Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Reflections... And Change

As the Old Year is winding down to a close I'm beginning to have some Holiday Reflections of what I really want to do and accomplish in the New Year?

There have been a lot of Changes during 2015 and that momentum of significant Change has been refreshing and rather exciting.

As I'm seeing the Creativity of others that I'm Admiring the Work of it has also got me really impatient to begin Creating again myself!

The past few years have been so full of things I had to give Priority to, that Creativity got moved to the back burner and virtually Forgotten.

Sure, I piddled around a bit in my Showrooms, but I really didn't Create an Atmosphere in either Space that I wanted... and I am now determined to Change that too in the New Year.

We took the Time during this busy Holiday Season to accomplish our Favorite Traditions and Rituals... so I know that I could take the Time to carve out some Creative Activities too, it's just a matter of prioritizing them.

As each Chapter Closes on some of the things I had to give higher Priority to, it's opening up more Creative Space in my Life again and I'm really looking forward to that Time I will be able to spend Creating.

The Canvas of my Imagination is so full right now that it's bursting at the seams to Release some of what I've been aching to get around to.

Source: Paris Montana

I'm always surrounded by so many Talented and Creative People that are pursuing their Art that I want to be able to pursue mine too.

It has been hard to shove it to the back burner and try to Forget about it and just do what I had to do instead... rather than what I wanted to do and felt Purposed to do.

I am certain it has contributed to my feeling of restlessness and the lack of feeling fulfilled.   When you have to keep your Life filled with what you need to get done and have to do but isn't necessarily your Passion, it crowds out what you are Passionate about.

There becomes no room for it and that leaves a definite Void that cannot be filled by anything else really.

I know that when I don't have enough Creative Outlets I feel very Stifled... because what I desperately want to be doing has to wait.   I'm relieved that I'm finally to a place where the wait may be close to being over!  *Yay!*

I could keep busy twenty-four-seven with the Creative Outlets I want to pursue, but of coarse I won't have that much Time to Devote to it.  But having SOME Time again to Devote to it will still be a Rush!

I was noticing on Instagram that one of my Favorite Artists Robin Brown of 'Magnolia Pearl' will be coming out with a New Book that will Showcase the Changes they've made in their Lives.  I'm certain it won't look anything like the previous Book, which I Loved, it will be Different since Change always is.  And Embracing those Differences that Change brings about can be really Exciting.

During the Holidays we do hold onto Traditions and Rituals that don't Change very much and that is Comforting... but Life itself is constantly Changing and Shifting as it unfolds.

I can fondly Reminisce about the Past and how it used to be and look... but when I gaze back at Past Images captured thru the Eye of a Lens I can't help but notice how much has Changed too.

Nothing really stays the same, nor should it... the constant Evolving keeps things Fresh and Interesting... the Differences and various Metamorphosis Change brings about are what usually Stimulates us.

So here's to a brand New Year filled with Changes... I can hardly wait to see what they will be?!


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Some people embrace change with enthusiasm, some glide along with change brought by new opportunities, some create change and are excited by the knowledge that they ARE the change, some quietly let change into their life molding and shaping as they go....
    Merry Christmas. Best wishes that you will continue to embrace and create the changes you envision.
    xx, Carol

  2. Change is always an adventure and I wish for you many more of them in the New Year.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. We have had similar changes in our lives recently. It is hard to keep the creative fires burning whilst attending to more practical events. I'm with you on hoping that we can set alight the New Year ! Looing forward to Robin Brown's new book too, but I also must credit you for sharing so much inspiration with us all. Blessings from grey rainy England. x

  4. You always do such a lovely job showcasing other artists' work, I'll be excited to see YOUR creations for a change! A new Magnolia Pearl book? Yay! That Paris Montana necklace? Wow!

    A very merry Christmas to you and yours, Dawn. <3

  5. Dawn you're always so inspiring - can't wait to see the next chapter unfold! Merry Christmas!

  6. I hear ya, samething here. Going to do some probably great and not so great things in the New Year---won't we have fun sharing....Happy New Year, Dawn, from Chicagoland, Sandi


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