Friday, November 27, 2015

We Don't Do Black Friday!

Black Friday... Nope, we don't do Black Friday!  That is a whole level of Crazy we completely Avoid!  *Smiles*   Never done one... never will... saw the Lines and Tents tho' outside the major box stores on Thanksgiving Day!  EARLY on Thanksgiving Day... Good Lord they must NEED that Cheap TV more than Food I Guess, I dunno?  There's nothing I Need THAT bad, Honestly!!!  *LOL*

Nope, we didn't waste our Thanksgiving Day Camped out in a Tent on the sidewalk in front of a Best Buy, Target or Wal-Mart... I couldn't even Imagine spending it that way!  I'm Mystified why anyone would... but to each his own I suppose.   We spent ours inside with Family... preparing for the Feast and being Aware of what we are Thankful and Grateful for!   Still Smiling when I realize you can see all the dead animals laying in the corners in several of these Images... didn't notice they were in frame 'til the downloads!  Looks like we just went Hunting for Thanksgiving, huh?!!!!  *Ha ha ha*

The Man had been up since Early preparing the Food for the Thanksgiving Meal that we'd be supplying.   As my Stocking so aptly proclaims, "Hell yeah I've been Naughty!", I stayed in bed 'til pretty late and didn't even need Breakfast... went straight to the Thanksgiving Meal after The Son and Family arrived with their portion of the Feast!  *Smiles*

I went more Fancy Schmancy this year than usual because at this Home we just can... but not so Formal it would seem Weird!  *LOL*  The Man would just as soon not set the Tables and just pile everything up on the Kitchen Island we'd be using and let everyone fend for themselves!  *Ha ha ha*

We didn't Bake this year, but I did get some delish Pies from a Local Bakery... Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Potato Pie and Strawberry-Rhubarb, which is this one in the foreground!  Yum!!!   Wasn't sure, with this being a New Area for us to Live in, whether the Local Bakeries close by would be Good or not... hands down they were Good... Whew!

We prepared the Spiral Cut Honey Ham...

And The Son and Family brought the Turkey and Fixings for that...

It's so Nice to have this Huge Kitchen Island to spread out a Buffet on and Serve everyone from there... doesn't clutter up the Tables and when you have a larger gathering, especially with several Children, it just flows smoother to get everyone Served!   And for us Moms and Grammas that meant we could eat our Meal while it was still HOT!  *LOL*

We set up the Kid Table for the Younger Grandchildren... we weren't sure how many would be coming since an Uncle had also extended a Thanksgiving Meal Invitation.

As it turned out we only had the three younger Grandkids and the two older ones went with the Uncle... less Teen Angst... we were all Okay with that!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*  I sometimes Wonder, if we had all Thirteen Grandkids Together at one Meal, could us Adults Survive the Experience?  I dunno... *Winks*

It was a Gloriously Sunny Day and so several of my Images had a lot of Glare from the Courtyard and Windows... so I toyed around with tweaking the washed out Images by going Old School Black And White on Photoshop with them, which Clarified them much better!   That's a Tip when you've got a Nice Image of everyone but that didn't turn out Ideal due to Lighting Issues... you can Thank me later!  *Winks*

We were Happy that The Son and Family joined us and brought half the Meal, it made for a really Memorable Thanksgiving for us all and a lot less Work and expense for any of us when we pooled our resources for a Pot Luck Style Thanksgiving.  

And of coarse we put The Guys to Work once they had eaten.  *Winks*   I had some long delayed Projects that required The Ladder Of Death again and The Son is Solid and Steady up high and absolutely Fearless!  He's like a damned Mountain Goat and always was a Climber and Risk Taker, even as a little Kid!  *Smiles*

Us Gals really spent the entire day Relaxing and Visiting... since our Guys are Excellent Cooks in the Kitchen so we just let them have at it!   For Generations the Menfolk in our Family have been Masterful Chefs... to me that means they're absolute Keepers!   And all the Women said 'Amen'!!!  *Winks*

I'm very Blessed that I have a Daughter-In-Law who is also a BFF and so much Fun to Hang Out with.  We're already Plotting our next Escapade without the Guys in tow!  *Winks*  Don't feel Sorry for the Guys tho', after the Football Game they all went out Target Shooting in the Desert... they have their Style of Fun... we have ours!  *Smiles* 

Well, the Young Prince opted not to join the Guys this time since he was going over to his Dad's after Dinner, they'd Invited him to spend some of Thanksgiving with them and spend the Night.  The G-Kid Force are off School for the next four days so they've got their Itinerary all set up!  *LOL*  I'm Glad he gets to spend Quality Time with his Paternal side of the Family and especially his Little Brother.   To all of us the Adoption didn't change any of that Relationship and Special Arrangement we've always had that most benefits all of the Children and we all remain 'Family'.

Family is very Important to us... even if our circumstances don't happen to be the Traditional Family by most folk's Standards, it doesn't make us any the less a Family that is Loving, Tight and Close-Knit.   We've got each other's backs and I'm always saddened when I see Families that don't... or are Estranged and absolutely don't get along... that's just Tragic!

Yes, we are absolutely and positively a Weird and Wonderful Bunch... Quirky as Hell... but our Love for each other is Abiding and Solid as a Rock.   You can be as Weird as you wanna be and we'll still Proudly call you Family or our Friend... in fact, Embracing each other's Imperfections and Loving Unconditionally is True Love in my Humble Opinion.   Your Relationship shouldn't be Conditional... that's just too messy and high maintenance for us... usually too much Drama too... and we prefer to Roll as Drama Free Relationally as possible!

