Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Why Don't We Decorate For Thanksgiving?

So... why don't we Decorate for Thanksgiving?   And I mean that Specifically of coarse, since many of you, like us, probably still have the Ambiance of Autumn in your Homes.  Unless of coarse you're of the ilk to rush right into Christmas?  You might still have a Harvest Theme going on after Halloween and it's Hype are over and follow through with the Vibe until Thanksgiving has passed?

But it will be remnants really, right?  I mean, once Autumn rolled in you were eager to change it all up for the Atmosphere of a Changing of Seasons.   To those Colors, Sights, Smells and Objects that evoke a Sense of what Autumn and it's Splendor are all about and reminiscent of.   Most of us do it, the Warm Hues of Autumn, the Spicy and Bakery Scents wafting through the air, Nature's Harvest and the replication of it in our Decor and Creations abound.

We might begin to break out the Finery of Serving those Special Occasion Meals on something more extraordinary or Holiday related.   But by the time Thanksgiving is here the Decor is close to being taken down and it is a remnant of what was previous Celebrated... the Changing of the Seasons, the more Commercially embraced Holidays like Halloween take precedence and overshadow Thanksgiving.   It's not as if we were eager and excited to Decorate our Homes for Thanksgiving specifically actually... the Vibe just lingered to incorporate it too in most cases.

And I suspect I'm not wrong in making that broad assumption either, based on what I see Commercially being offered in the way of Thanksgiving Specific related Decor... it is lacking, it barely exists and you have to look hard for it since it's sequestered in one small area usually.  I suspect it is lacking because there just is not the demand nor the market for it actually.   Thanksgiving tends to be more about the Big Four F's:  Food, Family, the Feast... and for the Menfolk mostly I'll add Football!  *Winks*   Sure we are Thankful, so it's not really that we're not Happy to partake of that specific Holiday and Celebrating it.

A lot of Family and Friends get together more regularly around that Feast than probably most other Celebrations and times of the year actually so you know you'll probably be Entertaining and having Company over, but we're talking now about WHY don't we DECORATE for Thanksgiving then?   It's one of those Mysteries really... especially for those of us who will use just about any excuse to Decorate and Style our Homes for an Event of any kind!  *Ha ha ha*

Is it because we Feel that the remnants of our Autumn and perhaps even our Halloween Decorating is sufficient and enough?   That it will 'Do' and we don't need to make it seem like it's specific to the Thanksgiving Celebration?   And perhaps I'm wrong about some of you, perhaps you DO Decorate for Thanksgiving Specifically and it does look different than just your Autumn Styling or your Halloween Styling?   But the Hype is just not there for the Holiday of Thanksgiving for most of us... and I don't even know why exactly??!

Nope... it seems to me to be one of the most Neglected of Holidays actually when it comes to Commercial Decor to Celebrate it and Decorate our Homes specific to it... or even Decor we might Create ourselves.  Well, except for a First Grader who will inevitably bring home that construction paper Turkey Created from their hand-print made at School!  *Smiles*   

Yes, Thanksgiving is that Holiday squeezed in between the two biggies of the Commercially and Privately Celebrated and typically Hyped Holidays of Halloween and Christmas, so it kinda gets lost in the shuffle doesn't it?   Poor Thanksgiving... I Confess, I don't really look forward to it with the same eager Anticipation that I do Halloween or Christmas.  I don't Prepare for it weeks in advance, I'm lucky if I remember to buy all the ingredients for the Feast more than just a few days beforehand actually!  *LOL*

I don't buy or make any of my Autumn nor Holiday Decor SPECIFICALLY for Poor Thanksgiving, Nope, I don't... Guilty as Charged!   They were bought or made Weeks or even Months in advance for when Autumn would roll in and in preparation for Halloween Celebrations, which I TOTALLY get into!   I just don't get into Thanksgiving all that much... if at all.  *Blushing*   I'm a Thankful person and feel we have much to be Thankful for.  We're filled with Thanksgiving Spirit in our Hearts... but in our Home, it's not that much of a Big Deal to actually Celebrate it and Decorate for it, in a way that it probably is as Meaningful and Deserving of as a Special Holiday.

