Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

It's Christmas Day... and we got Photo and Card Greetings from some of the Adult Kids and Adult G-Kids that can't be here Today with us in Person...  we're all Hoping they can make a Road Trip out West in 2016 to rectify that!

And Internet Greetings from some of the Adult Kids and G-Kids on the East Side of the Valley... who will probably make it over Later to join us.

And it was a Good Plan to allow The G-Kid Force to open a single Gift and their Christmas Stockings Yesterday because it kept them preoccupied enough they even allowed us to Sleep In this Morning as part of their Gift to us!  *Whoo Hoo!*

Because Gramma Dawn is such a Pathological Picture Taker, years ago we established a New Holiday Tradition for Christmas Photography that was a Good Compromise between us all.  I would take just a couple 'Before' and 'After' the Gift Opening pixs of each person and everyone would put their Gifts in piles in a certain location to avoid complete Chaos and Pandemonium.  *Smiles*

It works very well for several reasons... they Oblige my Obsession with having at least some Holiday Images without Protest... each individual can Organize their piles for the Shots and plow thru them in their own Time Frame... our Need for a certain amount of Organization and Order makes it Calmer and less Stressful for those that don't handle Stress Well... and once I'm done with the 'After' Shot each can go off to do their own Thing and thus Peace and Goodwill prevails.  *Winks*

The Young Prince is always the first one Done and the most Elusive... he isn't a big Fan of the Holidays and too much Participation in Traditions and Rituals.   So he'll blast thru his Gifts quickly and haul them upstairs to sequester himself in his Room Enjoying it all until the Feast is ready and we call him down to eat.  Most Teens just Want and Need their own Space apart from Family and so long as he's been Cool with my Compromises we're all Happy because there is no need for Teen Angst and Drama on Christmas Day!   *Smiles*  He was Happy his Sister gave up some of her Monster High and Mini Anime that he liked as her Gift to him... so long as she doesn't take them back later when she gets Mad at him?!?  *Bwahahaha*

Now the Other One Surprised us all by allowing everyone to Sleep In... which was really Important for The Young Prince and I since we are certainly NOT Morning People and expected her to try to Roll us Out before Daybreak this Morning in her Eager Anticipation for Christmas to begin!   Her Eight Thirty Wake-Up Call for the two of us was a very nice and Thoughtful Gift, I knew it took a great amount of Restraint for her to wait that long since she and Grandpa had been up a long time already!  *Smiles*

I always Mess with the Princess when it comes to Gift Wrapping because she be the Sneaky One!  *LOL*    She's been eyeballing and weighing those pressys for a while now... looking at the shapes and sizes to determine the contents and fingering everything?!?   Well, Gramma can be Sneaky too... and repurpose Ordinary boxes to hold the contents and disguise them quite well.  She thought she was getting loads of Cereal for Christmas... you should have seen her initial Reaction of Confusion and Disappointment!!!   WHAT?!  You aren't Happy with Trix and Fruity Pebbles as your Gifts Child?!!  *Bwahahaha!*

Of coarse once she sees what the Real contents are in all of the disguised packaging she is all Thrills and Squeals of Delight!    This Season it was ALL about the Our Generation and Shopkins Craze!  And in case you aren't Schooled... Our Generation is like the 'Target' knock-off of the very Expensive American Girl Craze and I'm Thankful to 'Target' for making a more Affordable similar Line available to us Common Folks on a limited Budget!  *Whew*  I'd have to Indenture myself to buy the American Girl Line for her!  *LOL*   This Doll has Blonde and Purple tipped Hair and is a Rocker so The Princess was Jazzed because their Fashion Sense is Identical!  *Winks*

I like the Shopkins Craze because it is an itty bitty Collectible that is Modestly priced and doesn't take up much room.   She's very 'Into' the Miniatures so this is right up her Alley and Naturally she wants the whole Line of hundreds of them... rated Common to Ultra Rare... and part of the Thrill is in the Blind Bags where you don't know what you're getting and you can Trade your Duplicates with other Collector Friends of the Line.   Of coarse every 'Season' they come out with MORE... so it never ends *Ha ha ha*... I think we're in Season Four now?  *Winks*   I totally Lucked out finding two unopened packages of these from an earlier Season at a Thrift Shop at a fraction of the Retail Cost!  *Happy Dance!*  And her Brother is Happy she now has her own Rollerblades that fit so she doesn't constantly borrow his and shove socks in the toes so they fit!  *LOL*

Now... The Man was supposed to wait 'til After Christmas to receive any Gifts from me but the Kiddos had told me he was Sad that he didn't have anything under the Tree... and I Forgot that with the TBI he looks forward to things now in a Childlike way and can easily be Disappointed.  So we rectified that right away and Surprised him with some Gifts from his Fav Shops... and the Oldest Daughter sent him some Fav Fashion requests direct from Pittsburgh... anything Pittsburgh Steelers is a Sure Hit! *Smiles*  And I'm Thinking that My Man still has some Nice Muscular Legs for an Old Guy huh?  *Winks*   Being his Legs have been rebuilt numerous times due to Military related Injuries that's a Big Deal actually... Old Soldiers with many years of Service usually end up practically Bionic!

Anything Marine Corps. Line or edible is also a Favorite of his... and he got both so he was all Smiles and put his new Shirt we got him on right away!   'Cracker Barrel' actually carries a very Nice Military Line and had a Pre-Christmas Sale 20% Off and they had Complimentary Gift Wrapping... Color me Happy too!

And as for me... Princess T had Created a Beaded Necklace and put an Adorable Note in the Box telling me it was a Necklace *Ha ha ha*... and gave Grandpa and I her Gift of Service Coupons, which we Appreciate every year because not only is it Touching to Receive any Gift of Service, but she is Thoughtful about what Services she's Giving and her Spelling always makes us Smile!  I'm looking forward to using my Peace and 'Quite' {Quiet} Coupon!  At least this Kid knows what I REALLY Want and Need! *Winks*

Though Special Services at School are still Valiantly trying to Teach this Child to Read and Spell, in the meantime she does her Best and we get a kick out of it.   Not only are the Gifts of her Service Priceless, but so are these Coupons and I usually Save them even after I use them up... for just when I need to Smile broadly!   And I'm looking forward to that Foot Massage with Lotion... ummm, I mean Lochen... because the Kid has Magic Little Hands!  And who else would give these Old Feet a Massage with Pure Love Infused in the Process?!? *Smiles*

Now some Gifts of Service she puts specific limits upon just so I don't get Carried Away *Ha ha ha*... like schlepping stuff upstairs from the Landing for me... where it usually gets stacked up until we absolutely have to take it up!  *Winks*   Because tho' it is Good Cardio and I Love having an Upstairs there are the drawbacks that these Old Legs and Heart can only make so many trips up there a day before I'm Spent!  *LOL*   So I've apparently got ONLY four times to exploit her Young Sprite Legs!  *Ha ha ha*

And this one has no limits because actually she Loves doing this with the Swiffer Sweeper across the 'Flor'  *Smiles*... especially the Hardwood Floors where she can Skate behind it if she's wearing Socks... which also picks up any bits the Sweeper left behind!  *LOL*

So... a very Merry Christmas from our Home to yours this Christmas Day my Friends!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Merry Christmas Dawn! You have such a beautiful family! Looks like everyone's Christmas wish list was fulfilled.

    Happy 2016 to you and yours!



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