Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015 And Serendipity

Remember how I said I was looking forward to Sleeping In during the two week Winter Break the G-Kid Force would be out of School?  *Ha ha ha*   Yeah, like that was actually gonna happen, right?!  The Anticipating building towards Christmas has both Kiddos quivering with nervous Energy and Excitement they can barely contain!   The Young Prince can't get to sleep and ends up staying up 'til the wee hours... and Princess T is up before a Rooster has time to Crow in the Mornings!  *LOL*

I Scheduled a last 'Pick' at the Old Homestead early Yesterday Morning and then Princess T and I went Pickin' ourselves since we were already up so early.   As well as look for Pre-Christmas Sale Bargains at Retail Shops since none of the Shops waits 'til after Christmas to reduce prices considerably anymore and I'd had my Eye on a few things I Hoped to 'Score' at a reduced price.

It was a Simple Thing but I'd been Hoping I could get this Chalkboard Style Christmas Stocking on Sale even though it wasn't very expensive at full price there at 'Tuesday Morning'.   I like that Shop because they often get Artsy Product and Art Supplies from the Brands I prefer and at reduced cost.  So I was Jazzed they still had one of these left... I like using Black to Style for Christmas as much as I do other times of the year.  *Winks*

Now a Tradition that has been passed down for Generations in our Family is opening at least one Gift on Christmas Eve Day.   It began out of necessity when I was a Child since our Dad always had to Work Christmas Day and would have to be at Work by four in the Morning.  So we always Celebrated Christmas on it's Eve and opened all of our Gifts together as a Family before his Military Commitment called him away for Christmas Day.

We got so accustomed to this Tradition that I carried it forward to my Children, even though by then Grand-Dad had Retired from the Military.  It meant that we could go to Mom and Dad's to open Gifts on Christmas Eve so they could be with their Grandkids... and then open them on Christmas Morning at our Home... almost like having two Christmases!   Fast forward to the Third Generation and the G-Kid Force thinking Gramma's Tradition is a Splendid Idea of opening a single Gift they choose on Christmas Eve Day.

Splendid for us too since it means it takes the Edge Off of their Anticipation and keeps them busy and Satisfied Christmas Eve Day playing with the one thing they got to open early!  *Smiles*   Now, it also means that Princess T will be doggin' us real early since she'll be up at Daybreak ready to open one.   Waiting until the Eve of Christmas just didn't quite work out with these Kiddos, as you get older the Whining and incessant Pleading just gets to you more I guess?!  *Ha ha ha*

Grandpa, like her, is a Morning Person and they're both usually up early anyway... The Young Prince and I are Vampire People... so it's not as easy for Prince D and I to roll out of bed so early with the most Cheerful of Countenances!  *Ha ha ha*  But when I see a Face like this one, well, I knew I'd done Good in the choosing of the main Gifts... this is the Face I'm Striving for!  The Bunny Slippers for her American Girl knock-off in the Gift Set really made her little Heart Sing!

And Serendipity played a Major Role this day as well... remember I told you she and I went on a Pick the day before?  Well, we'd 'Scored' her a My Generation Doll for about a Dollar on the Pick that just happened to be the IDENTICAL TWIN of the one I'd bought her for Christmas and she chose to open Today!  WOW, what are the Odds?   Especially since this Brand has like an entire Human Scale Population of Character Dolls and I'd completely Forgotten which one I'd gotten her anyway since I'd bought it over a Month ago and wrapped it early!  *LOL*

Granted her Dollar Doll was buck neckid' and only still had the Purple Headband... *Smiles*... but the one I got her for Christmas came with an extra Outfit and now you can clearly see they're Twins!  The one on the left in the Fuchsia and Blue ensemble with Bunny Slippers is the Dollar Doll... and as you can see she's in as Pristine condition as her long Lost Twin Sister... and they're Happy to be reunited again!  *Winks*   I just Love Divine Coincidences like that, it adds to the Joy!

And though The Young Prince didn't wake up nearly as early as his little Sister... he did wake up all Smiles... which is Rare for him... and began circling the Tree to decide which of his Gifts he'd open Today?    Notice that wearing Black seems to be a common Theme for us as well as Decorating with it for Christmas!  *Ha ha ha*   And even though none of his Gifts were Surprises since he helped me order them Online for him or choose the Video Games he'd be getting, he was just as Eager to open any of them since he'd been reluctant to even let me wrap any of them!  *Winks*

Remember, this is the Kiddos that Hates Christmas Music because it's too Joyful and sometimes too Silly... and thinks it a complete waste of Time and money to wrap anything that wasn't a Surprise Gift anyway.   So he'll get into these Deep almost Scientific Discussions and Logical Arguments and Debates as to why the Dreamy Stuff and Enchantment Gramma is so Into isn't 'Reality' based and he's just not as Down for it and doesn't see the Point?!?   *Us Dreamy Folks don't wanna be bothered with or hear Logic either... so I kinda Get It... Smiles* 

And we'd already had quite the Holiday Debate when we were ordering his Gifts Online anyway since he was all Into Anime Comicon Style Weaponry and I have to ensure it's fake enough for him to possess and I have a Peace about whatever he was Jonesin' for!?   With this one he becomes so Fixated upon Specifics that swaying him in another direction is like trying to change someone's Political affiliations or Religion!   *LOL*   The only way he was even gonna be slightly IN the Christmas Spirit is if he got something he really wanted and didn't have to Compromise too much!  His Anime is Important to him and I Love all of his Anime Obsessed Friends, they're all really Good Kids and Good Company for him to Associate with... which is uber Important during the Influential Teen Years which Circles they run in?!