The Man isn't as Comfortable in front of the Camera, he's quite Elusive about being Photographed after his Traumatic Brain Injury... but I Insisted on taking at least one to Share so everyone would know he was there with us all!  *LOL*   You can see the, "Well, Okay then if you Insist..." reluctant Countenance he's giving me!  *Ha ha ha*   When you have a Pathological Picture Taking Wife you just Learn that you may have to reluctantly pose for at least a Single Shot every so often!  *Smiles*

Besides... the Reward was Dessert!!!  *Ha ha ha*

Over at the Kid's Table the Princess Duo were all Grins... they rather liked having a Table all to themselves and we could hear them Playing as if this was like a Thanksgiving Tea Party THEY were Hosting!   *Smiles*

I just Love to Eavesdrop on Little Kids Playing, Pretending and Imagining... their Imaginations are just so Fertile and Uninhibited!   Their Play is so Pure and they have such a Good Time doing it!   Why do so many Adults Lose that Ability I Wonder?  I simply Refuse to I tell ya!   After Dinner the Girls set up their Tent in the back yard... perhaps they were Imagining and Pretending they were doing Black Friday, I dunno?  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*

Okay, so what is my Fav Side Dish for Thanksgiving... and The Young Prince's too BTW... Candied Yams... YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   There is hardly ever many Leftovers of these... though whatever Leftovers we did have we split evenly with The Son and Family to take Home with them.   Our Ham turned out so Good this year... and we always prefer Ham Leftovers to Turkey Leftovers.  We Love Turkey, but it's just not as versatile for Leftovers without you getting sick of it before it's all gone.

Nobody was going to get sick of the Desserts before they were all gone tho'!  *Winks*   This was my slice of Sweet Potato Pie... see, I Behaved so that I wouldn't go into a Diabetic Coma after Dinner... just a sliver!  *Smiles*

Nobody else had to Behave with Portion Control so there were runs to the Buffet for Seconds... or Thirds... and that was all Good since I didn't want too much in the way of Leftovers.

The Kids were doing their Selfies... just in case my Images didn't turn out!?! *Smiles* I must say that Cell Phone Cameras are SO top rate, they really do take Great Images that Rival an Expensive Cameras!   I'm just not that proficient with my Cell Phone Camera yet and I've yet to actually do a decent Selfie!  *Ha ha ha*

The Daughter-In-Law was Loving our New Christmas Tree!   They Inherited our Old One, since it was larger and cumbersome so I didn't wanna move it over here and no longer had a box for it to Store it in later.   It is still a very Nice Tree though, they wanted it and she Decorated it Beautifully.

I made a Punch... but didn't Spike it since all the Kiddos would be getting into it.  *Smiles*  Maybe Gramma will Spike it later after she's the only one still up?  *LOL*

And you might be Wondering what I sent The Son up The Ladder Of Death to do for me?  Well, after Seven Months of laying on the floor, my Gypsy Drapes in the Entry Hallway finally got hung up!  *Smiles*

Yeah it was really bothering me for them to lay in front of the Courtyard Door Windows for that long and we had to keep stepping over them or going through one of the other sets of Door Windows into the Courtyard.   But these Ceilings are very High...  The Man was too unsteady, he tried a couple times and I made him get down before he fell and broke a hip or something... I have total Vertigo Terror once I'm up a Ladder... and The Young Prince wasn't Comfortable being up The Ladder Of Death so close to a large set of plate glass Windows! 

The Son made it look so Effortless and had them up in a jiffy.  It's not as if he hasn't come over during the Seven Months they've been laying on the floor... it's just that each time I'd Forget to ask him to hang them... and you know how Guys are... they never Notice Decor and what's just laying around on the floor and should probably GO somewhere else?!??!?  "What?  That's NOT where you wanted the Drapes, Mom... on the Floor there in front of the Doors?"  *Bwahahahahaha!*

Of coarse he had to do some Circus Gymnast Antics up there on The Ladder Of Death just to Mess with me and Freak me Out while he was hanging the Drapes!  I was not Amused!

But I was so Happy and Grateful to get my Drapes back up... I'd Missed them being up... I really Love these Gypsy Drapes which were Created by a Dear Friend of mine, Punky, she's so Talented!   And several of the Elements I've hung on them were also Created by Dear Artistic Friends.

Several in fact were given to me as Gifts, so I really Cherish them.

And some were Store Bought... but so Cute and so very ME in the Styling of them that they just went well with my Gypsy Drapes as Ornamentation.   I don't know if anyone else Adorns their Drapes with Art, but I've never owned Drapes that I didn't do that to.

In fact, most of my Gypsy Curtains are No-Sew and are instead attached by Vintage Brooches... tied with Hand-Dyed Seam Binding... or Pinned with Art Tags.  This means I can switch them up with various Vintage Fabric and Lace to change the Look of them as often as I like.

Or if I Need an Element of the Drapes for another Project I can just detach it and use it for something else, either Temporarily... or Permanently.   I Like having that Freedom and Versatility to my Window Treatments.

I also like to keep Layering Beautiful Pieces to the Drapes and adding to them... so they're always in states of Evolution of something either being taken away or added to them.   And well, that was our Thanksgiving... and I Hope yours was Memorable too my Friends?   And for Black Friday we'll just watch the News and see how the Crazies Behaved trying to get those Cheap TVs and such First?!??!?  We'll just stay Safely out of the Madness Thank You!!!   *Bwahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!* 


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Fun Gypsy Curtains! I must try those somewhere!


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