Thursday, November 12, 2015

What Theme For Our First Christmas Here?

Around this time every Season I begin my random musings about what Theme and Color Scheme for Christmas this Year?   It's even more of a quandary for me since most of our Seasonal Items for Christmas are still packed from the Move over to our New Home!  Being this will be our first Christmas here, I just want for it to be even more Special than usual, you know... because it IS!

Yes, I could probably find enough of Christmas Past go pull together a Theme that has already been done.  But I'm actually rather Conflicted this Year on what direction I want to go with our Decorating Theme for Christmas?  Or the Color Scheme... I'm just not that decisive about it this Season since I've had so much else going on I haven't had much time to actually contemplate any of it!

And Forget about me getting a jump on buying Gifts this Year... or Carefully arranging a Gift Buying Budget as I usually do for the Holidays!  *Le Sigh*   A Huge Move and Life Change kinda killed anything remotely resembling a Budget, R.I.P. Budget, you got massacred this year!  We'll be holding a Memorial Service for the deceased Budget sometime very soon I think, just to lay it to Rest and have some Closure about it.  *Ha ha ha!!!*

I'm kinda leaning towards a Simplistic Christmas... Organic... because you can really Improvise and Adapt so easily when you go Au Natural with Decorating, can't you?  There doesn't have to be much or anything of a Budget necessary to pull that off seamlessly.   As a matter of fact, one of our Favorite Christmas Trees and Themes was during a Year we went in that direction, due to a Death in the Family right around the Holidays that put a damper on everything as we Mourned.

Maybe if we Framed some Natural Finds on Vintage Fabrics behind Plastic secured around the edges with Washi Tape it would be Interesting as Tree Ornamentation?   I have plenty of supplies for an impromptu Botanical Themed Christmas Tree!   I'm leaning heavily in this direction actually... but we'll see if I have sufficient time to Create enough for the Epic Christmas Tree the Family desires this Year for the New Home?

You see, they want a New Christmas Tree, so I gave The Son and Family our Old Faux one... and Donated another Old Faux one that used to be White and wasn't so much that color anymore!  *Ha Ha*   I LOVE White Trees, but they don't stay that way after too many Years of use... and if the Lights hadn't also burnt out I had Considered Tea Staining the damned thing just to try to Resurrect it for one last Christmas... coz I could dig a Sepia Hued Tree even more than a White one!  *LOL*

I Wonder why they don't make Sepia Hued faux Christmas Trees in fact?  I think they'd be a Best Seller with the Organic Movement going on, I really do... I'd buy one!  *Winks*   But, unless I find a really Sweet Used Tree to Tea Stain, I'm afraid I'm going to have to either go with a Real Tree this Christmas or find an Epic Killer Faux one to please the Family and we can use for years more... one we all really fall in Love with?!  I have seen some Killer Faux ones, but they tend to be spendy and this is not a spendy Christmas I'm afraid.

In fact, so much is still packed away in boxes and crates in the Garages that it is very unlikely I will have even half of it unpacked in time for Christmas... and I'm not going to try to Find anything that I can't Locate right now... NOT GONNA HAPPEN!  *Smiles*  So... anything still packed, is likely to stay packed until at least the Old House Sells and I've got that Project behind me and out of the way... or well into 2016... and I'm rather Okay with that actually.

And as Tempting as it might be... I won't be buying any new Christmas Decor this Year... no Budget for it... remember it's Deaded... that Poor Budget... and no breathing any Life into it in time to resuscitate it before I need to Decorate for the Holidays... Nope... so it's an Adapt, Create and Improvise kinda thing this Year and I'll be Creating Magic from, well... whatever I can find I suppose.  *LOL*  But I'm up to the Challenge... and I'm Confident it will be Good.

I'm gleaning Inspiration from some of my Favorite Organic Pinterest Images in fact... especially the Genius of the Great Carol Hicks-Bolton, which brings Organic to a whole new level of Fabulousness that has Inspired and Captivated me for Decades now!    So a Christmas Tree resembling an Inspiration Board of sorts could also be Unique and utilize lots of whatever-we-have-on-hand in the Art Studio and Believe to be Inspirational and Pretty enough to Proudly Display! 

