Thursday, December 3, 2015

Have You Ever...

Have you ever looked absolutely in vain for something for half a day... only to then totally give up on the Quest... open something random much later when you weren't even looking for it anymore ... and there it is?!?   Well, that's exactly what happened with my Quest for my two Vintage Sepia Bottlebrush Trees!   I was certain I'd put them somewhere easily accessible when I brought them over from the Old Home, since I knew I'd be Decorating for Christmas quite soon... and somewhere they wouldn't get squashed... but WHERE?!?

I eyeballed the mountains of Storage Boxes and Crates, peeking thru the openings to see if anything remotely resembling Christmas was in there?   I opened quite a few in Vain, Nope, though I Found a bunch of things I wasn't exactly looking for and could use, the Trees were elusive.  Finally after much frustration and coming up empty handed, I just gave up, determined not to waste and entire day searching without a Clue to where they could be?!  But it WAS nagging at me... and so Imagine my Delight when hours later I go into the Broom Closet under the Stairs for something and there they were, hiding in plain sight!  *LOL*   I was Relieved, because they are going to be my Inspiration for Dying my Sepia Hued Bottlebrush Trees, so I wanted to Find them THIS YEAR!  *Whew!*

I also found one of my Mannequin Gals hiding in that Broom Closet with them... so out she came to be dolled up for Christmas too.   I am finding that since I don't have the Time nor the Energy to put everything away where it should be at the New Home just yet, some things just get randomly Stored for now in the most Obscure places.  Though our Boudoir Closet and the G-Kid Force's Closets are Organized and Pristine... don't even look in any other Closeted Areas... I've shoved things in there temporarily for now and it's all rather a Hot Random Mess of possessions!

But it is Nice when I accidentally stumble upon something hidden away and out of sight that I Need or could use.   Getting used to where things are... even what we've neatly Organized... in a New Home, is indeed a Process... so it seems we're always Seeking.   At the Old Homestead we'd lived there so long that I knew where just about everything Needed always was.   And what wasn't Needed, well, I'd often just have Forgotten about those items!  *Smiles*

So along with Seeking Stuff... is the Rediscovery of other Stuff I had even Forgotten about and didn't know I had!!!  *LOL*   I can't begin to tell you how many Rediscovered Cool Treasures I've Found while Moving over here!   Especially Exciting is the amount of Art Studio Supplies I'd bought while The Son was Living in the Art Studio Cottage... and just tucked away somewhere in the Main House so as not to disturb his Privacy... and then completely Forgotten about!  Rediscovering those Forgotten Artistic Supplies was like stumbling upon Lost Treasure... I didn't even Remember buying some of it!   That happens when you get Older if you don't put something where it should be right away after buying it actually!  *Ha ha ha*

And it doesn't even have to be a Small item or something that you weren't THAT Excited to have Found and bought in the first place!   Case in Point, this beyond Fabulous Vintage Hat Stand... best one I've EVER Found and bought... and at a Bargain too... I was beside myself when I Scored it in fact.   Then the Move was taking place and I just unceremoniously Stashed it at the New Home... in the Third Car Garage... which quickly got Hoarded Up!  Mostly with Architectural Salvage and my Favorite Vintage Industrial Pieces awaiting Projects or Studio Furniture that needs to be schlepped Upstairs to the Loft when I've got some Stud Muffin here to do it for me.  *Winks*  So it kinda got 'Lost' in there, buried among the Great Stuff Hoard... 'til Yesterday when I Rediscovered it and brought it inside!  *Smiles*


And while NOT looking for Christmas Stockings I Rediscovered a Box with a Collection of Hand-Made Cutter Quilt Stockings... so up they went too!   This Rediscovering of my Stuff is kinda Neat, I'm really Enjoying it in fact and it's kinda filling in the Void for the lack of 'Pickin' I've NOT been doing in like FOREVER it seems!   This is another sort of Thrill Of The Hunt that is scratching my itch while I'm not able to Hunt for New Cool Old Stuff!  *Smiles*   Otherwise I think I might have been risking Withdrawal from not being able to Junque... because I do so Miss not being able to.

They say if you Change a Habit for a couple of Weeks you'll "Get Over It" if you Replace it with a New Habit... I think 'They' lied!!!  *Smiles*  Because this Move has been going on now for over Seven Months, which is a helluva lot longer than a couple of Weeks... yet I still Jones to go Junquing... and I've Replaced going Junquing with a bunch of New Habits... and I'm still not "Over It"!   I try not to even think about going on The Thrill Of The Hunt for Newfound Treasures in fact, since I can't right now... but that's like trying not to think about eating when you're ravenously hungry!

