Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas At Rusty Saturday

As Promised I'm taking you back with us Today for the rest of the Christmas Shopping Spree at RUSTY SATURDAY.    Princess T was Captivated by my Friend Karen Valentine's Sweet Baby Shoe Bottlebrush Creations... how Cute are these?!

Many of MY DESERT COTTAGE Creations by Karen can be found in her Beautiful Booth at the Shop... just follow the Light towards all that is White and Wonderful!  *Smiles*   Yes, the way Karen Showcases the Colorless Palette it could even sway a Colorful Girl like myself towards the Light Side... well, somewhat... you know the Dark Side has a very strong grip on me and crossing over would be mighty tough and probably couldn't last!  *Ha ha ha*

Now, if you wanna drink your Wine in Style then how about a set of these Spectacularly Embellished Wine Glasses!   I just Loved them... may have to eventually pick up a couple of these for those days when a little Vino would take the Edge off a particularly brutal day, huh?  Well, that could happen almost ANY day around here, so maybe I don't just Want some... I NEED some??!   That puts a possible Purchase in proper Perspective, right?!? *Ha ha ha*

But I digress... as I keep now thinking about that bottle of Moscato chillin' in the Fridge... and it's only Ten Thirty in the Morning, so that's not Right!!!  Well, it IS the Holidays... where we can Celebrate at ANY time... *Bwahahahahaha!*   So... to keep me out of the Vino and put me back on Track we'll bring my Focus back to Karen's Lovely Creative Genius shall we?  *Winks*

Actually several of my Talented Friends have Spaces at this Wonderful Shop so the Creative Genius abounded and everywhere I looked I could see the Christmas Vibe and Styling of each of them.   When you get so much Creativity under one roof then the Atmosphere is Electrically Charged with the Energy of Artistic Visions brought to Life!   And of coarse my total Obsession with Bottlebrush Trees was satiated here since there were so many Magnificent ones to Behold and choose from!  Had I not come Home with Mary's I probably would have come Home with those Sepia Tinted ones with the Red Accents!

Or maybe these... Loved the Ornamentation of these!!!

Or how about an entire Mica Flecked Forrest of Delightfully Subtle Pastel Pink Hued ones?!?  Now I'm totally re-thinking my Snow Accent for the ones I'm Creating at Home since the Mica Flecks Appeal to me so much more than Mod Podge Snow... and probably a whole lot less messy??!  So now I'll probably be on a Craft Mission to Procure Mica Flecks Dammit!  *Ha ha ha*

But I do already have German Glass Glitter, so maybe I could default to Glitterizing mine since that looks really Lovely too?   I've been scanning the Tutorials Online on how best to Accent Bottlebrush Trees so that I can get the Ideal Look that I'm going for... and Create the Vignettes that go with My Style best... so I've been on The Thrill Of The Hunt for various containers I'd like to Showcase mine in since I want something Fun and Funky!  Of coarse!  *Ha ha ha*

And I'm not the only one Obsessing now... my little OCD Princess, whose a chip off the Old Block when it comes to Obsessively Compulsive Behaviors... now wants to tie my tinier Trees onto all their Toy Vehicles!  *Ha ha ha*   THANKS A LOT Leslie and Mike... my Friends, you have single handedly Inspired a Child prone to Over-The-Top Excess that makes Gramma's Pale by Comparison to be on an Epic Mission and Quest to 'Borrow' all my tiny Trees!   I'll have little Bottlebrush Trees tied to damned near everything by the end of the Season if she gets her tiny Hands on my Crafting Supplies to Source Tie-Downs!?!  *Insert me Hiding all the String, Twine and Fiber Art Supplies I can Find in the Studio before SHE Finds it!!!   LOL*  

I tried to deflect and distract her by showing her other Creative Genius... and changing the Subject numerous times since confusing them with Data and Visual Overload can sometimes get her over an Obsession with something she's just seen and totally digs and won't Let Go of!  *Winks*   Yes, I do that with myself too, so quit Tut-Tutting like I'm playing Mind Games with a Child!   It's for her own Good anyway, 'cause I know how Tormenting those Obsessions can become when they Take Over and Dominate everything!  *LOL*

And I knew the Perfect Thing to take her to in order to get her little Obsessive Mind off of tying my tiny Trees to Stuff once we got Home!!!   My Epiphany was bringing her over to Da Bling... coz even Little Gypsy Chicks are all about Da Bling you know!  Of coarse there was that Risk of the Wanting now setting in... which it DID... but Luckily the minuscule Budget I set for any Bling Purchase for her, since she already has all of her Christmas pressies, wasn't sufficient for any of the Grandiose Choices that Child would ultimately choose!  *Ha ha ha and Whew!*

Now... don't Judge... this Shopping Spree was ALL ABOUT ME, remember, I'd already Funded all of Christmas for the slew of Grandchildren we have first!   And whatever was left over was Funding my two Purchases!    These Kiddos are far from Deprived and if they had their way it would be all about them all of the time and that ain't happenin'!!!   Not when I see Creations like this anyways!  *Smiles*   

And this... and she wasn't too Petulant about coming away with nothing from the Shop for herself, since she knew that they and Grandpa already had several somethings under the Tree for Christmas... but Gramma didn't have a single one... and she's not a TOTALLY Egocentric Child!  *Ha ha ha* 

Though I must say Gramma is gonna HAVE to spring for some new Leggings for said Child since Clearly she's torn holes in damned near all of them now and goes around looking Deprived!  *Ha ha ha*  And yes, she's also now Confiscating some of her Big Brother's Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier Jackets that bury her, but Kiddos Love the Oversized Clothing...  wait 'til they get Old and Fat and HAVE to wear it, then they won't be so Oversized Obsessed I bet??!!!  *Winks*  If I was still this Skinny as that Child I'd be wearing Skin Tight EVERYTHING!  Yeah, I'd be that Scandalous Gramma, I ain't gonna Lie! *Smiles*

We thought the Christmas Tree stacking of the old School Chairs was so Cute!