I've got so many random items that actually could be made to look like Christmas Ornamentation on a Tree... so I'm not all that worried about lacking for anything to throw on there... when we GET a Tree that is.  *Bwahahahaha!*   The Man and The G-Kid Force totally let me Run with it when it comes to Decorating for any Holidays and Special Occasions since they know that's my Element and I'll figure something out just in time.

And though there are Colors I have yet to do a Christmas Theme in... like the lead Photo on this Post with the Lovely Seafoam Green I J'Adore... I don't have enough of it already to pull something like that off... too Ambitious.   But I could do a Sepia Christmas no sweat... and I'd really be Down for that anyway since it's my Favorite Non-Color and goes with anything and everything so well.

Just about anything with any Age to it or Distress and Damage has Sepia Tones... so you can always find Cheap Sepia stuff to Decorate with... even Free Sepia stuff!  *Ha ha ha*   Free would be the right Price this Season for sure!   I'm also thinking of raiding the parameters of some of the Cotton Fields for Raw Cotton Plants that didn't get Harvested to tuck into the branches.  Nobody cares about the Poor Rebel Cotton Plants that drifted out of the Cotton fields and grew at the soft shoulder or irrigation ditch segments of the roads flanking them... no sense them being Wasted, right?!  *Winks* 

And since Decrepit Style is just My Thing... I'm rather looking forward to a Christmas Theme that looks like it came out of an Old Ruin!  Tho' I'm not certain what the New Neighbors might Think... they might just come to the conclusion the New Folks are absolutely Mad??!   *Bwahahahaha!*

But you know how I am about what other people Think, don't you?  I rather like just doing my Thing without a Care about the Thoughts of others... and my Mantra is as long as they Feel something, anything, it's better than no Reaction or Feeling about it at all, right?!?!!!  *Smiles*

And if I get the G-Kid Force busy gathering Natural Elements now we should be ready after Thanksgiving to hit the ground running with our Theme!   I'm thinking perhaps I'll add some Interesting Fiber Elements as well since I've got a huge Stash of those ready to Embellish anything.

And I can Embellish the top of my Library Museum Bookcase with all kinds of random things!!!  I just have to Convince one of the G-Kids to go up the Ladder Of Death for me and delegate the placements, that's all!  *Ha ha ha*  Wonder what Incentives I can Dream up to get one of em to do it?  *Smiles*

I know... I know... here I am finally with a New Home and I'm Dreaming up ways to make it look Decrepit and like a Ruin for the Holidays, huh?  *LOL*   Well, Old Habits are darned hard to break completely... I Like the Convenience of a New Home, I ain't gonna Lie, but in my Heart, well, those Abandoned Ruins still hold their Spell for me.

And this Season a Christmas filled with Pastels just isn't Appealing to me so much because I don't have a lot of Pastels to pull from and make it happen.   And I'm only Up for so much of a Challenge, you know?  *Smiles*

I don't even know WHERE most of my Jewel Tone Elements for the Holidays are Stashed right now... they could be in any one or more of the gazillion boxes and crates I've got towering around the Garages!!!   I wouldn't even know where to start!

I will be very Lucky to Locate even a fraction of what I Needed if I went with just about any other Theme actually.  And wasn't Simplifying things my Main Goal with The Big Move and Life Change anyway?  

So Nope, tho' a Jewel Tone Christmas Theme would be definitely My Style... there aren't so many Jewel Tones in Nature to glean and Improvise with and we've already done a Peacock Tree in the Past so don't want to rehash that.

So Exploring some Make-Do Ideas in my Head seems more plausible this Season... and much more likely to cause less Stress or make things too Complicated.   And right now Uncomplicated is how I'm basically Rolling every chance I get!  *Ha ha ha*

Who knew that me, the Eternal Maximalist, would Embrace Simplistic Style so Wholeheartedly when push comes to shove and I Needed to!?!??!??   Just goes to show ya that just about anything can happen... given the right set of Circumstances!