So... as soon as I get this Move over with and Done... and unpack the majority of what is still packed up... I'm going Junquing... that's Settled!    I only Hope I can Last that long?   *Winks*   But... in the meantime I Decorate... and Foof things around the New Home... and keep Cleaning Out the Old Home... and Contemplate what I'm going to do the first of the Year to Reinvent both Showrooms at the Antique Mall?   Because I don't even want to go Junquing until I have a Plan about what Direction I'm going with each Showroom... so that the Inventory I have in Mind is more Specific, more Curated and Refined in what I'm Searching FOR?!? 

I've been Talking about doing that for over a Year or more now... so it's long overdue to actually get around to Doing it and not just Talking about it.   Those Showrooms are in such a state right now I really Hate them... and most of the Inventory in them has to GO!   Just so that I can start over with basically more of a Blank Canvas to Build the Vision upon and re-stock with the type of Merchandise I really want to carry... and not just Sell Out on what will easily Sell but that I am just not that 'into'... or not 'into' at all!  

I just want to Carry the type of Merchandise that I Adore myself... because if I'm Selling what I'm not Loving... even if it is Selling just Fine... I just find myself not that Passionate about what I'm doing... and that's no good.   I mean, if I was THAT Person who is just Motivated by Profit to have a Space at an Antique Mall I'd be carrying Darth Vader Heads or something... because Collectible Star Wars Sells... and Collectible Bobblehead Sports Figures Sell... and a host of other things that I really could care less about being a Vendor of.   Maybe I'm just Nuts like that, but it's how I am and I know it's how I am, so I want to Do Me in my little Retail Spaces and I haven't been 100% Authentic to Self... 'cause I Sold Out when I saw what was walking out the doors briskly... and began carrying some of it, just so the checks would be better... and I find myself Loathing that Tactic even tho' it does make Bank.

So I really gotta get back to the Weird and Wonderfully Quirky Stuff that I'd prefer to pack the Showrooms with... then I'll Love them and Enjoy being in them again!  *Smiles*   Whether or not the average Mall Customer will Love it will remain to be seen, but I gotta take that Risk because Hating my Retail Spaces is just not Working for ME!  *Ha ha ha*   And Honestly, I can't wait to begin Sourcing the Really Cool Stuff I'd Decorate Bohemian Valhalla with and Offer it Up to my Customers... THAT Excites me and I think therefore the Showrooms will be better off for it and not so Sadly Neglected as they have been lately!

Yep, I do have a lot to do in 2016 that's for sure... but I'm eager to get around to it... I really am!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. New Year, New Focus!! There you go, just the inspirational phrase you need. January is the BEST time to renew your passion. The "after the holiday letdown" always needs a new focus to push it down out of the way. What you talk about here is exactly why I don't sell my "crafts" anymore.

    Oh yes, I have often searched for whatever I can't find. One of my mental disorders is that the quest puts me in a panic that is hard to overcome. Then Terry jumps in to help which makes me even more nervous... right now I can't find a tube of medication for Junior's ears. Asked the Vet for a new one, which didn't put the search out of my mind, just relieved the panic. Brother.
    Gosh I love all your treasures. Remember NEW YEAR, NEW FOCUS!!
    ho ho ho!!

    1. Yes, Carol, I too go almost completely Mad when I cannot find something and then cannot get it out of my Mind completely! *Ha ha ha* Thank goodness for the Serendipity where things sometimes just turn up, huh? *LOL* Yes, New Year and New Focus is definitely the direction I'm heading... we even began the Make-over of one of the Showrooms Today and I like it 100% better already, even though we only got one corner completed the energy of the room is already apparent as being way more positive! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Hi Dawn! You visited my blog in mid-November and left a lovely comment about The Lord's Prayer which I had published in a Northern Ojibwa dialect. I'm just catching up on comments I missed during a challenging November. I truly appreciated you visit and kind words.

    This post "Have You Ever..." had me laughing all the way through. Have you ever? OMG, yes! I can relate to so many things in your post. One of the funniest was the part about forming habits. You bet they lied. It takes far more than a couple of weeks for a new habit to take hold.

    The first image in your post told me you were an artist, even before I read your profile. Your artistry and creativity shines throughout this post. Have a happy weekend!

    1. Thank you for coming by for a visit and leaving such a kind comment... and glad I also gave you a laugh! *smiles* Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian


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