting to meet the Lord for the first time and develop a Relationship with Him.   In so many of those Countries, like Cambodia, where the Population have Endured so much under Oppressive Regimes, it could have dire consequences to be a Christian... or even an Educated Person, during certain Eras.   I am so Thankful that there were Survivors of such Holocausts throughout History as these Dear Souls... and through them we can realize what a Precious Gift Life is and not take so much for Granted!

And I leave you with this Message Honoring Christ's Birth in the Cambodian Khmer language... which is a Beautiful Sight to me... to see the Gospel Shared in all Languages and Tongues of this Earth... so that all may come to know Him and have that Special Relationship with Jesus Christ!  Hallelujah!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Ir is a treat to see the Christmas Bulletin in a different language! Blessings on you and yours now and thru
    the new year!


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