You have to ask him the Important Questions like can you actually stab someone with your fake Sword or cut yourself with it?    And set down the Ground Rules that it can only be kept in his Room and taken to Comicon... or it gets confiscated like contraband!  *LOL*   Yes, he's Fifteen and maturing into Adulthood quickly, he's extremely Intelligent well beyond his years and uses the Sage Logic that only most Seniors possess with that Beautiful Mind of his.  BUT... with the burden of the SMI Diagnosis you have to consider things you normally wouldn't... with such an extraordinary Child as this I try to stay one step ahead of his curve!  No easy task lemme tell ya!   Thankfully all his other Anime Weaponry he asked for was in Jewelry Form so we didn't have to go to the Dirt over it!  *Ha ha ha*

And this was that other Face I was Striving for... I did Good, he's beyond Elated and if he'd only gotten this he'd of been utterly Content since he's been talking about it for over a Year now and didn't really know if he'd adequately persuaded me or not?   I recalled how Gifted he'd been at the Renaissance Faire last February when the Weaponry Dancers had been Teaching him their Moves and allowed him to join them Onstage since he was such a Quick Study that he looked like part of the actual Act.  I remembered how Proud of him I'd been and how much he'd been in his Element Performing... any time he's Performing Onstage he's like another Person that comes to Life and some of his Gifting and Purpose is clearly Evident and Moves me to Tears!  He's Danced with Swords in Band and is so Graceful and Skilled that I'm in Awe!

A New Tradition that Princess T and The Man Established some years ago when they built the big 'Cabelas' was to make at least one Christmas Pilgrimage there.  *Smiles*   She and her Grandpa LOVE that Store... and with my Passion for Taxidermy I Enjoy the visits too.   The Man usually has at least one of his Gifts from here since he's still an avid Sportsman and Outdoorsy Guy.

He Enjoys this Space like I Enjoy the Spaces at my Events and Shows so I don't mind Obliging him and he's Thankful that at least one of the G-Kid Force Shares his Passion for the Outdoors and what he's Into.   Her Mommy before her Shared that Enthusiasm with her Dad, so I think it also makes him Remember their Mom as she was Growing Up and the Special and most Memorable Times they spent Together.

I do Believe that our Traditions and Rituals Serve that Purpose actually... Continuity and Remembrance of certain things we hold near and Dear as a Family.   Things we can look forward to not Changing even as the World around us is constantly Changing... things that keep us Grounded and close to our Roots, whatever they may be.

And for us many of our Traditions and Rituals don't Cost us anything... this day wasn't about buying anything at all... it was just about being there Together and doing something we do at about this time of year annually as a Family Tradition and which we look forward to and Enjoy the Simple Experience of.

We've now fulfilled all of our Traditions and Rituals for the Holidays and thoroughly Enjoyed each one... so Today is all about the Relaxation and then preparing for the Christmas Feast Tomorrow after all of the other Gifts are opened.

Receiving any Family and Friends that come by the house... and just spending that Quality Time Together that we all look forward to whenever we can manage it.

With so much of the Family far flung now we have to keep in touch via Phone and the Internet, which isn't quite the same... but even that Contact is so much more Special at Christmastime.   I have had some very Sad News about a Lifelong Friend's Health and the continued deterioration of the Health of my Brother and Mom this Holiday Season... but we have not allowed it to put a damper on any of the Christmas Spirit and Faith we all Possess!   That their Spirits remain Strong and their Faith Abides is what is most Important even as the Body Deals with Infirmity or their Time is drawing ever closer to pass from Time into Eternity.  We will Enjoy whatever Time remains on this side.  And I'm Excited that my Brother is sending me a Taxidermy Bear Head for Christmas, knowing it is the Perfect Gift for his Eclectic Big Sister!  *LOL*

Princess T and I added some more Inventory to the Showrooms for the final days leading up to the finale of the Holiday Buying Rush... with both Showrooms now Purged of unwanted Product I'm Enjoying them again and look forward to re-stocking them with things I Love and want to Offer!  *Smiles*

It was also Good to go Pickin' again... it had been too long that I'd abstained from Seeking Desired Inventory... and we'd come up with some Awesome Treasures that I'll be pricing Today and Tomorrow... to bring in after the Holidays conclude.  Because if most folks are like me, part of the After Christmas Fun is finding Special things that didn't make it under the Tree?!?  *Winks*

Blessings and a very Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn!! Love all the pictures...the kids are growing SO fast!! & yes my guy loves Cabela's too...LOL Wanted to pop by & wish you & yours a very Merry Christmas!! Have a beautiful day my friend..:)

    1. You too Linda... Merry Christmas! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Looks like a wonderful Christmas and so much joy in seeing the 'gifts' in your special children...smiles, I dealt with a 153 IQ child with a learning disability---was a trek, for sure.
    Happy New Year, can't wait to see what you find for your shop! Sandi


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