And wait for it... I was Madly in Lust with Karen's Velveteen Rabbit Chair!  *Swooning*   Layered with European Vintage Feedsack Materials patched together, well, it was Sublime!

But I would have committed Sacrilege by taking it Home and painting the Chair part Black to match My Style and Decor, since a totally White Chair would stand out like a sore thumb around here.  *Ha ha ha*   Not to mention if I dragged yet another Old Chair Home well... The Man would probably have a Stroke and Lord knows I don't need another Chair or another Project!   So I left this Sublime Creation to the Colorless Palette Enthusiast that would Desire it completely as it is, which is how it should be!  This won't last long... and I can bet it was as Comfy as it is Beautiful too!   Job well done Karen, LOVED IT!

Lots of Sweet Rustic Elements abounded around the Shop... since I've leaned towards a lot more Rustic Elements this Holiday Season I'm totally Captivated by the Simpler Rustic Accents this year... you know, Unadorned Greens, Country Styled Seasonal Decor... and the like.

As I sit here typing this The Man comes in to ask me if the Tamale Festival is still going on Today because we already NEED more Tamales!!!??   WTF?!  We don't even have the bottomless pit, that is the Young Prince, back Home yet to consume any... so you mean you and Princess T have eaten almost two dozen of them already since YESTERDAY??!??!?!?!?   Prince D is gonna have a fit when he gets Home Today if there are none of them Sweet Corn ones left guys, you know that, right?  *Le Sigh*  Apparently they have Bogart the lot... or close to it... so I better get mine while there's still some left?!?  *Ha ha ha*

Bit I digress again... lets not try to think about there won't be any Tamales left and they will have plowed thru two dozen of them in less than forty-eight hours... let's distract myself by looking at what I Loved and left behind there at the Shop that was just My Style... like this Sweet Reindeer Creepy Doll!   Now that's definitely Our kind of Doll, Loved him!  In fact, this whole Palette was more my Home's Palette this Holiday Season.

Though I think that the White Christmas is totally Enchanting, Magical and Ethereal... I'm still leaning towards a Sepia Inspired Christmas with loads of Unadorned Greens tucked around.

And for those of you going in a Colorful Direction this Holiday Season, there were plenty of Sweet Creations for you too around the Shop!   Just look at these Sweet Rustic but Colorful Tree Creations!

And of coarse, even though it's Christmas, Princess T and I would still certainly gravitate towards anything Skully Themed!  *Ha ha ha*

My Guess would be my Friend Mary Sourced most of these Wonderful Skullies... just a strong Hunch I have when I saw them!  *Winks*

Yeah, Princess T and I were totally in our Element when we Beheld these and talked about the ones we didn't have Specimens of yet and would like to see Santa bring us!   Doesn't every Family discuss such things at Christmastime and make such Requests to Santa when they see him?!  *Bwahahahaha*   Yeah, if Santa has any Skullies in that Bag he knows just where to Offload them here in the Arizona Desert Region, we've put in our Change of Address!  *Winks*

I'm actually Surprised Princess T didn't Insist upon me buying her that Baby Shoe Ornament for her New Room... she's been Decorating up a storm up there!   Her Brother on the other hand is one of those Scrooge Types that gets very Dark during the Holidays and doesn't even Tolerate us listening to Christmas Music very much because he says it's Too Cheerful!  WHAT???!??!   Aren't you taking this Bipolar Teen Angst Thing a little too far Child??!??!?  No... you will have to Endure Cheerful Christmas Music because Gramma says Christmas Cheer is Mandatory around here for at least a Month!  He Laughs... I Laugh... but Seriously, he HATES listening to Christmas Music and I can always tell when he's been messing with the Jeep Radio coz it'll be changed onto Headbanger Music Station instead for Christmas!  LOL

Well, to each his own I suppose for the Holidays... I fully expect when he's Grown to come over for Christmas and not see any Decorations whatsoever... or a Charlie Brown Tree or something like that, with one pathetic Ornament hanging off some Pine Tree Branch he yanked off a Tree at the Park and says, There, Decorating Done, are ya Happy now Gramma that I Participated?!  *LOL*

Well, I do Hope you Enjoyed Christmas Shopping with Princess T and I this day my Friends?


Blessings and a Merry, Cheerful Christmas coming to you from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sure Did! Love the little child's shoe Christmas Tree! My favorite thing of the trip!

  2. I love the baby shoe bottle brush tree too! What a neat shop! Thanks for sharing.


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