Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year's Eve!

As another New Year rolls in I am reminded how Lucky I am to get to Experience yet another year... with each subsequent year we have had Losses of certain Friends or Family and that reminds us of our own Mortality, so it is indeed a Blessing to still be here to ring in yet another New Year with those that still remain!

With every brand New Year I like to take Looks Back at previous years and revel in some Nostalgic Moments, perhaps you do the same?   I certainly look Forward as well, with Eager Anticipation of what a brand New Year will bring our way!?!

It is Interesting to me to see how some of my Preferences and Tastes have Changed... and how others have remained very much the same.   I find that year to year I am drawn to some differences that I do want to Explore and perhaps Experiment with when it comes to Style and Decor.

Certain Color Palettes have also come and gone throughout the years with my Experimentation Experience... I had my very brief Fling with a Pastel Palette... a Minute with a Colorless Palette... a full on Crayola Color Box Palette Explosion that was Fun and Festive but not very Restful!  *Smiles* 

Sometimes I even Forget what Phases I've moved through and discarded until I take a Look Back and then Recall them, sometimes shaking my head in disbelief, Laughing... did I REALLY Go There?!?  *Smiles*   A few Cherished Treasures of those Brief Love Affairs and Flings with different Styles and Palettes remain... but not so many... they were more of a One Night Stand Relationship with whatever Styling or Trend it was than a Real Relationship.  *Winks*

Some Discoveries have abided though throughout the years... like my Love Affair with 'Votivo' Brand Candles... which I still use to this day and am so Glad my Friend Kendra had Introduced me to the Line.   "Forgotten Sage" is still my Fav Fragrance in the Line, but I've used a few others... they are harder to Find now that "SAGE" is no more.   Aromas often bring back a flood of certain Memories and Nostalgia, do they to you as well my Friends?

As the many years have flown by I've had the Good Fortune to Reconnect with some Old Long Lost Friends, even quite recently in fact... and if even briefly Connecting again, it's always a Rush to Catch Up with what's going on Now in our Lives and Reminisce Together of the many Shared Memories, History and Good Times we Shared back in da day!  *Winks*

And it's always with Great Fondness that some of us can even go WAY BACK and Recall our Parents during their Younger days and those particular Memories of the Past Shared of those Eras.   Carefree Nomadic days of Childhood and all of the Adventures of frequent Traveling the Countryside and even being the Global Nomad for much of it.  I wouldn't Trade that Experience and Growing Up like that for the World!   How very Fortunate we were... and still are, even if we have put down Roots now to one place!   Okay, maybe not ONE place, but you know what I mean!  *LOL*

And of coarse some things NEVER Change... I suppose even though Time has marched on relentlessly... I'm still that Bohemian often Barefoot Girl smelling of Nag Champa who has a Penchant for wearing Embroidered Velvet, little Make-Up and long straight Hair.   Because it wasn't just a Style or a Fad... it is more about a Lifestyle and way of Being, isn't it?   And I'm still Living it out Daily and Perfectly Content to Be this way year after year... and probably Always...


Happy New Year my Friends... from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn, thanks for stopping by my blog. I wanted to tell you I post tons more now on Facebook rather than blogging. Come and follow me on Facebook/GardenAntqsVintage or send me a friend request, Theresa Halley Cano. You'll see tons more posted here about Round Top and the other shows I'm at. Happy New Years!!

  2. Happy New Year, friend...When I was first married I waded through different design and color preferences but when the dust settled I have stayed true to my loves occasionally shaking them up so they are not dated, but that's the fun of loving life, isn't it.
    xx, Carol

  3. Best wishes for the coming year.

  4. It is fun to reminisce about all of our phases as well as those that still define us...delightful post! Thank you for your lovely visits and Happy New Year!
    Mary Alice

  5. Happy New Year Dawn!! Wonderful nostalgic post...<3 May we all have a wonderful year ahead ...I think we need it...HUGS!!!


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