I even have a whole bunch of Old Grocery Paper Sacks to wrap everything with... in Keeping with the Theme of coarse... Bwahahahahahahahahahahaahah!!!!!!!

Yes, if Money were no object I'd probably find some New Christmas to Adorn things with... so many Great Elements abound anymore during the Holidays that you're Spoiled for Choice if you want to go that Route and can swing it.

It's probably a Good Thing I can't though since I just De-Stashed a whole bunch of Christmas and Purged it ruthlessly when I finally hit the Christmas Storage Room at the Old House!  So I'm Enjoying Less of it now and want to keep it that way for a while actually so that it requires even less Storage Space here.

And besides, that Christmas from years ago is spurning me on... because it was and still is one of the Prettiest Trees we ever had in our Opinion.   We had such randomness of Ornamentation that it was so Interesting and Spontaneously Effortless.

Whatever we could Find and pull together fast ended up on the Tree that Year... including many Heirloom Family Images from long ago... that's my Mom when she was about Five years old in that Picture that was a Christmas Card my Nanna used that particular Christmas!

And Old Postcards and Photos of places we Visited or Lived in our Travels during our Nomadic Lives... before Settling Down some here in the Arizona Desert.

And it's always Nicer to keep things Simple enough that we Remember distinctly the Reason for the Season and don't have it getting Lost in the Commercialization of what Christmas has become.

So the Spirituality of the Holy Day becomes ever more Apparent when things are pared down and take a back seat... and I Like that too.

When it becomes more about Him and less about everything else it's just more Profound a Celebration and becomes much more Meaningful in our Lives and brings Home why we Celebrate Christmas at all!

So stripping down the Pomp and Circumstance to the Core of Christmas is also something I'm rather Enjoying in the thoughts going towards Celebration of it this Season.

I'll be looking forward to Beholding how everyone else Decorates and Styles for Christmas this year too... the Diversity is always the best part!

And I can only Hope that this Year's Christmas Tree even surpasses our Favorite one of all time?!?  We will have to wait and see if it does?

Because a Tree filled with abundant Memories is indeed a very Special thing... surpassing the Decorative Element of Styling one... and that's what I Aspire to do for our first Christmas here and the Theme we choose for it!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn, I think a decrepit Christmas from you would be quite everything you touch seems to gleam with some sort of 'genius'. I'm not sure what we are doing here either...with the 'dollhouse' going on---I do know the Bhouse will have a turquoise/pink and green Looking forward to when you do decorate! Sandi

    1. Turquoise, Pink and Green sounds like a knockout combo that will be eyecatching! I once saw a Wedding with Vivid Orange and Green as the colors, which I'd never seen before, the Bride was from the Philippines and it was absolutely Stunning! Sometimes going off from Traditional Color Themes makes the biggest impact. Thank you for your kind words! ... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Hi dawn! Thank you for visiting my porch!! So nice to meet you! You have so many pretty and interesting things on here....can't wait to come back for a longer visit later today!

  3. Ps....i see we both like peacocks! I did a post on them back in the summer.

  4. Ps....i see we both like peacocks! I did a post on them back in the summer.

  5. Hello Dawn, first thanks for your recent visits and comments on a couple of our recent blog posts. We so enjoy hearing from new blog friends and then visiting their blogs. Congrats to you on your move and yes we do know how stressful it can be trying to sell the home we left behind. That said, we are very happy as apt dwellers who are living in a former textile mill. it certainly has a lot of character and as you well know, there's nothing like "old" things. Looks like you will have a lot of fun with holiday decorating this year.

  6. I'm going for a black, red and sepia look this year. And lots of pine cones and greenery from the forest because, like you, the budget is deader than a doornail here too. I just sold a few of my old religious pictures and brighter ornaments at a market last week, although it was difficult to part with them. Still, if they're still in a box and not in the walls after a year, I guess I can't miss them that much, right?

    It only took me 30 minutes to put away the Hallowe'en decor this year - I'm striving for about an hour for Xmas decorations. I think you'll rock the Decrepit Xmas theme, Dawn. :)


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