I don't hear people talking about Thanksgiving coming all that much like they do Halloween and Christmas either... so I suspect I'm not the only one that just has it on the back burner of my Mind.   I don't see Events, Shows and Shops Showcasing Thanksgiving like they do the other Major Holidays either.  The Grocery Store is perhaps Thanksgiving's most Loyal Showcasing of what it Embodies... THE GROCERY STORE!   Heaven's, that's rather Sad isn't it?  *LMAO*

I dunno... mebbe it's the putting of all those Turkeys and Pigs on Death Row for being the Star of the Buffet Feast Main Courses that makes us not want to think about it all that much?   I've heard a lot said about Turkeys being very stupid Birds, but hey, that shouldn't be a death sentence... stupidity abounds in us Humans too and we're not served up on a platter for it!  *Smiles* 

 And that spiral cut Ham... that I SO Enjoy, I ain't gonna lie... how did Thanksgiving and Pigs just become a Natural Match for this Holiday, I dunno?   I just know that most of the year I don't buy or eat Turkey... and I DO like it... but when Thanksgiving comes around... well, it's a Given, we want it.   The Ham, well, we eat that pretty regularly... but Turkey for the Meal is more on my Mind than Decorating with Turkey Inspired Decor even tho' it is the Essence of Thanksgiving in many ways.   And I don't even recall EVER thinking I'd be Inspired to Decorate with Pigs in mind!?!   Or Pilgrims for that matter! *Smiles*

I do remember thinking I was gonna make a Bunting out of Old Plaid Men's Shirts as a nod to adding something to the Decor just for Thanksgiving... but I haven't yet... tho' I might... I'm not even sure yet.   I'm also not entirely sure why I would think that would be a nod to Thanksgiving Specific Decor??!  That's just an indication of how random Decorating Specifically for Thanksgiving is for me!  *Ha ha ha*   No... I don't know why we don't Decorate for Thanksgiving... maybe none of us knows why we don't... and that's probably why we never will?

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You make a good point Dawn. I had the pleasure of visiting Forest Hill near lake Michigan and found that there they did decorate for Thanksgiving. As you suggest, they carried on with the Fall decorations through Halloween, harvest and giving thanks. I guess it is hard to find items which show this, other than the usual turkeys. Here in England we have Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night. But it is an odd celebration tinged with some sadness and unease. Supposed to be celebrating that Guy Fawkes was caught and prevented from blowing up the Houses of Parliament, the King and half the government. But when you really understand the origins of why guy Fawkes was wanting to get back at the government, which was the manner in which Catholics were persecuted, prevented from owning property and having a University education, it changes the perspective. Anyway, the decorations for Bonfire Night, the guys children make and the actual bonfires are spectacular and for sure their origins hark back to older ages when people gave thanks for the harvest and lit fires. I LOVE your pumpkins! Must get the sewing machine out. x

    1. Yes, I remember enjoying Guy Fawkes Celebrations when we were in Great Britain... Mum is from North Wales and so the last Military Assignment Dad put in for was a four year stint at Mildenhall/Lakenheath. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I decorate for the fall...after Halloween when the scary stuff is put away..the pumpkins and mums and orange lights remain until the day AFTER Thanksgiving when the Christmas lights to up. In the house I have a lot of Indians, turkeys and pilgrim folks. Dinner is at my house every year. The store's Christmas ads and sales have overpowered Thanksgiving. Except for crafts stores there is not too much out there commercially for Thanksgiving. Oh well, the way of the world. The newspaper even advertised where you can get your Thanksgiving sale ads the day before Thanksgiving so you can be ready to go on Thanksgiving to start the rush! We all let it happen.

    1. Oh I do Hope you'll Share Images of your Thanksgiving Decor here in the Land of Blog, it sounds Lovely and so in Tune with the Season... which is one of my Fav times of year on account of the Colors and what it embodies... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I like that...Food, Family, Feast, Football...pretty much the order the guys' eyes..its Football first. This will be the first year in a long time, we dont' have 18-24 people. Just a cozy family of 7 at least that's what I think we will end up with, but you never know. Do I decorate, yes, and no, small things added to my decor, but its mostly about LOVE and appreciating how lucky we are! Sandi

    1. I think you are right... some things and sentiments don't require dressing up do they? Love and Appreciation being among just a few... your Cozy seven cracked me up... but then again, when you're used to a couple dozen, it IS cozier! Ha ha ha... Dawn... The Bohemian


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